Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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Penni nodded before continuing to read. She was silent for the longest time.

Ellen smiled. She look dup at the screen in time to see the movie had ended. "Alright. Who's up for another one?"

10/25/2012 #4,381

Chase smiled and nodded, "Go ahead, love." He took Evan out of her lap and placed him on his shoulder, "Go pick a movie." Evan giggled and clapped his hands happily.

10/25/2012 #4,382

"Alrighty." Ellen got up and look through the movies. She laughed, realizing she had requested a bunch of Disney movies. She put in Treasure Planet.

[I love that movie :3]

10/25/2012 #4,383

((the cartoon one? :D))

Chase chuckled and opened his arms up for her again, holding Evan in the crook of his elbow.

10/25/2012 #4,384

[Yup. WIth Jim Hawkins and everything. x)]

Ellen sat back down as the movie began, taking Evan.

10/25/2012 #4,385

(( I love that one!!))

Chase smiled and laid his head on her shoulder, his arms around her waist and his eyes on the movie. Evan watched the movie with wide eyes, filled with wonderment and excitement.

10/25/2012 #4,386

{Wonderment? xP]

Ellen held one of Evan's small hands in one of her hands while the other caressed the side of Chase's face.

10/26/2012 #4,387

((Yes. I loved that movie and I want Evan to love that movie XD))

Chase leaned his face into her hand, smiling softly at her touch. Evan giggled and clapped her hand against his small hand.

10/26/2012 #4,388

After Segador finished the book, he picked another and finished that, then he did it again, and again. Pretty soon there was a pile of open and read books around him.

10/28/2012 #4,389

Penni looked up. She blinked. "Wow," she murmured, impressed. "You read fast."

10/28/2012 #4,390

Segador shrugged, then tapped his head. "Photographic memory." He said, then went back to reading War and Peace.

10/28/2012 #4,391

"I wish I had photographic memory," Penni murmured in envy. She looked at her book. "That would make learning names a lot easier."

10/28/2012 #4,392

"You don't want a photographic memory." Segador started. "You remember everything in a clear picture perfect way. Especially the horrors you wish to forget." Then he finished War and Peace, and grabbed Gone with the Wind.

10/28/2012 #4,393

"Alright, so maybe I don't want a photographic memory," Penni amended. She looked up at Seg from her book. He had to endure all those memories like that? All the scenes? She felt herself grow sorry for him.

10/28/2012 #4,394

"It does have it's perks." Segador said. "I know how to cook decently, and I can speak Latin." He finished Gone with The Wind, and grabbed a christian bible that was lying on a table.

10/28/2012 #4,395

"Latin?" Penni sat a little straighter.

10/28/2012 #4,396

"Mortuus est sermo nosti?" Segador said in Latin.

10/28/2012 #4,397

Penni gasped. She pit her hands to her mouth. "I don't know Latin," she admitted. "But my brother use to speak it all the time!"

10/28/2012 #4,398

"Frater vester loquitur lat-" Segador started to say, but then realized he was still speaking Latin. " Sorry. Your brother speaks Latin?"

10/28/2012 #4,399

Penni nodded. "He took latin courses in college."

10/28/2012 #4,400

"There's Latin in college?" Segador asked. Note to self, get out more. Seg thought.

10/28/2012 #4,401

"There's Latin in college?" Segador asked. Note to self, get out more. Segador thought to himself.

{Sorry, there was a duplication error.}

10/28/2012 . Edited 10/28/2012 #4,402

Penni nodded. "Yup."

10/28/2012 #4,403

"Interesting." Segador said, before he went back to reading the Bible.

10/28/2012 #4,404

Ellen laughed. She watched the movie happily as her sister slept.

11/3/2012 #4,405

Penni smiled and went back to reading. She was halfway through the book when she looked up and blinked. A figure shadowed Seg as it loomed over him.

11/3/2012 #4,406
Segador had just finished the bible when he saw someone in front of him. "Who are-" he started.
11/3/2012 #4,407

"Don't sk," the man said before he could start. He dug around in his bag and handed Seg a scroll.

11/3/2012 #4,408

(What does the scroll say exactly?_?)

11/3/2012 #4,409

Chase smiled softly and kissed her temple as the movie ended, "I think little man is sleepy, love." He whispered to her.

Evan's head started nodding off, being weighed down with his sleep.

11/3/2012 #4,410
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