The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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Quite explanatory, really. And yes I will make a thread soon telling which guardian spots have been taken.

9/13/2012 #1
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle ran through the street, trying to escape the rabid (Or so he thought) dog which was chasing him. He saw a bookstore and ducked into it, hoping the dog would pass by. It did. He gave a sigh of relief.
9/13/2012 #2

Lady Selestyna watched from the skies. She nodded with an amused smile. The woman went to her small fountain. Whispering something to the water, she watched as it rippled. There was the inside of the bookstore.

But when you looked at it, it was like you were She watched quietly as the soon to be aries guardian walked through the store.

9/13/2012 #3
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle looked around the store. Books. Lots and lots of books. He grinned and began to browse the shelves. Kyle loved reading, and he was looking for a classic, Treasure Island. He had been halfway through it when he accidentally trespassed on that dog's property...
9/13/2012 #4

Lady Selestyna watched the boy carefully. She thought for a moment.

"Perhaps if the notebook were to be disguised as a book," she murmured to herself. It seemed to be what this boy like,d anyway. With a snap she disguised the front page with a book cover. The title stayed blank for a while until the Lady figured out what book she wanted. The words "Treasure Island" flashed onto the cover.

9/13/2012 #5
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle browsed through the books, reading the covers aloud. "Hunger games... A brief history of guns... Gulliver's travels... Treasure island!" he pulled the book off the shelf and opened it up. "This doesn't look like treasure island," he muttered. He examined the page the book was open to. "Aries, the ram..."
9/13/2012 #6


Lady Selestyna smiled. She examined the boy's face. Just who I was looking for.

Slowly, a picture of the Lady's face was formed on the other page. She looked at him expectantly.

9/13/2012 #7
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle nearly dropped the book. "Magic...?" he whispered.
9/13/2012 #8

Correct, the word came across the page. Kyle. You are needed.

9/13/2012 #9
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"Me...?" Kyle whispered, still unable to beleive it.
9/13/2012 #10

Yes. You, Kyle Hammerstien, are one of the Aries guardians.

The words slowly appeared on the page in place of the previous words.

9/13/2012 #11
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle swallowed. "Okay. What do I do?" He asked, readying himself. 'An adventure is coming, I'm sure of it!' he thought.
9/13/2012 #12

You and twenty three others will meet me in the sky. On the 18th of October. Until then, you have some things to do.

9/13/2012 #13
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"What do you need me to do?" Kyle asked getting excited.
9/13/2012 #14

First, you must purchase this notebook. Despite herself, Lady Selestyna smiled in the picture.

9/13/2012 #15
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle dug in his pockets and pulled out a five dollar bill. "I hope this is enough" he muttered. Kyle walked back to the front of the store and asked the storekeeper how much the book would cost him.
9/13/2012 #16

The storekeeper examined the book. He looked for a tag. When his eyes settled on the name, he said almost instantly, "Oh, this'll just cost you four fifty."

9/13/2012 #17
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle sighed and handed over his money. "Only five bucks I have," he whispered, "What am I gonna do for supper?"
9/13/2012 #18

"Just trust me," Lady Selestyna's voice whispered in his ear - as if she was standing right beside him. "You will have enough for your supper."

9/13/2012 #19
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle almost nodded, but realized how odd that would look to the cashier. He took his fifty cents and the book, and walked out of the door.
9/13/2012 #20

The cashier watched him leave. He shook his head with a little smile.

"Oh, sister. You certainly know how to do this." Lord Terrence sighed. "I just hope it will all turn out well."

9/13/2012 #21
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"Okay. I bought the book. What next?" Kyle whispered, hoping the lady in the book could hear him. He sat down on a bench and opened the book, to the same page.
9/13/2012 #22

Introductions first, came the words. it was as if they were chiding him. I know who are, but you do not know me. I am Lady Selestyna, the lady of the skies.

9/13/2012 #23
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"Lady of the skies? What's that?" Kyle asked, curious. He had never read of such a thing, and he had read through every book in the city Library.
9/13/2012 #24

The lady of the skies is the one who watched over the skies, came the explanation. I have been around since time began. I was there when the gods created this world. My younger brother, Lord Terrence, is the Lord of the Earth. I am supposed to call upon the twenty four Zodiac guardians if there is trouble.

9/13/2012 #25
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"So there's trouble" Kyle said. It was more of a statement than a question. "Anything You need, I'm your man" he smiled, trying to be brave but coming across more as nervous.
9/13/2012 #26

A soft chuckle rang through the streets. You could practically see Lady Selestyna's smile.

Unfortunately, there is trouble, the words continued. There has been a disruption in the universe. There is a greedy lord in the universe. his name is Felano, and he is the lord of the star Betelguse. He wanted more than his giant star. he is currently planning on ruling the whole universe.

9/13/2012 #27
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle sighed. "Always that type around, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. Now will you tell me what you want me to do?"
9/13/2012 #28

Of course. I need you to look up your Zodiac sign. You must study, and study hard. I will tell you where to go to find a certain book. It will help you with what you need to do. This book contains the past Aries guardians. You must read it. You must work on your history. And one more thing. I ask you to...start thinking about fire magic.

9/13/2012 #29
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"Look it up in this notebook? Or other places?" Kyle asked, "Where do I find the book with previous guardians? What do you mean fire magic? How does that work?" He continued asking questions.
9/13/2012 #30
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