Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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"How'd you sleep?" Penni asked, motioning for Seg to come inside.

12/15/2012 #4,681

Seg stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Fine. How about you?" He asked.

12/15/2012 #4,682

"Great." Penni smiled over her shoulder at him.

12/15/2012 #4,683

"So..." Seg drawled out not knowing how to start the conversation. "How's life?" He asked feeling really awkward.

A stranger in a black leather jacket had parked his motorcycle in front of the school's main building. He kept his sunglasses on, effectively covering his eyes. He walked towards the building dorms, heavy foot falls echoing.

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"Much better." Penni sat on her bed, leaning back. She closed her eyes. "Is it...strange...that I keep on thinking about last night?" she asked sheepishly.

12/15/2012 #4,685

((Back :D))

Chase wrapped his arms around his family and laid his head on Ellen's shoulder.

Evan cried softly and wrapped his arms tightly around her, "Mama! Daddy otay?" He asked, his voice hysterical.

Ryan kissed her worry lines, "Sweetheart, It's alright." He whispered, "I'm here." He reassured her.

12/15/2012 #4,686

"I don't think so." Seg cautiously said. Then he sat next to her on the bed. "Do you think it's strange that I'm nervous about our relationship?" Seg asked cautiously.

The 17 year old, walked around the buildings until he found what looked like a dorm rooms. He took off his sunglasses and revealed his golden eyes. He looked down at the paper in his hand and it said to find a room 1313. So the 17 year old walked along the hall way.

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"Yes, Daddy's okay." Ellen nodded. "He's right here."

Molly's face slowly relaxed, and she sighed softly.

12/15/2012 #4,688

((Hey Seg! I'll RP with your new character if you want :D))

Tatiana walked out of her dorm room, needing some time away from her hectic life.

Chase held them close and kissed Evan's forehead, "Hey buddy, don't worry. Daddy's here." He smiled softly, his light green eyes worried.

Evan stared from his mother to his father with his light green/blue eyes, "Daddy no leave? Mama no leave?" He asked, reassuring himself.

Ryan sighed softly with her, "It's alright, love. I'm here. I'm not leaving you again. Ever." He promised.

12/15/2012 #4,689

Penni shook her head. "Nah. It's perfectly fine to. I'm feeling a little nervous myself," she admitted.

"We're both here." Ellen smiled.

Molly smiled in her sleep.

12/15/2012 #4,690

The 17 year old kept walking in the hallway, trying to find his dorm room. Jeez where can I find my room, this place isn't THAT big! He thought still walking. Eventually he found room 1313. Solid obsideon wall and all. He looked at the door then said to himself softly, "Diablo, what have you gotten yourself into." Then he opened the door.

12/15/2012 #4,691

Chase kissed Ellen's temple softly before smiling calmly at their son, "What's wrong, buddy?" He asked.

Evan stopped crying, but his face was still beet red, "Mama daddy leaves me." He started to sniffle again, like he was going to start crying again.

Ryan smiled softly with her and kissed the top of her head, "I love you, Molly." He whispered to her, though he knew she was fast asleep.

12/15/2012 #4,692

"WHy would we leave you?" Ellen stroked Evan's hair softly.

Molly shifted again in her sleep, getting comfortable.

12/15/2012 #4,693

{Okay. _ *_*}

"I just have one question." Segador ventured. "What would your parents think?" He asked.

Diablo opened the obsidian doors and was met with a dimly lit room smelling of death. "Jeez, what died in here?" He asked aloud.

12/15/2012 #4,694

Penni blinked. "My parents," she echoed. "I don't' know if they would care. They've pretty much forgotten me." She looked away, not wanting to remember their faces as she left for the school.

12/15/2012 #4,695

"Oh." Seg said feeling a bit guilty bringing up old wounds. "Um, do you have anyone back home who cares for you if your parent's don't?" Segador asked wondering what parent's would neglect their child.

12/15/2012 #4,696

Chase looked confused, "Was it a nightmare, buddy?" He asked, stroking their son's cheek.

Evan had tears in his eyes, "I dunno." He muttered, his tears starting to overflow, "Mama and Daddy leaves me." He whimpered.

Ryan smiled softly and let her move anyway she wanted. He was hers to use as a pillow.

12/15/2012 #4,697

Penni smiled. "My brother. I have my older brother," she replied.

12/15/2012 #4,698

"Aww." Ellen kissed Evan's forehead softly.

Molly ended up resting her head on Ryan's arm.

12/15/2012 #4,699

"Do you think he would care if you where uh, dating me?" Seg asked.

12/15/2012 #4,700

"No. He wouldn't really disapprove of you," Penni replied. "Worst thing he could possibly do is tease you. He never means it though. He just..." Penni giggled. "He can't take many things seriously."

12/15/2012 #4,701

Evan started to cry softly, "Mama and Daddy no leaves me?" He asked, his voice quivering.

Chase shook his head, "Never, Evan. Mama and Daddy will never leave you." He promised him.

Ryan smiled softly as he stared at her sleeping on his arm. He stared at her every aspect, still amazed that she loved him, and that she was his. He was the luckiest guy in the entire world.

12/15/2012 #4,702

"Never," Ellen agreed. She wiped Evan's tears away softly.

Molly slowly woke up. She yawned, her eyes aflutter.

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"Well's it's nice to know I won't have to dodge any punches from him." Seg said smiling underneath his bandages. "But's it's nice to know you still have someone who does care for you." Seg sighed. I wish I could remember more about me past. He thought.

Diablo walked into the death smelled room. The first thing he noticed was the giant coffin that layed open. "Oh hell no. I'm not sleeping in that." He complained. With a sigh he decided to walk back to his motorcycle to get a sleeping roll he usually kept with him.

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Chase stroked his son's hair softly.

Evan nodded and laid his head down on his mothers shoulder, his face in the crook of her neck.

Ryan stared into her eyes deeply, "Good morning, sweetheart." He murmured to her softly.

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Penni nodded. "You have someone who cares for you, too, Seg." She found his hand, took it, an gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Ellen smiled at her son fondly.

"Morning," Molly replied sleepily.

12/15/2012 #4,706

Seg smiled underneath the bandages. "Yeah, I have you." He said, using his free hand to unwrap the bottom portion of his mask, exposing his mouth.

Diablo walked over to his motorcycle. He untied the sleeping mat that was attached to the back. "Heck, I'm pretty sure even Shela would be more comfortable than that." He grumbled walking back to his "room".

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Chase walked around them and held them to his chest, his head laying on hers as he stroked their son's hair comfortingly.

Evan slowed down his sniffles and just kept his eyes closed against his mothers neck.

Ryan smiled at her, "How'd you sleep, love?" He asked with a soft voice.

12/15/2012 #4,708

Penni gave Seg's now exposed mouth a light peck.

Ellen smiled still. "God, he's beautiful."


12/15/2012 #4,709

Chase smiled widely and nodded as he kissed her forehead, "He's perfect just like his mother." He murmured against her forehead.

Ryan smiled and kissed her lips softly, "I'm glad, love."

12/15/2012 #4,710
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