Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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Tatiana looked at him, "Would you mind finishing that question?" She asked, her face clean of any expression as he pointed at her.

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Xavier waved her off. "Working." --- Alex stared in awe.
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The G33K

"See you." Phoenix jogged towards the school.

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Segador grunted. "Unesisary words." Segador started. " But for now. Who are you?" He asked again. The flesh starting to reform on his hand. While the other one gripped "Finale Suffering". Unsure on who this woman is and how Alex knows her.

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Tatiana looked uneasy at the knife, "I am Tatiana. I am Alex's mother." She murmured, she was 16 and a mother and pregnant. She looked at him curiously, "Who are you?" She asked softly.

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Segador was aghast. A 16 year old mother. "Most likely rape." He thought. Then he let go knife. He walked over to her held out his almost healed hand to shake and said "I'm Segador Animus. A new student."

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Tatiana nodded and shook his hand, "It is very nice to meet you, Segador Animus." She smiled softly, though she was worried about how much her son had seen in the room.

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Ellen pulled away. She winked and tapped Chase's nose. "Though the idea of making love with you is heavenly, I think we should do some other things," she said to him. [Should we speed up the tournament date?]
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After shaking Tatiana's hand he walked back to his room. Anxious to read some of the tomes he found, knowing full well they were about raising the dead or necromancy.

(Side note: Seg told Alex he was a spirit raiser so he wouldn't scared. He is really a lich, something dead that came back to life because of a powerfull emotion or want. Or at least my reason for him being a lich.

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((sure to when? Cant be during the week. Maybe..... in 2 weeks real time? since it can't be next weekend bc I have my party on saturday))

Chase sighed and kissed her lips again softly, "I guess so." He pouted cutely.

((lol what happened to Ryan and Molly?? Shouldn't they be back here?))

Tatiana nodded softly to herself before turning on her heel, she looked over her shoulder at Segador, "Be careful." She warned softly before walking down the hall with Alex in her arms.

10/14/2012 . Edited 10/14/2012 #4,090
[Yeah, I guess so. Lol one moment.] Ellen chuckled softly. 'Don't worry, baby," she assured. There was a knock on the door. Ellen looked over at it. "Wonder who that could be?"
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Chase looked at the door with confusion before he walked towards it, motioning with his hand to Ellen to hide somewhere with Evan just in case. He had his hand on the doorknob.

10/14/2012 #4,092
Ellen nodded. She took EVan out of his crib and walked into the bedroom. Once inside she hid in the closet, holding Evan.
10/14/2012 #4,093

Chase looked through the peephole before opening up the door just a little, "Yes?" He asked, his hand going to the back of his shorts, gripping the gun.

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"Is...is Ellen here?" Molly asked. She stood in front of the door with Ryan. "I'd like to see her..."
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Chase opened the door, leaving the gun in his pants, "Yeah, sure Molly." He let them in, "Ellen! Your sister is here." He called, notifying that it was safe for her to come out.

Evan cooed softly.

Ryan walked in with Molly's hand in his.

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Molly stepped inside. Ellen walked out of the closet and smiled at her sister. "Hey Molly." "Ellen. I heard from Uncle George," Molly began. Ellen nodded. "We saw him...last night?" she asked, looking at Chase.
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Chase nodded and wrapped his arms around Ellen, kissing the top of her head and looking down at Evan to see he was awake, again.

Ryan looked at Ellen and Molly, "Who's Uncle George?" He asked Molly with confusion, having not heard of him since now.

10/14/2012 #4,098
Molly smiled softly. "He's a bit -" "Crazy," Ellen interrupted bluntly. "Mhmm..."
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After reapplying the bandages to his now healed hand he looked through the rack of tomes trying to find a certain one. He found it, "How to Raise A Pack Of Death Dogs for Idiots."Undeterred from the title he opened it up and let his photographic memory memorize everything.

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Chase nodded, "He broke into our house last night. I gave him money and he left." He explained.

Ryan nodded, "Oh.... Okay then..." He wrapped his left arm around Molly's waist tightly.

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[Could you throw a few powers my way? I need to brainstorm.] Molly smiled. She rested her head on Ryan's chest. Ellen inspected them. "Well, you two seem cozier than the last time we saw you," she remarked suspiciously.
10/14/2012 #4,102

((ummm fire, water, air, earth, spirits, electricity, 2D-3D conversion, Weather, healing...... idk))

Chase lightly nudged Ellen's side, "Calm down, love." He chuckled softly and kissed her ear softly.

Ryan's cheeks darkened with a small blush, "Uh, yeah. We, uh, talked some things out." He smiled as he let his other hand stroke the hair out of Molly's eyes.

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[Who was that request to?]

After memorizing the entire book, he tried to conjure them. First make a blood sacrifice. Was the first step, so Seg cut his wrist with Finale Suffering the obsidian blade cutting more than he wanted to and a fountain of blood came out.

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[Air sounds good...Hmm...*Nods slowly*] Molly nodded. "Yeah." Ellen raised an eyebrow. She nodded with a ridiculous grin. "Talking. AH. I see." She winked at her sister. "That's what Chase and I do all the time." [If you have any ideas, feel free to share them, Dios.]
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((I think anybody lol))

Tatiana walked into her dorm and placed Alex on the bed, she walked into the bathroom and washed her face before walking back over to Alex and holding him tightly.

Chase laughed and rolled his eyes at Ellen, "Don't let her get to y'all." He kissed Ellen's forehead softly.

Ryan only blushed more, his hand tightening on Molly's as he held her close to him, "Uh, we were just talking." He smiled softly.

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Molly blushed lightly. She smiled softly, making a mental note to set aside some time to speak to her sister. Her stomach grumbled, reminding her she hadn't eaten in about eight hours.
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Chase heard the rumble, "You both hungry? I made a little extra pancakes in the kitchen if you want some." He smiled at the both of them.

Ryan looked at Molly, "You want some pancakes, love?" He asked with a soft smile down at her.

10/14/2012 #4,108
Molly nodded. "Mhmm." She smiled at him and kissed his nose softly.
10/14/2012 #4,109

Ryan chuckled lightly and kissed her forehead before walking with her to the kitchen, grabbing her a plate and handing her her breakfast, "Here you are, sweetheart." He sat down next to her at the small table and started eating his own breakfast.

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