Wellington High RP The Second
This has been made since the original has been deleted. i do not own this idea, that is Cyber. Since I can highly predict the thread was deleted - which is sad to see - I will make a second one. Everyone is free to join. For the survivors of the thread you can come back with your original characters. Or make some new ones if you desire. Everyone else is still welcome to join as well.
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{And I'm back 0_0}

Seg was in the middle of re-saying the hawk familiar spell, when he felt Penni move her head to the side. Her eyes finally beginning to open. He froze instantly. Don't be mad. He prayed silently. He didn't want to be smacked for letting her sleep on his lap.

{Cause that'll be awkward... -_-

11/17/2012 #181

[That was like...less than a half hour O_o]

Penni blinked. "Seg?" she asked. "You look like you've been caught stealing..."

11/17/2012 #182

{It was chicken night!_! And I eat like a starving dog!_!}

"Well uh." Seg said indicating what was Penni's "make-shift" pillow. "Your kinda laying on..." He trailed off hoping she got the message.

11/17/2012 #183

[LOL xD]

Penni blinked. "Oh," she replied. Quickly getting what he said, she repeated it again, sitting up abruptly. The girl rubbed her arm, slightly embarrassed.

11/17/2012 #184

{Yup o_o}

Seg rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. Seg then felt really self-conscious about the fact he still had no shirt on.

11/17/2012 #185

Penni spared a glance at Seg. Her eyes caught on his bare chest. "Seg, where's your shirt?" she asked.

11/17/2012 #186

"It burned off when I was set on fire." Seg said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. I hope she doesn't notice the scars. Seg thought, wondering if she even noticed silver and red cuts on his body.

11/17/2012 #187

Penni nodded. She looked at his chest some more. God, it looked hot... Penni's mind seemed to rewind itself. What?! Hot? Penni shook her head, tearing her eyes away and looking the other direction.

11/17/2012 #188

{And thus the awkwardness continues... o_o}

Seg nervously rubbed the back of his head, wishing he had a shirt. This couldn't get any more awkwarder. Seg thought.

11/17/2012 #189

[Oh, I could think of a few more things to make the scenario awkwarder.]

"..." Penni rubbed her arms. She sighed. "...Now what?"

11/17/2012 #190

{Hmmm. Nah they've suffered enough o_o}

At this moment the doctor who was ordered by Seg came back. "Uh sir." He called to Seg. Seg looked at him. "Your friend who you brought before is alright. He only suffered a light concussion to his head. He's sleeping right now." the doctor said before walking off. "Penni." Seg called. "Since Micheal's going to be fine, should we head back to the school?" Segador asked.

11/17/2012 #191

Penni's face flooded with relief. "Oh, thank goodness he'll be okay!" she exclaimed. Remembering the question, she nodded and replied, "I think we should leave."

11/17/2012 #192

"Good, 'cause I need a shirt." Seg said. He got up and walked to the hospital door opening it for Penni. "Ladies first." He said, even shirtless he still has manners.

11/17/2012 #193

Penni smiled. She walked out of the hospital.

11/17/2012 #194

{Last post of the night, but I got all week to post RP's. Thanksgiving break!_!}

After Penni walked out, he closed the door. He then realized Penni was wearing a night gown. Well don't we look odd. He began to think. I'm shirtless and masked, while she's wearing a night gown. He chuckled slightly.

{Night. 8 )}

11/17/2012 #195

Chase nodded, but stumbled, quickly catching himself before falling to the floor, "Pretty sure." He grunted, his voice sounded strained.

Ryan's eyes stayed close, but his eyebrows peaked together when he heard Molly's voice, "Molly?" He whispered, his voice weak and in pain.

((...... omg..... just saw..... breaking dawn part 2..... :3 it was...... AMAZING!!!!!))

11/17/2012 #196

Penni turned around to look at Seg. She raised an eyebrow. "What are you laughing about?"

Ellen put Evan down. "Come on, buddy," she said, taking his hand.

Molly's breath caught. "Ryan! Stay with us, please!" Her voice betrayed the fact that she was purely terrified he might not make it.

[Oh, cool. Was that the last one?]

11/18/2012 #197

Jenny walked into the door of the hospital, Alex's powers having worn off. Her arm was in a sling, held up by her crsytal construct, and her one of her eyes was covered in the crystal as well. She stumbled in, coming across an operating room where she could see Ellen with her son.

"I am hurting majorly," She garbled at her.

11/18/2012 #198

[I was about to ask if you meant Tatianna but she has a daughter, so...]

Ellen looked at Jenny. She did a double take. "Oh, God, what happened to you?" she asked. "It looks as if you were in the tournament yourself!"

11/18/2012 . Edited 11/18/2012 #199

"I..err...may have been?" She said, looking down at her shoes, which had several holes in them

11/18/2012 #200

"Come on, we'll have to get you to the E.R," Ellen said, taking Jenny's free hand with her own. "Or...whatever."

11/18/2012 #201

"There's nothing wrong with me," She replied as the Crystal that was holding her leg in place dissolved and she fell over.

"Ok, maaaybe I need some Medicine,"

11/18/2012 #202

"Medicine?" Ellen snorted. "I'm sure you'll need a sturdy cast for your arm and your leg."

11/18/2012 #203

Jenny sighed.

"Fine," She replied. "I'd better get a lolly or something afterwards though,"

11/18/2012 #204

[Better get my effin' lolly, yo!]

"I'm sure you'll get one," Ellen assured Jenny. She walked to the front desk and cleared her throat. "Excuse me."

11/18/2012 #205

{Mornin everyone '_'}

Seg stopped laughing aruptly and explained. "Don't we look odd. Your in a nightgown, and I'm shirtless." He explained.

11/18/2012 #206

(Morning-I will play secretary)

"YEs?" The woman at the desk asked. "What seems to be the probl...HOLY CRAP" She screamed, looking at Jenny's condition. "Go right in! room 24!"

11/18/2012 #207

[Nndergh. It's hard to choose favorites. Ellen's just this "independent" chic who tends to watch her sister a bit too much for comfort, Molly's adorably overprotective, and Penni seems to be a doll.]

"Oh. Oh!" Penni repeated, a smile coming across her face. She laughed. "Odd, indeed."

11/18/2012 #208

"You heard the lady! Let's go!" Ellen exclaimed, turning to the left though the room was to the right.

11/18/2012 #209

{I find it strange she notices a battle damaged girl, but not a walking, talking, flesh growing skeleton... -_-}

"So it's safe to say we better get back to the rooms before it gets cold." Seg said, starting to walk in the direction that was the to the dorms.

11/18/2012 #210
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