The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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-You must look up things in a special library. I will tell you where to go in a moment. You will find the book in that same library. For the other two answers, I will give them to you on the eighteenth.-

9/13/2012 #31
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Kyle nodded. "Okay. Where is the library?" he stood up, still looking at the open book.
9/13/2012 #32

Lady Selestyna blew atJThe pages. They fluttered to a map, showing where he should go.

-It is simple. Just follow this map, and you will find the library.2

9/13/2012 #33
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Kyle studied the map then followed the prescribed directions. He looked at the library when he reached it.
9/13/2012 #34

Another wind blew. The doors slowly creaked open. "Enter," they seemed to whisper.

9/13/2012 #35
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Kyle steeled himself and walked through the doors. He looked around.
9/13/2012 #36

The front desk had no one there. It was quite empty, but there was one odd thing. An empty cage hung behind it. Standing on the desk...was an owl.

It cocked its head to the side, watching Kyle.

9/13/2012 #37
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"Hello wide-eyed hooter," Kyle greeted the owl. "How are you? I would free you, but that might no go well with the librarian"
9/13/2012 #38

The owl hooted once. He ruffled his wings.

"He will help you if you ask him for it," Lady Selestyna murmured in Kyle's ear.

9/13/2012 #39
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Kyle nodded. "Will you help me, friend? I need to find a book about the Aries Zodiac sign and those who are under it, and another about former Aries guardians."
9/13/2012 #40

The owl hooted once more. He flapped off in a flurry of feathers. The library was silent.

Then, the owl came back. Behind him walked a woman of 21. She had round glasses in front of her deep brown eyes, which were sometimes hidden by her brown bangs. Her hair was worn over her shoulder. She was currently reading a book.

9/13/2012 #41
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"Hello" Kyle greeted the woman. He repeated his request.
9/13/2012 #42

There was a silence as the woman continued reading. The owl hooted, catching the girl's attention. She looked up. "Huh, what?" Her eyes settled on Kyle. There were a couple of blinks. "Oh! I'm sorry, did you want something?" She went to her desk quietly.

9/13/2012 #43
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Kyle repeated his request once more, asking for the books the Lady of the Sky had told him to find. [Aethr?]
9/13/2012 #44

[Got Aethr.]

"Oh, right." The woman turned around. She turned right back. Her brown eyes sparkled, and she nearly dropped her book. "Yo-you're a Zodiac guardian?" she asked breathlessly.

9/13/2012 #45
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The 14 year old boy nodded his head.
9/13/2012 #46

"I was one, too!" the librarian exclaimed softly. "Salaranda Stelmington, Libra guardian." She lifted the sleeve of her shirt to reveal a sign if Libra.

[Last post for the night. See ya tomorrow]

9/13/2012 #47
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
"Aries" Kyle said. "Kyle Hammerstein. Can I have the books now?"
9/13/2012 #48

"Oh, yes." Salaranda pulled her sleeve down, surprised at this. "Follow me." The librarian walked down the aisles of books quietly.

9/14/2012 #49
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Kyle followed her eagerly. Now they were finally getting somewhere!
9/14/2012 #50

The owl fluttered back to the desk. It stood where it had been standing earlier.


Salaranda stopped in a certain bookshelf. Se skimmed her fingers over the books' spines. "Hmm..." Suddenly she picked out a book.

"Here you go. Aries guardians." She handed it to him.

9/14/2012 #51
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"Thanks" Kyle said as he grabbed the book and sat down with it. He opened it and looked at the first Aries Guardians.
9/14/2012 #52

Salaranda watched him for a few moments. She scanned the books again, and chose an ancient looking book. On the front it said "The History Behind the Zodiac Guardians and Their Cycle". Curiously, the librarian wandered off. She herself began to read.

9/14/2012 #53
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"There are two guardians, one boy and one girl, for each Zodiac sign" Kyle read.
9/14/2012 #54

Lady Selestyna watched for a moment. She snapped her fingers, and the notebook disappeared once more. I can not waste my time.

In its place was a note that read:

Kyle. I have told you everything you must do to be prepared for the eighteenth. I must go onto the next guardian.

Thank you

- Lady Selestyna

9/14/2012 #55
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Kyle reached over to grab the notebook and ask Lady Selestyna a question, but when he came up with nothing, he looked over to see that there was no book, only a slip of paper, which he read. "Okay. I suppose she has to use that notebook to find the others as well"
9/14/2012 #56

Salaranda wandered through the vast library. She was plowing through the book quickly. Her brown eyes widened.

In the year of 2012, according to the cycle, Libra will be the hero if it is needed.

The librarian couldn't help it. She let out a whimper of excitement.

9/14/2012 #57
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Kyle sighed and resumed his reading. "I wonder who will be chosen next?" He wondered aloud, "And when will I get a chance to meet them?"
9/14/2012 #58

Salaranda snapped the book closed. "I have to tell Rayneca!" Quickly she walked to her office. The librarian picked up the phone and dialed a familiar number.

9/14/2012 #59
This Oreo has TWO Hearts
Kyle read about the first Aries guardians, thousands of years ago.
9/14/2012 #60
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