The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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9/15/2012 #1

Celia walked down the street looking around for a book store to get the new book of the Legacy of Tril. Once she spotted one she opened the door looking around to see if the clerk was there.

9/15/2012 #2

Lord Terrence was behind the counter. He looked up and nodded. "Morning."

9/15/2012 #3

"Good morning I was wondering if you had Soulbound by Heather Brewer?"

9/15/2012 #4

"Hmm. Let me check." Lord Terrence went to the shelves of books.

Terrence! he heard his sister's voice in his head.

"Yes?" he asked in a quiet voice.

This girl is one of the guardians. I need you to give her a notebook.

"...Where would that be?"

A book hit him in the back of the head. "Ow. Alright, alright."

9/15/2012 #5

She looked around the store amazed at how many books there were. "Nice shop you have here."

9/15/2012 #6

"Thanks." Lord Terrence looked through. He took out the book she had asked for and went to the counter. "I've had this for quite a while now."

9/15/2012 #7

"Thanks. Do you have any other books? Like a best seller." she said read through the first pages.

9/15/2012 #8

"I've got some," Lord Terrence replied. "You know, if you buy five books you can get a free notebook." He moved the notebook given to him by his sister from hand to hand.

9/15/2012 #9

"Seriously?" She took the notebook opening in it.

9/15/2012 #10

"Uh huh." Lord Terrence hesitated when she looked through it.

Sis, he warned. Just wait till she's bought the books...please...

Luckily, the pages were blank.

9/15/2012 #11

Ceila went to pick out 4 more books later going to him to purchase them

9/15/2012 #12

Once he finished scanning the books, he said, "That'll be 16.43."

9/15/2012 #13

Ceila paid for the books before opening the notebook thinking about all of the drawings she could draw with it.

9/15/2012 #14

You are Ceila, correct? I hope my brother did not give this to the wrong person.

9/15/2012 #15

Her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets. "What? Er yes?"

9/15/2012 #16

Good. Lady Selestyna smiled, even though Ceila couldn't see her. I have something to tell you.

9/15/2012 #17

Ceila nods thinking she must be going hatters or something she was talking to a notebook! A bloody notebook..

9/15/2012 #18

You have heard of the Zodiac? asked Lady Selestyna through the notebook.

9/15/2012 #19

"Like Astrology?"

9/15/2012 #20

Yes, like Astrology.

9/15/2012 #21

"So what about it?"

9/15/2012 #22

You might not have known this - don't worry, I wasn't expecting you to - but each Zodiac sign has two guardians.

9/15/2012 #23

"Um okay.. How does that involve me?"

9/15/2012 #24

[Say hi. This is Breeze at school. Different account. Yay.]

You are one of these Zodiac guardians. Lady selestyna laughed from where she was. In fact, your zodiac sign is sagittarus.

9/19/2012 #25

"Um okay so what do I have to do? Save the world or something? And um hi person."

9/19/2012 #26

More or less, Lady Selestyna replied. You and twenty three others.

9/24/2012 #27

She whistled. "That's a lot of people."

9/24/2012 #28

You've got that right. The stars have already been very paranoid.

"Agh! Stop!" Lady Selestyna exclaimed as stars starting poking her agitatedly. Luckily, no one could hear her down on Earth.

9/24/2012 #29

"Excuse me? Stars? Paranoid?"

9/24/2012 #30
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