The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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Species [guardians - human]:



Personality [if guardian, should match sign]:




Name: Lady Selestyna

Age: Has been alive since the beginning of time. looks around 25

Gender: Female

Species: Lady of the Sky

Appearance: Selestyna has sparkling white hair. It's long, and matches her eyes. Her skin is a beautiful pale. Lady Selestyna wears long flowing dresses. She has a nice heart shaped face, and a delicate smile

Personality: Lady Selestyna is very nice. She is wise as well. The woman has never ending patience, and has been considered the mother of generosity.

History: Has been alive since the beginning of time. Has a brother named Terrence - is the Lord of the Earth. [Will explain him if necessary]

Other: N/A

9/12/2012 #1

Name: Idrea Sapio

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Idrea has dark skin. Her hair is long and it goes to her waist. She wears it in an emo-like style. Her eyes are brown. She wears a dark black skirt with skulls on it. Wears a sleeveless black shirt with a large rose in the middle. Has some long fingerless gloves that are black and white, striped. She wears some knee big black boots.

GUARDIANS ONLy Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Personality: Idrea is very sour. She will always come back with a quick retort. The girl has never ever been nice. It's quite rare to see her in a good mood. The girl is always grumbling about something. Main thing is - try not to annoy her too much.

History: Since she was born Idrea has been an orphan. She has been in multiple orphanages, but she has always escaped. Currently she is living on the streets.

Other: N/A

9/12/2012 #2
[Sorry about the format. Ipod, grr] Name: Kyle Hammerstein __________________ Age: 14 __________________ Gender: male __________________ Species [guardians - human]: human __________________ Appearance: shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, light tan. Wears green cargo pants and a black t-shirt that says, "Silence is golden, Ducktape is silver" he also carries around an old red backpack. __________________ GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: Aries __________________ Personality [if guardian, should match sign]: Adventurous, energetic, courageous, and confident. Friendly and outgoing. Will stand up for the underdog. A little self-centered, short-tempered, impulsive, and impatient. Doesn't hold grudges. Very trusting, maybe overly so. __________________ History: Kyle was raised in a good family, with an older sister and a younger brother. His parents were kind people, and he went to a good school. All in all, his childhood was what you might call an ideal childhood. Until his twelfth birthday, of course. That day, Kyle's world fell apart. While he was at home, his parents and siblings went out to grab something as a surprise for his birthday. There was a malfunction with the vehicle, and it ended up on the railroad tracks as a train came by. All his family was killed. Kyle was put into an orphanage, and was still waiting there two years later. Recently he gathered his belongings and ran away from the orphanage. He is currently living on the streets. __________________ Other: He eventually gains the ability to control fire and hold it is his bare hands. [Only if that's okay with you]
9/12/2012 #3

The fire is okay. All of these guys will get powers eventually [which is necessary to defeat whatever they're defeating] so yeah. ACCEPTED!

9/13/2012 #4
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
[Yeah, wrong username, I know] Yay! I'm in!
9/13/2012 #5

'Right. Hang on while I make the first thread.

9/13/2012 #6

Name: Liz Dirk (Blue and Red)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species [guardian-human]: Human

Appearance: Tom-boyish with short hair, dyed bright red and blue hair, and usually wears a T-shirt and jeans.

GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Personality: Blue Liz is very quiet and shy, she apoligizes whenever a person criticizes her. Red Liz is loud and is angered by the smallest thing, when she is criticized, she tries to stand her ground and argue about the subject.

History: Elizabeth's parents died when she was 6, and had to live woth her relatives. Liz developed a split personality while she was living with her abusive uncle. He would always yell at her for one thing or another, and she couldn't take it anymore. Whenever he said something that made her mad, Red Liz would come out and the two would argue. When her uncle died, Liz moved in with her much more caring grandmother. The personality she had developed stayed, but was less active. Blue Liz tries to hide the fact that she has another personality, but fails to do so whenever she tries to hold in her anger at a person.

Other: Liz is an Otaku.

9/13/2012 #7

ACCEPTED! Welcome! I love her already. :3

Are you impatient or can you possibly wait for Hei and I to finish? She tends to get on every now and then [which is fine] but if you can't wait I can get up another thread for Liz.

9/13/2012 #8

I'll wait.

9/13/2012 #9

Okie dokie. I shall too. //shot

9/13/2012 #10

Btw inori-san may be reimuhakurei4

9/13/2012 #11

*Nods* I see. Hei tends to do that too. She has two accounts. I'm trying to get another account for the school accounts, since I can't log in for Fanfiction over there. And I don't eat lunch so I'm usually at the library, where there are computers, so...

9/13/2012 #12

Name: Michael Ghent

Age: 15

Species: Human

Appearance: Brown hair that tends to get in his thoughtful hazel eyes. A square jaw. Nice face. Wears casual clothes, mainly polos and jeans. Is tall and slightly toned.

GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: Libra

Personality: Michael thinks often. he tends to chew on his pencils while doing so. Weighs things before he does them. Doesn't speak much. When he does it's probably in an agitated tone.

History: Michael has two very intelligent parents. His father is a philosopher, while his mother is a nurse. He takes after both of them with their brains. However, he is their only child. They live in a large house.

Other: N/A

9/13/2012 #13
Rinny Tin

Name: Rin Widder

Age: 15(She lost track)

Gender: Female

Species [guardians - human]: Human

Appearance: She would normally wear armor over tight red 'under armor' type shirts. And would always have a pair of still tipped boots one her feet.

GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: Aries

Personality [if guardian, should match sign]: Very very blunt. Her temper will explode if you push her to hard. If you constantly pester her she will hurt you. She has a kind of 'Ruff round the edges' spirit but it's what makes her so fun. She is also very strong willed. She would never give up on a friend. A really good person.

History: Rin, was always a troubled kid, she was constantly picked on, and made fun of because she was just never like other kids. She always got into fights and was seen as a bully though she was really nice. She never really had friends, and when she was sent away to Military School, she finally made a friend. His name was Cameron McDowel, and he was the same age as her, they would laugh and play and joke but one day Cameron got news of his parents and learned they died in a car crash and that he was being put up for adoption and that he was leaving. Rin never forgot Cameron and she still misses him. Her parents never liked her and they never treated fairly so she was sent to her Grandmothers down south and has been there since.

Other: Her hair is a lot longer, and she would normally where red instead of green.

9/13/2012 . Edited 9/14/2012 #14

Okay. Um, first off, she should be just 15. Not 100.

Secondly, she should be a human. I specifically stated that. The guardians will begin as normal human teenagers. They have yet to be chosen.

And the Aries horns? I'm sorry, no She has to start off as a normal human teen. Sorry if this wasn't made clear. So other than those I like her. Nice way of bring the 'Craft to the story.

9/14/2012 #15

(What type of donut do you like?)

Name: Adeline Morris


Gender: female

Species [guardians - human]: guardian

Appearance: she has orangey-brownish hair. she is quite tall for her age. her eyes are bright green and they always catch peoples attention. she has pale skin that never tans but only gets sunburnt.

GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: libra

Personality [if guardian, should match sign]: she is very mature for her age. she is often doing maths in her head that, to other people, may seem random. whenever she makes a mistake she feels sick and sometimes gets a fever and throws up. people say that she is attention seeking but she honestly isn't, she reads old books like To Kill a Mockingbird when she gets bored.

History: she is an orphan and sometimes loses it (whatever it is) she always misses her parents and sometimes just mopes around.

Other: she has a black agate ring that she always wears and when she touches it she calms down straight away.

9/14/2012 #16

Ooh, nice. Welcome!

And please just give me an ol' fashioned. Luckily, I just finished up with the notebook in the first thread. Would you like to begin with Adeline now?

9/14/2012 #17

*Hands you donut*

yes please, may i add that she is always reading about different mythologies

9/14/2012 #18
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Name: Tamara Calgary __________________ Age: 17 __________________ Gender: Female __________________ Species [guardians - human]: human __________________ Appearance: Dressed like a cowboy from the wild west. And not just the area, the era. She is wearing the typical leather pants with the tassels, stetson, and rough shirt. __________________ GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: Taurus __________________ Personality [if guardian, should match sign]: Dependable, Persistent, Loyal, Patient, Generous, Stubborn, Possessive. Independent. __________________ History: Tamara was born in the 1800's. She grew up in the 1800's. One day she encountered and met a strange being which gave her the ability to travel in time. The trip was only one way, however. Therefore, she was stranded in modern day. [Is this okay, Breeze?] __________________ Other: gains control over earth [Stone, dirt, etc]
9/14/2012 #19

Hmm. *Tch* Alright. Will do. you'll just have to be patient. Lol

9/14/2012 #20
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
I understand. Just wanted to get her in there before I forgot. :P I can wait until you get everyone elses ppl to know they are guardians.
9/14/2012 #21

Okie dokie.

9/14/2012 #22

Name: Vanile Sky

Age: 15 going on 16

Gender: female

Species [guardians - human]: human




Personality [if guardian, should match sign]: vanile is the kind of girl that can make you smile no matter what. she super nice and always looks on the bright side of things. No one can put her in a bad mood and she only crys when people are being mean to her or when someone gets hurt because of her. she hardly has a temper and it takes a lot to get her temper to flare up. seriously this girl is so sweet theat when you look at her you might get diebites.

History: she was born to a mother who was addicted to crack. at four she was sold for crack and was made a sex slave. one day she found a way to escape and did, she was ten at the time. Ever since then she has been moving around.

Other: she loves music and will always have her Ipod(that she found on the street) on her.

9/14/2012 . Edited by BreezeRogue63, 9/14/2012 #23
Milde the tough Teddy

Name: Oscar Wood

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species [guardians - human]: Human

Appearance: He is tall, 6'2", and very thin, you can see most of his bones sticking out under his rather pale skin. His hair color reminds a patinated brass and the thick, shaggy locks fall over his dull, liquid-like chartreuse-colored eyes that have a nice diamond shape. His face is angular with strong and sharp features, thin lips and slightly crooked nose. He wears baggy, ripped jeans, colorful hoodies and T-shirts with some kind of logos on them, and a black beanie.

GUARDIANS ONLY Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Personality [if guardian, should match sign]: Oscar is quiet and observant but in no way antisocial or shy. He likes to listen more than talk because he doesn't like being ignored or interrupted. He is insecure about many things and can stress out over little matters.

History: Oscar was raised in a very strict, catholic family and spent most of his childhood in silence and self-observation. Though he never learned to love and fear God like his parents had wanted to Oscar learned to respect life. He moved out when he was still 16, refusing to go back to an all boys boarding school. He has lived alone since then, doing all kinds of odd jobs to pay the rent.

Other: Has a black pet rabbit (French lop) called Nemo.

I hope he is alright. If not I'll edit. :)

9/14/2012 . Edited 9/15/2012 #24

Tati, your character should be human. Not guardian. I know, this is confusing, but all guardians begin as humans. I say that in the Information thread.

Milde, accepted! Do you want to hop right into it, or can you wait until I'm done with Libra?

9/14/2012 #25
Milde the tough Teddy

Thank you! I can wait, I'm not in a hurry here. :}

9/14/2012 #26
Oh I see
9/14/2012 #27

Can you edit from what you're posting on?

9/14/2012 #28
Yes I'm about to now
9/14/2012 #29
Rinny Tin

Ohh Ok. I'm sorry I didn't know! :P I'll fix it now!

9/14/2012 #30
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