Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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Where it all begins. Survivors, feel free to pick up where you left off.

8/25/2012 #1
[So Ellen is waiting for Tatiana to open the door, Alex is under the bed, Mike is at class Jenny is kidnapped, and Chase and Xavier are on their date.] Xavier sighed "why wont you fall for me?"
8/25/2012 #2

(hey I'm here guys :D)

Tatiana opened the dorm room after glancing back to see Alex had hidden himself, "Hello?" She peaked through the door which had a chain lock so the door wouldn't open all the way, "May I help you?" She asked.

Chase shook his head, "I can't." He shrugged, "I just can't. You're a guy, no matter what in my eyes, and I'm a guy. I'm into girls..... well, women." He smiled as a group of teen girls walked by, around his age, and he smiled at them, 2-3 of them giggled and quickly walked away, "The fact that I can do that," He gestured to the girls, "And it makes me feel awesome and fufilled, makes me know that I'm as straight as they come." He explained as he stepped up on the bunjeejumping ledge.

8/25/2012 #3
Xavier did the same "okay so if I was a girl..."
8/25/2012 #4

Chase shrugged, "I don't know. If you were a girl, and I didn't know who you were..... Maybe." He sighed, "I don't know, Xavier, but you are a guy, not a girl."

8/25/2012 #5
"Hi," Ellen chirped. She still felt uncomfortable, despite the fact this girl was Chase's friend. "Um, are you Tatiana?"
8/25/2012 #6

Tatiana nodded, the one eye that could be seen by Ellen looked a bit afraid and confused, "How do you know of me?" She asked.

8/25/2012 #7
Xavier sighed. "I meet a great guy and he's straight. Just. My. Luck."
8/25/2012 #8
"Chase told me about you," Ellen replied calmly.
8/25/2012 #9

Chase chuckled, "Well, thanks.... and sorry." He shrugged as they hooked on the bunjee cord and told him he could go, "This is going to be awesome." He smiled.

Tatiana's eyes widened and she closed the door to unlock the chain before she opened the door again, "Why has he told you of myself?" She asked with confusion.

8/25/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #10
The G33K

Phoenix walked along the pavement glancing around two boys stood on a ledge harnesses attached to them. Bunjeejumping such a dangerous thrill. She stood and watched.

8/25/2012 #11
Ellen shrugged. "Um, we've been spending time together and we talk. He likes to bring you up." A hand disappeared into her mess of bright red curls.
8/25/2012 #12

Tatiana's eyes flashed with happiness for her friend and she tilted her head, "What has he told you of me?" She asked, wondering if she could allow Alex to come out from under the bed.

8/25/2012 #13
"Well," Ellen began, "he's told me that you grew up in the forest. Like I have. And he talked about how, at the beginning, it was hard for you to put words together."
8/25/2012 #14

Tatiana smiled lightly and nodded, "Yes, this is true.. Nothing of my personal life, though?" She asked.

8/25/2012 #15
Ellen shook her head. "Sorry. Nothing else."
8/25/2012 #16
After Chase and Xavier bunjeejumped... "that was exhilarating."
8/25/2012 #17

Tatiana nodded, "Why have you come?" She asked, confused on why she was having this conversation in the first place.

Chase chuckled and nodded before he caught the sight of a girl, she looked a lot like Ellen, but it wasn't her. He smiled at her discretely, his light green eyes showing a bit of amusement and intrest, "Are we going back to the dorms now? I miss Tat." He whined, "And Ellen."

8/25/2012 #18
The G33K

Phoenix held her stomach. I feel sick and I wasn't even jumping. She walked on.

8/25/2012 #19
"I, uh, was bored," Ellen explained. "And before he left for...something, Chase suggested I come and visit you."
8/25/2012 #20

Tatiana looked thoughtful, "I suppose he thought we would become great friends." She stood aside, "You may come inside if you like." She nodded to her as she walked back into the dorm, making sure she didn't sit over where Alex was hiding so she wouldn't squish him.

8/25/2012 #21
"Oh, thanks!" Ellen walked inside. She headed straight for the windowsill, sitting right in the middle of it. The girl crossed her legs, looking a few years younger than she really was.
8/25/2012 #22
The G33K

Dorms, dorms, dorms. Where on earth am I going? She tied her red hair back and looked round at her surroundings.

8/25/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #23

Tatiana nodded to her, a soft smile on her face, but her eyes held many secrets, "What would you like to converse about?" She asked, running her fingers through her thick, dark brown, curly hair.

(i'm going to make another character for Pheonix to RP with :D)

8/25/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #24
Ellen shrugged. Had Chase not insisted she should talk with Tatiana, she might just be out in the woods now. "...Have you ever ridden a bear?" she ended up asking curiously.
8/25/2012 #25
(No Phoenix can talk to Xavier.) "Whatever! Go!" Xavier stormed off to his dorm but bumped into Phoenix. "Sorry." He stated angrily.
8/25/2012 #26
The G33K

(Thank guys I was just as lost as Phoenix)

"You alright there mate nearly took my arm off." She said.

8/25/2012 #27

(lol okay Fi)

Tatiana nodded, "I have ridden bears, run with wolves, lived with mountain lions." She shrugged, "Many things that have made it hard for Chase to find me."

Chase rolled his eyes and walked back to the dorm, wondering if Ellen had found Tatiana or not.

8/25/2012 #28
Ellen laughed. "There were many bears back in Scotland. I loved to ride 'en, my father taught me how. In fact, I found one in this forest too!"
8/25/2012 #29

Tatiana smiled, "Yes, I have heard of many wild animals in the forest surrounding this school, but I have not found the time in my schedule to go and visit with them." She shrugged, but her eyes looked away.

8/25/2012 #30
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