Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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{Yes, yes he is *_*}

Segador also put his dishes on the conveyor belt. "So now where do you want to go?" Segador asked Penni.

1/12/2013 #4,951

"Hmm. Can we go to the library again?" Penni asked. She was a bit embarrassed, but it was where she wanted to go.

1/12/2013 #4,952

"Okay." Segador said agreeing. "Don't be surprised if you find yourself burried under a pile of books though." He added smiling and walking towards the door that lead to the library.

1/12/2013 #4,953

The instant she touched him, she felt electricity course through her body. She got jolted back, her black hair frizzing up.

1/12/2013 #4,954

"S-s-sorry." Wizard said apologizing for his shocking touch.

1/12/2013 #4,955

Penni giggled a little. "Alright." She followed after him.

1/12/2013 #4,956

Segador held the door open for Penni. "Ladies first." He said bowing.

1/12/2013 #4,957

"Well, now that wolf girl is gone, I suppose the human sparkler and the happy hippy will have to be my chaperones," She said to the duo, then clapped her hands.

"Well come on then! Lead me to the Dorms,"

1/12/2013 #4,958

"I-it's okay, I-I sorry if I surprised you," she said, twitching a little as the electricity disapated.

1/12/2013 #4,959

Wizard was still recovering from shocking Tawni, but was still able to respond. "I-I'm new here too, so I don't know where the dorms are." He said sheepishly.

1/12/2013 #4,960

As they entered the forest, Isha slowed. Elia looked about. She heard Isha mutter a few things and snort, causing the girl to snicker.

"Don't talk like that, Isha," she scold. "Though it is true." She chortled again.

1/12/2013 #4,961

"Me neither," Tawni said, then looked over at Wizard then away as a blush crept up her cheeks.

1/12/2013 #4,962

Penni smiled. She walked into the library.

1/12/2013 #4,963

Tia sighed. "Hippy! Lead the way!"

1/12/2013 #4,964

Segador smiled then closed the door after he walked in as well.

1/12/2013 #4,965

"Well, Elia, said the dorms were that way so I guess we go that way?" she said, looking at the girl and pointed straight ahead.

1/12/2013 #4,966

Penni looked around. "Hmm..."

1/12/2013 #4,967

"Well go then" She said, givng a quick push to get Tawni going

1/12/2013 #4,968

Elia looked around at the trees. "not what I'm used to..."

Isha growled again, and snuffed.

1/12/2013 #4,969

Tawni stumbled and glared back at Tia, but lead the way anyways.

1/12/2013 #4,970

Segador just grabbed the nearest book, a Self Guide to Playing the Guitar, and began reading.

Wizard tried to keep up with the two. "Hey wait up." He hollered.

1/12/2013 #4,971

As they rounded a corner of the building, Tia spoke again: "Stop,"

1/12/2013 #4,972

Tawni stopped and waited for Wizard, smiling as he caught up.

1/12/2013 #4,973

"Thanks for waiting." He said still smiling.

1/12/2013 #4,974

"Are you listening?" She asked the duo

1/12/2013 #4,975

Penni chose a book on Merlin.

Elia got off of Isha. She climbed a tree. "Ugh. Why'd I have to come here?" she asked the wolf. Isha snorted again, showing she didn't know.

1/12/2013 #4,976

Wizard nodded.

1/12/2013 #4,977

"Listening for what?" Tawni asked, giving Wizard a sidelong glance.

1/12/2013 #4,978

Segador finished the guitar manual, and grabbed a boxing manual next.

1/12/2013 #4,979

Penni finished the fourth chapter.

1/12/2013 #4,980
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