Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kellis noticed her slight discomfort.
5/15/2013 #9,631
Olivia looked back at violet, "what?" She said with a smile. --- Luka looked around. "It's kinda quiet an boring around here, we should do something." Luka said.
5/15/2013 #9,632
"Please all students report to the quad for an announcement." The loud speaker verbatim. "Please bring a change of cloths and swim wear as well.... That is all."
5/15/2013 #9,633
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Violet looked up at the announcement, then scurried off.
5/15/2013 #9,634
"We'll that looks like something to do." Olivia said then walked away. "See ya." She said with a wave. ----- Luka blinked. "That was like it was planned." She said with a laugh, then started walking to her dorm to get what she needed.
5/15/2013 #9,635

Diablo looked around before walking back to his room to grab some spare clothes. "Wonder if they'll let me take Shela. (His motorcycle!_!)

Spiritus looked around before sighing.".... Why me...." He said before going off to find the quad. His clothes already in his backpack.

5/15/2013 #9,636
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
[Like it was planned... If only you knew, Luka... If only you knew...] Kellis ran to grab his swimming trunks.
5/15/2013 #9,637
(XD lol) Olivia got back to her room. She put on some guy clothing, a white t shirt with a black skull in the middle, boxers, and jeans, then she changed into a guy. Giving herself abs, arm muscle, taking away her bewbs, shortening her hair, giving her self an adams apple, and changing her jar shape slightly. She fully changed into Oliver. Oliver grabbed a bag and put a change of clothes in it, and some swim trunks. Then he walked out of the room locking it behind him and walking to the quad. ---- Luka went into her room and grabbed a change of clothes, a swimsuit, and a small bag to carry them in. After that she walked out, locking her door, and walked to the quad.
5/15/2013 #9,638
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Violet saw Oliver in the quad and joined him. "Hi, Oliver"

Kellis found Luka. "Hi luka"

5/15/2013 #9,639

Diablo came by and drove his motorcycle up into the quad. "Do you think I can bring Shela?" He asked.

Spiritus saw everyone their and immediately created an illusion to hide himself. Hoping no one would bump into him, he slipped by and sat near them.

{For the record, all things related to the Beach day at the Beach should be posted in the new topic. @_@}

5/15/2013 #9,640
Aspen joined the others in the quad after Collecting her bathing suit. "h-hi everyone."
5/15/2013 #9,641
Rikki and Sara arrived to the quad Rikki wore grey black and white camouflage cargo and a black tank top Sara wore a bikini swimsuit. happy grinning although Rikki was miserable
5/15/2013 #9,642

{Going to swimming.... Not going to be responding for a while.-_-}

5/15/2013 #9,643
Aspen looked around. "s-should I be wearing my bathing suit?"
5/15/2013 #9,644
Rikki stared ay the grounding shrugging
5/15/2013 #9,645
"I-I'm going to go change,"aspen said, running to the bathroom to change. She came back in a tiny blue bikini.
5/15/2013 #9,646
Sara frowned. because. Rikki was looking st the girls in beach gear
5/15/2013 #9,647
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
[Further posts in other topic, you two]
5/15/2013 #9,648
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