Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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"I...I just..." Penni placed her arms around her stomach. Her head was ducked low, and he blonde hair had curtained her eyes. She looked paler than usual.

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"Do you want to go back?" Segador asked. She isn't looking very good. Something tells me she's never seen death, or a fight to say the least. Seg thought.

11/3/2012 #4,442

Penni nodded. "Yes please," she whispered.

11/3/2012 #4,443

"Can you walk?" he asked.

11/3/2012 #4,444

Penni nodded again. She stood up slowly. Her legs shook violently, but she still stood.

11/3/2012 #4,445

Segador also stood up, just with one hand holding his knife. He held out his hand. "Your not very stable, let me help you."

11/3/2012 #4,446

Penni shakily took his hand.

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She took his bandaged hand, and lead her out the door. He kept his eyes out for the strange man, and his other hand griping his knife tightly. "I swear the next time I see you, I'll get your heart out you culus." He said under his breath.

11/3/2012 #4,448

Penni walked with him quietly. Her body continued to shake. "When is it?" she asked.

11/3/2012 #4,449

"I don't know." Seg said still walking.

11/3/2012 #4,450

"Maybe it said something in the invitation..." Penni took it from Seg's hand. She read it quietly. A soft sound escaped her lips and her knees buckled. Her eyes closed and she collapsed to the ground.

11/3/2012 #4,451

Ellen's eyes were closed. She looked practically like a sleeping angel.

Molly drifted into dreamland.

11/3/2012 #4,452

{Hey, can I make Praiseworthy a character?}

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11/3/2012 #4,454

{Thanks and give me a second}

Segador quickly grabbed her before her head hit the ground. He checked Penni's pulse. Still alive. He breathed out. He didn't know what to do, so he picked her up bridal style and started running. This is awkward. He thought, then began walking toward her room, his photographic memory being kicked into over drive and helping him to her room/

11/3/2012 #4,455

Penni moved about in his arms, having gone rather limp. Her skin was as pale as a doll's, and it was a bit concerning.

11/3/2012 #4,456

Mierda. I better hurry. Segador thought, turning from a run to a sprint. He got to her room, and used his shoulders to bash through the door. Then he placed her on the couch carefully. Then he began to chant in Latin."Sanar cunar." Segador chanted.

11/3/2012 #4,457

[What exactly is this chant doing?]

11/3/2012 #4,458

{Healing everything.}

11/3/2012 #4,459


Penni's skin received color again. She slowly opened her eyes.

11/3/2012 #4,460

"Deja vu." Segdor joked lightly, not knowing what her current health was now. Then Praiseworthy fazed through the wall. "Master the hounds have been dealt with." Praiseworthy said triumphantly, then saw Penni. "Oh am I interrupting something?"

11/3/2012 #4,461

Penni watched him. She looked over at Praiseworthy. "Tomorrow," she said softly.

11/3/2012 #4,462

{Whoops forgot something -_-)

"No your not" Seg said. "Can you get some hot water and a towel?" Praiseworthy nodded, and began to collect the things.

11/3/2012 #4,463

"Seg," Penni croaked. "The tournament...tomorrow...saw it...invitation..." She started sitting up.

11/3/2012 #4,464

"Maldita sea" Segador swore in Latin. Then saw Penni trying to get up. "No your not." Segador put slight pressure on her so she would lay back down. "You're still to weak."

11/3/2012 #4,465

"But," Penni protested. She lay back down again, looking at him.

11/3/2012 #4,466

"Don't strain yourself. You're not the one who's fighting." he said. Praiseworthy came back with the water and towel. "Can you get a blanket?" Seg asked. Praiseworthy nodded, and fazed through another wall to find the blanket.

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"I...What if you die?" Penni asked. He was practically her only friend here at the school. What would happen to her if he died?

11/3/2012 #4,468

"It takes a lot to kill me in this state. Believe me." Segador said, recalling the cuts, gunshots, maulings, and explosions he's gone through.

11/3/2012 #4,469

Penni nodded. She still felt weary. "Promise you'll stay safe?" she asked softly.

11/3/2012 #4,470
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