The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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Come here and blab it up.

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9/12/2012 #2

LOl Welcome, Hei. *Bows* More threads will be up later.

9/12/2012 #3

Hi! It's Crazy the Otomos!

9/12/2012 #4

I will be waiting for them!

9/12/2012 #5

OTO! You came! :D

9/12/2012 #6
Hey breeze, you think Oto might want to join Aethr?
9/12/2012 #7


Yo, character sheet is up!

9/12/2012 #8
What are the personalities of each zodiac sign?
9/12/2012 #9

Hang on. Lemme check.

9/12/2012 #10
Nevermind I found a site.
9/12/2012 #11

Aries - The Aries guardians tend to be blunt. They have short tempers and are rough around most. They are also known for being strong. Are very hardworking.

Taurus - The Taurus guardians like to take charge. They can show you where to go all the time. Naturally they are leaders. However they don't like listening to most.

Gemini - Gemini guardians tend to have split personality. One of them is very hesitant. The other is very loud. They're pretty bipolar. But they are also very smart.

Cancer - Cancer guardians are very skittish. They tend to have a lot of energy. This tends to get them into a lot of trouble.

Leo - These Leo guardians have a strong sense of courage. They also have a pride issue. They hate getting humiliated.

Virgo - Virgo guardians are very nice. They are also very quiet, but are extremely gentle. However, they are also pretty shy.

Libra - The Libra guardians have always been a bit no nonsense. They always weigh things out to figure out the goods and bars of what they're about to do.

Scorpio - Most say the Scorpio guardians are the no-gooders. They pout a lot and are very pessimistic. However, they are very smart and cunning.

Sagittarus - Sagittarus guardians are the second most prideful of the guardians. They are the nobles, who have a good sense of moral. they're also a bit big-headed.

Capricorn - The Capricorn guardians are quiet and observant. They don't mind speaking up at all. They just tend to think more than they speak.

Pisces - Pisces guardians are also very happy-go-lucky, just like the Caner guardians. Although these guys are very...very optimistic. They tend to bubble up in ecstasy. They're always looking on the bright side.

9/12/2012 #12

Aww. I just finished.

9/12/2012 #13

What's Aethr?

9/12/2012 #14
A forum I made that breeze and I are doing all alone. I would like otter people to join if they want. Do you? The description is a bit long and a little confusing though. Want a link?
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Give me a few hours to read the thing and understand it, I might have a character by tomorrow.

9/12/2012 #17
Lol. Ok. Have fun!
9/12/2012 #18
Rinny Tin


9/13/2012 #19

Haang on. First you should check the Guardian thread and see - wait no. First you gotta read the rules. Check back here when you finish. Oh, and also read the information. Lol

9/13/2012 #20
Rinny Tin

Ok. I gotta go somewhere. I will be gone for a while, but I'll check those out later k? Ttyl! Bye!!!

9/13/2012 #21

Rules have been modified.

9/14/2012 #22

ok i see, i will get on my character now

9/14/2012 #23
Milde the tough Teddy

Breeze! :D

I think this was the one you meant, right? x)

9/14/2012 #24

Milde! How's it been!

9/14/2012 #25
Milde the tough Teddy

Hey Oto! :)

I've been doing fine, a little busy with school but overall fine. Sorry for not being on and posting, I've just been pretty lazy and still am. xD

9/14/2012 #26

MILDE *Glomp* So glad you could make it!

9/14/2012 #27
Milde the tough Teddy

*Gets glomped* Of course, I could never turn my back to you! :D

9/14/2012 #28
Can someone edit my character for me. My phone wants to be stupid today
9/14/2012 #29


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