The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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[Virgo guardians.]

10/29/2012 #1

VAlerie sat on the couch and stood when she heard the knock at the door. she looked over at the door. "Collin..." She said in a hopeful voice that her friend would wake up. To no avail and so she went to open the door.

10/29/2012 #2
Jackie the Giant

Oliver was crouched over his grandmother's flower bed, industriously pulling weeds. His single eye scanned the plants for signs of the Japenese beetles that had been ravaging the blossoms for the past for weeks, and if he found one he would pluck it off the leaf and put it in a jar, since he didn't have the nerve to kill them outright. He kept his eyes on the plants, and was so focused that someone could have been standing right behind him and he wouldn't have noticed.

10/30/2012 #3

Valerie stood and slowly walked to the door. She opened it scared to see what was behind it.

11/1/2012 #4

The star who had been put in charge was taking the job rather seriously.

"Alright men, listen up!" he cried before readjusting the hat on his head. "We must alert the virgos of their job!" The other stars watched curiously and listened as he laid out the plan...

11/3/2012 #5

Valerie open the door slowly and saw no one there.

11/3/2012 #6

Minutes later, a star landed right in front of Valerie's door.

11/5/2012 #7

Valerie jumped slightly at the sight.

11/5/2012 #8
Jackie the Giant

((Sorry I was gone so long. I have the annoying tendency to completely forget that forums exist. Please forgive me. OTL.))

Oliver finished with the weeding, and hauled the garbage bag full of weeds down to the road to be taken away with the rest of the garbage. He then took his jar of Japanese beetles and took them out to a forest about an hour's walk from the house and released them.

11/25/2012 #9
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