Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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Segador didn't know "comfort" well, so he did what most people would do. He put his right hand on his shoulder and said "There, there."

11/4/2012 #4,621

Chase closed his eyes, "This... killing spree.... isn't helping with that at all." He sighed.

11/4/2012 #4,622

"It could be worse." Segador shrugged.

11/4/2012 #4,623

Chase nodded, "Yeah. I know." He took a deep breath.

11/4/2012 #4,624

"so uhhh." Segador stared, not used to awkward silence. "How old are you guys?" he asked.

11/4/2012 #4,625

Chase tried to remember, "I think I'm 18 or 19..... I'm not sure." He shrugged.

Ryan looked over at Seg, "I'm 18." He stated.

11/4/2012 #4,626

[Meh. Back brace time. -_-]

Ellen leaned back. She sighed.

Molly looked over at their neighbors curiously.

11/4/2012 #4,627

{Back Brace?_?}

"I'm 17." Segador said.

11/4/2012 #4,628

((man that sucks :P))

Evan slept.

Chase nodded, "So many young lives being thrown away." He sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

11/4/2012 . Edited 11/4/2012 #4,629

[Yeah. I have to wear a back brace every night.]

"Excuse me." Molly tapped Penni's shoulder, who looked over at her. "This is a bit silly, but why are you wearing a nightgown?" Penni laughed.

"I couldn't change before I came."

11/4/2012 . Edited 11/4/2012 #4,630

{Eh...I wear contacts at night. Also will we start the tournament today, next week, or tomorrow?_?}

"Yeah." Segador sighed depressingly. I'll be one of the garbage men. He thought.

{Okay. That one was bad...-_-)

11/4/2012 #4,631

[It'll start when Michael and Xavier arrive.]

11/4/2012 #4,632

((No clue :P))

Evan continued to sleep.

Chase took a deep breath as the people took them to their separate portal shoot offs.

11/4/2012 #4,633

Segador got up, and walked with the people making sure he got to his portal.

11/4/2012 #4,634

Ellen stroked her son's hair, smiling.

The shoot offs closed and people got to their places to shoot all of them off at the same time.

11/4/2012 #4,635

((Switching to the next topic!))

11/4/2012 #4,636

Chase carried his family into their apartment and set her down on their bed, he took their boy to his crib before laying next to her on the bed. He was tired, still filled with smoke even after being in the hospital.

Ryan rolled into their room with her on his lap, he maneuvered her onto her hotel bed and sat next to the bed in his wheel chair. He was told he wasn't to leave from it for at least a month.

12/15/2012 #4,637
Ellen rolled into Chase's arms. She buried her face in his shirt, fast asleep.--- Molly reached over. She took Ryan's hand. "Are you going to be alright tonight?" she asked in concern.
12/15/2012 #4,638

Chase held her tightly in his arms, kissing the top of her head and closing his eyes, finally relaxing.

Ryan nodded with a soft smile, "As long as you are safe, I am alright." He murmured to her softly, kissing her knuckles sweetly as he stared into her eyes.

12/15/2012 #4,639
Ellen smiled softly in her sleep.---Molly smiled at him. "It's going to be lonely without you," she admitted.
12/15/2012 #4,640

Chase held her tight and fell asleep quickly.

Ryan nodded and stared into her eyes, "I know, sweetheart. I'm going to miss holding you while we sleep." He wiped at his face with his free hand, "A whole month." He groaned, hating just the thought of it. He held her hand tighter in his.

12/15/2012 #4,641
[Timeskip?]---Molly sighed. She stared at their hands.
12/15/2012 #4,642


Ryan kissed her knuckles, "I could try to get into the bed, love, but I can't stand on my own." He murmured against her skin, not wanting her to be sad.

12/15/2012 #4,643
[You start?]---Molly nodded. "Of course." She smiled at him. "Get some sleep, love." The girl leaned forward and kissed Ryan softly on the lips.
12/15/2012 #4,644

Chase woke up with the rising sun and kissed Ellen's forehead softly.

Ryan kissed her back softly, using his upper body strength to move to the side of the bed and crawl onto the bed, just using his heels to keep from hurting his leg too much. He flinched from the pain that shot up his leg, but he didn't care as he continued to kiss Molly softly and crawl onto the bed.

12/15/2012 #4,645
Ellen opened her eyes sleepily. She smiled. "Morning."---Molly gingerly caught Ryan in an embrace as she deepened the kiss.
12/15/2012 #4,646

Chase smiled widely down at her, "Good morning, love." He kissed her nose, "How did you sleep?" He asked softly.

Ryan kissed her deeply as he made it onto the bed, wrapping his arms tightly around her as he laid next to her.

12/15/2012 #4,647
"I slept fine." Ellen kissed him back lightly.---Molly wrapped her arms around Ryan's neck.---Penni opened her eyes. She stared at the sunlight on her floor. Softly she sighed.
12/15/2012 #4,648

Segador woke up in the coffin. With no sunlight entering the dark room and the only source of light wre burning torches, Seg assumed it was morning. Then the memories from the day before came back to him. His face, hidden behind his bandages once again, went red. I showed Penni my face. Then we kissed. He thought with a smile forming on his marred face. He got out of his coffin and decided to go to Penni's room.

12/15/2012 #4,649

Chase smiled and kisses her softly, wrapping his arms tighter around her waist and pulling her against his chest.

Ryan smiled against her lips and held her close, kissing her deeply.

12/15/2012 #4,650
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