Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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Elia watched her. Then she suddenly stood up too. "Tia?"

1/13/2013 #5,221

"Was I in the Wrong?"

1/13/2013 #5,222

"I...don't know," Elia replied.

1/13/2013 #5,223

"It feels this way every time I disagree with her, on anything. And we disagree a lot,"

1/13/2013 #5,224

Elia nodded. She sat down again.

"Are all mothers like that?"

1/13/2013 #5,225

"I'm not sure. then again, I feel a bit dizzy so I'm not sure of anything right now,"

1/13/2013 #5,226

"Sit down, Tia," Elia said. She lightly motioned for her to do so.

1/13/2013 #5,227

Tia flopped on the floor, then sighed.

"Are you going to the party?" She asked, trying to change the subject

1/13/2013 #5,228

"Well, we are all in the same dorm." Elia smiled slightly. "I don't think I have a choice."

1/13/2013 #5,229

"Yeah...it starts in a few hours I think"

1/13/2013 #5,230

Elia nodded. She fell silent, and cursed in her head. Never was she good at conversation.

1/13/2013 #5,231

{Mornin everyone !_!}

While everyone was singing, hunting, or agueing, Wizard was trying to find the school generator to recharge his internal battery. He found the generator and began to "borrow" energy from it. Although he accidentaly took a little too much and all the lights in the dorm went out. "Whoops." He said.

1/13/2013 #5,232

Penni hugged Seg tightly. "I love you, Seg," she whispered.

1/13/2013 #5,233

Segador was about to answer Penni back, except the lights shut off. "First shaking now lights?" He questioned.

1/13/2013 #5,234

Penni looked around. "What's happening?"

1/13/2013 #5,235

"It seems that the lights have been shut off." Segador said noticing the lack of lightning. {What time is it for them?_?}

Wizard tried shocking the generator back on, but to no avail. "Well shoot." He muttered.

1/13/2013 #5,236

[Around evening.]

"..." Penni bit her lip. She was a bit afraid of the dark.

1/13/2013 #5,237

"Hey are you okay?" Segador asked concerned.

Wizard was trying to find ways to power the generator when he had an idea. "If shocking it won't work, THEN I'LL USE DIRECT CONTACT. HAHAHA!" Wizard exclaimed going into mad scientist mode. He immediately grabbed the generator's two main coils and began to circulate electricity through his body into the generator. However he added a bit too much juice and ended up shooting another large lightning bolt into the sky. The generator blew out, causing the power to go. However with the added ozone of the lightning bolt Wizard shot into the sky, it began to rain heavily. "Oh sh-" Wizard started before he short circuited from the rain.

1/13/2013 #5,238

"Y-yeah." Penni nodded, though she had started trembling.

1/13/2013 #5,239

Segador noticed her trembling and instantly decided to put her into a warm embrace. "I'm here don't worry." He said gently.

1/13/2013 #5,240

Penni nodded. She rested her head on Seg's chest.

1/13/2013 #5,241

Segador began to rub smooth circles on Penni's back trying to calm her down.

1/13/2013 #5,242

Penni took a deep breath, then another.

1/13/2013 #5,243

"Feeling better yet?" Segador asked putting his chin on top of Penni's head.

1/13/2013 #5,244

"Yeah." penni nodded.

1/13/2013 #5,245

Segador smiled at Penni then kissed her on cheek and whispered in her ear, "We should go back to the rooms if lights are out. God knows who could be lurking." He offered his purple eye shifting seeing if anyone is around.

1/13/2013 #5,246

Penni nodded again. "Alright," she whispered.

1/13/2013 #5,247

Segador took her by the hand and lead her towards the dorms, he then oped the door to for her.

Wizard had finally woken up from his short ciruiting, and was drealily walking towards the dorms. His hair would run a spark every once in a while.

1/13/2013 #5,248

Penni walked inside.

1/13/2013 #5,249

Segador closed the door behind her and followed alongside Penni.

Wizard was walking like a drunk. To him everything had a sort of blue hue and it made get nauseous. It didn't help him that his body would send sparks out and to try and turn on the lights. Eventually he just fell face forward and fell asleep.

1/13/2013 #5,250
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