Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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Full name: Sage McCoy Age:19 Appearance: long red hair, indigo eyes. She usually has on a low cut, black shirt that has been cut off right above the navel, black Jeans and combat boots. personality: acts like a hard ass, but is actually a really sensitive girl. Is usually a loner. It takes a while for her to warm up to people. history: she lived with her parents and as her powers manifested she became wild and rebellious. One day at school she got mad at one of the students and she caused the windows to shatter. Her parents grounded her not knowing the powers she had. Sage became furious and caused a lightning storm in the middle of the living room and caught the house on fire. In the end her parents died from the smoke and Burns. She ran away becoming an orphan. Powers: can control the weather though sometimes her emotions causes them.she can also heal quickly. Extra curricular activities: tennis, loves to read Reputation: rebel Lives on campus Prefect: no
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1/15/2013 #62

Full name: Blake byrnes

Age: 18


Personality: Blake is stubbon if he doesn't want to do something he wont do it no matter what

History: Blake grew up on the streets fighting to survive learning his own backstreet fighting style untill he developed his powers. getting beaten by Kagai he joined his ranks

Power: Hack: Blake can literally hack into the world and change anything he is touching in anyway he pleases the bigger the change the longer it takes

Extra-curricular activities: peeing on people from rooftops

Reputation [what are you best known for?]: he isnt know he has kept his identity a secret

Living on campus or off: off

Prefect?: no

1/16/2013 #63

Full Name: Annabelle Perez

Age: 17


Personality: Happy! Easily excitable! Sometimes gullible since she trusts so easily. Outgoing.

History: Was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Had a relatively normal childhood and happy family, until she got this letter and it ruined her happy life. her parents sent her to the high school and gave her all the supplies she needed. ((too lazy to really give her a good background. I'll edit when I get an inspiration lol))

Power: Telekinesis

Extra-Curricular Activities: Playing sports! Loves soccer

Reputation: She's known as the happiest girl in school

Living on campus or off: On

Perfect?: Nope

1/19/2013 #64

Both approved?_? I'm new at being a moderator. -_-

1/19/2013 #65

thank you

1/20/2013 #66

Hang on, you only had to approve Grey's. Tat's also a mod.

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Full name: Jessica Jameston

Age: 16

Appearance: Brown hair with silver blue eyes. I wear black nail polish all the time and black, red, or green colored clothes.

Personality: I have a kick your ass attitude. I take sh*t from no one. I treat people the waytheu treat me or my twin sister.

History: I was born one of three. My brother died when we were three. My mom was so devistated she locked herself in her room for years. Anytime she came out she never said a word to my twin and I. She blamed us and I grew bitter. We were three and couldn't control our powers. My m,other didn't understand that. My dad was sweet to us. He talked to us when mom wouldn't. When I was ten he died of a heart-attack. I took care of my sister since. I learned to forge my mothers signature if we ever needed it. Dad left my twin and I all his money knowing mom wouldn't provide for us.

Power: Fire bender, thats what dad called me as well as other things.

Extra-curricular activities: Volleyball, Softball

Reputation [what are you best known for?]: Being the tough, smartass kid.

Living on campus or off: On and well away from My mother

Prefect?: ??? What's a perfect?


Full name: Elizabeth "Beth" Jameston

Age: 16

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair and silver blue eyes. I wear soft colors.

Personality: I'm the type of girl who could spend hours in the cornor of the l;ibrary reading books and be totally fine with it. I'm book smart and quiet.

History: I was born one of three. My brother died when we were three. My dear sweet mother was so shocked she blamed herself. She didn't know we would develop our powers so quickly. She locked herself in her room to study books pertaining to why we develpoed so fast. Anytime she came out of her room she didn't talk to my twin and I because she was pondering things. Dad kept us accupied so mom could study. When we turned ten our father died and left us all his money knowing mom would need hers for her research. My twin took care of us because she is the stubborn byll-headed one of the two of us.

Power: Dad proudly called it Water bending.

Extra-curricular activities: Chess club, Voleyball, Hi Q, Forensics, Drama

Reputation [what are you best known for?]: Quiet book worm I would suppose. I don't really pay attention to that stuff.

Living on campus or off: My twin has us living on campus. Mom doesn't need the distraction of us girls around.

Prefect?: Huh??

1/22/2013 . Edited 1/29/2013 #68

Your second character is approved, but I think someone already has control of fire. ?_?

1/22/2013 #69

Does it mater how many people control fire??

1/22/2013 #70

IT would seem so -_-. It's like having too many people controling creations. -_-. After a while, they start to collide and mess with each other... Try Earth bending.

1/22/2013 #71

two people have telekanisis. mine and CAHS.

1/22/2013 #72

.... Well Sh*T !_!

1/22/2013 #73

So is Jessica aproved?? Her character doesn't really fight with earth or air bending to well. Fire is angry just like her.

1/22/2013 . Edited 1/22/2013 #74

Sure. o_o

1/22/2013 #75

Thanks -

1/22/2013 #76
Welcome to the club ; )
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Full Name: Aspen Moore

Age: 20

Appearance: Long silver hair, emerald green eyes, curvacious body. She usually wears light colored clothes.

Personality: Kind-hearted, loves nature, is rarely ever mean to anyone, is very shy when it comes to meeting new people

History: When Aspen was younger, her powers manifested. Her mom was a single parent, raising her as best as she could. As Aspen grew, her mother couldn't take care of her anymore. Instead she took care of her mother until her death then she was all alone. Aspen soon came upon Wellington High.

Power: takes away pains and hurts, emotionally and physically. She can also control nautre.

Extra-curricular: gardening and art club

Reputation: sweetheart

On or off campus: on

prefect: no

1/23/2013 #78

Bleh, I miss Ellen. And Molly. They had the nature as well.




Accepted. Please be aware that this is your last character.

1/23/2013 #79
Incubi Demon

Name: Samuel L Black

Age: 18

Description: I have Black hair and brown eyes that flash red deppending on my mood and my hunger.

Defining Features (Tattoos, piercings, scars, deformities, etc.): Snake bite lip piercings and a tatoo of a lilly on my shoulder.

Powers: shifting, telekinesis, flying controlling fire

Weakness: allergic to silver

Occupation: Student

Personal Belongings: My little brother

Biography :The story is long. When I was 6 and my brother was 5 there was an accident. My brother was born human and was attacked by Lycans near my house and I saved him. He was bleeding bad and I could feel his life slowly dissapearing. I turned him. My father has never looked at me the same and neather has anyone else in my village. I stand by my decission that day. I have been hounded ever since. My brother doesn't remember that day and I am glad for it. A few years ago hunters showed up in my village and destroyed everything. I was sent to a bording school by my dad. He hated me that much. I was four-teen. I came home for summer break and the only person I found alive was my brother. I was pissed and knew that they would come back. I brought my brother to school with me and I've been taking care of him since. As for how we got here I was driving aimlessly and this is the first town I saw in about three hours.

Photo (Optional):

On or off campus: on

Perfect: No


Name: Remuel C. Black

Age: 17

Description: I have red hair. I wear sunglasses so people can't tell my eye color.

Defining Features (Tattoos, piercings, scars, deformities, etc.): I have a tatoo of a lilly on my shoulder.

Powers: shifting, flying, controls water and ice

Weakness: Allergic to copper

Occupation: student

Personal Belongings: the clothes on my back.

Biography : I was brought here by my older brother.

Photo (Optional): I'm the one in the lower left hand cornor with the tie.

On or off Campus: On

Perfect: yes

1/24/2013 . Edited 1/31/2013 #80

Ehm, you forgot a few of the things. I need whether they're living on campus or off, their powers, and...I think that's it.

1/24/2013 #81
Incubi Demon


1/24/2013 #82

Alright. That's better. You're accepted.

1/24/2013 #83

Name: Roy Ford

Age: 21

Appearance: Stands 6'1", has short black hair, blue eyes, and usually wears jeans, a simple t-shirt, and his leather jacket.

Personality: upbeat but stubborn, Roy is always in a good mood but doesnt like to be told what to do.

History: Roy was found as a baby abandoned in a park. He was taken to an orphanage where he grew up and tried to make the best out of the life he had. Not really minding that he was an orphan, Roy has never cared about who the people who had abandoned him were. Once he was older he found that he enjoyed fighting and began to train himself and enter tournaments for money. He didnt learn martial arts but instead focused on street fighting, teaching himself how to be resouceful and get the upper hand against more experienced and professionally trained opponents.

After one particularly brutal fight in an alley, his opponent as well as the other people who had watched and bet on the fight, claimed that he had cheated, and after the misunderstanding escalated, Roy was assaulted and stabbed. When he was stabbed he found that the blade didnt hurt him like it should have, and after a few seconds of it being in his flesh, it actually started to "melt" and mix with his blood. Once the steel was inside of his body he was able to manipulate it and use it change his body. Using this newly discovered ability, and acting on some instinct he didnt know he had, he was able to fight back against the group that was attacking him. He underestimated his own abilitys though, and killed them without meaning to. Afterwards he fled the city to avoid the police, entering cage fights and undercity brawls everywhere he stopped to fund his travels.

Power: Is able to "melt" metal into his blood then manipulate it to alter his body, doing anything from weaving the metal into his skin to make himself heavily resistant to damage, to firing small pieces of metal out of his finger like a bullet. He is capable of "bleeding" the metal out of his body once he is done with it. While his training gives him great stamina and endurance, if he becomes fatigued with metal still in his body, it can harden without him wanting it to, and it may impair his ability to move.

Extra-curricular activities: cage fighting

Reputation: He once literally wrestled a bear and won.

Living on/off campus?: Off

Prefect?: No

1/26/2013 . Edited 1/26/2013 #84

Only thing I have wrong with this character - he should be younger. This is a high school, so unless he's been held back for who knows how long he'll have to be younger.

1/26/2013 . Edited 1/26/2013 #85

I'll play your game, you rogue.

How's 21 sound?

1/26/2013 #86

21? Nn, sure.

1/26/2013 #87

Righto, I have made it so.

1/26/2013 #88

Full name: rikki mishima

Age: 16

Appearance: short 5'4 spiked hair he asian rikki wears jeans and a various jackets

Personality: rikki is unmotivated AND LAZY rikki is a the tiny guy with the big mouth who cower behind his friends :D Rikki often fails to stand up for himself especially against Sara. Rikki is constantly at war with his powers. the desire to be normal is his primary drive in life.

History: after discovering that his parents promised their neighbors daughter his hand in marrage (his highschool bully sara ) rikki has tried several attempts run away. he disovered his power late and often need help using them after discovering wiellington he hatched his escape plan....or did he?

Power: generate/ absorbs electricity

Extra-curricular activities:

Reputation [what are you best known for?]: stealing a car

Living on campus or off:on

Prefect?:far from

1/29/2013 . Edited 5/18/2013 #89

WELCOME. Your character s accepted.

1/29/2013 #90
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