Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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10/23/2012 #4,351

((where were we?))

10/23/2012 #4,352
(Tatiana Mike and Alex are in the dorm. Alex just revealed Jenny's plan about turning Mike female and her male so she can take his place.)
10/24/2012 #4,353
The G33K

Phoenix put her hands round his waist and attempted to lift him a grunted sound came from her mouth, after five minutes she stood back and looked at him.

"I'm 5"4, small so the reality of me actually completing this task is very slim almost impossible."

10/24/2012 #4,354
"And WHO won our game of basketball?" Xavier put his hands on his hips with a smirk
10/24/2012 #4,355
The G33K

She frowned at him completing forgetting her epic fail at their match. "Whatever X, I was tired so I wasn't at my best."

10/24/2012 #4,356
Xavier chuckled. "Sureeeee."
10/24/2012 #4,357
The G33K
"Any sport is not my strong.point." She flicked her hair and walked on.
10/24/2012 #4,358
Xavier walked closely behind her. "I was only teasing, love."
10/24/2012 #4,359
The G33K
"I know, like I could be mad at you." She faced him walking backwards. "Your to cute." She giggled.
10/24/2012 #4,360
"I am not cute." Xavier teasingly defended his reputation. "I am a down right sex bomb."
10/24/2012 #4,361
The G33K
"Oh sorry." She raised her hand in defense."I'll try and remember that."
10/24/2012 #4,362
"Do you think we've waited long enough from Lily's birth so we can do it again?" Xavier hoped.
10/24/2012 #4,363
The G33K
"I don't know, should we ask your parents or would that be awkward?" Phoenix pretended to scratch a beard.
10/24/2012 #4,364
"I think we've waited long enough. They go to the bar every night so once they're gone and Lily's asleep I'll let you be on top."
10/24/2012 #4,365
The G33K
"Finally." She took his arm and half dragged him to the house.
10/24/2012 #4,366
Lily was awake in Robert's arms. "Momma!"
10/24/2012 #4,367
The G33K
"Lily, look what I got." She lifted up the bag. "Clothes." She sat beside Robert.
10/24/2012 #4,368
Lily clapped and reached out to Phoenix
10/24/2012 #4,369

[In her defense it's not that hot...*sweatdrop*...]

Ellen ate another handful of popcorn. She reached over and grabbed a blanket, placing it on Evan's lap. "It's called popcorn." She smiled.

[Does he have teeth yet?]

After a half hour of search, Penni finaly opened the doors to the library. "Here we are." her face relaxed and she smiled.

10/25/2012 #4,370
"Finally." Seg commented when he saw Penni find the library. This place is too confusing. Segador thought.
10/25/2012 #4,371

Penni beckoned him in. "Come on!" She walked inside herself and waited for him.

10/25/2012 #4,372
Segador sighed, then walked in after her. {Just wondering, how will Seg and Penni find out about the tournament?}
10/25/2012 #4,373

[Same as the others.]

Penni looked at the bookshelves. She smiled in awe. There were so many books!

10/25/2012 #4,374

{How did the others find out? ?_?}

After walking in, Seg was amazed at the amount of books. He saw Penni's expression and his face contorted into a smile underneath his bandages. Segador looked for the dustiest book shelf of the library. He found it, and pulled a rather dusty black covered book off the shelf. He sat on the floor and started reading.

10/25/2012 #4,375

[A special messenger. Who shall make his appearance soon. x)]

Penni searched through the books. Her eyes caught on a Sherlock Holmes book and she took it out. Examining the cover, she walked over to Seg and sat down in front of him, the book resting in her lap as she began reading.

10/25/2012 #4,376
"What are you reading?" Segador asked when Penni sat right in front of him.
10/25/2012 #4,377

"Hmm?" Penni looked up. "Oh." She closed the book and showed Seg the cover.

10/25/2012 #4,378

((I have no clue what the first 'message' was about haha))

((and.... sure :D))

Evan looked down at the bowl and put his hand in it happily, pulling his hand back out when it slightly burned, his eyes filled with tears and he looked up at his mother, "Owie! Mama." He whimpered.

Chase took the bowel off of Evan's lap and placed it next to them on the floor, "It's alright, buddy." He whispered soothingly as he took his son's hand and kissed his warm knuckles, "It won't hurt that much more."

10/25/2012 #4,379
"Nice." Segador said, before reading the last page of the book and grabbing another one.
10/25/2012 #4,380
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