The Zodiac Notebook
There has been some terrible turn of events. The woman of the sky is looking for twenty four Zodiac guardians, two for each sign, one male one female. She has gone to Earth. The guardians will be chosen by a special notebook. Are you one? MORE INFO INSIDE!
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{Not the "sickness".]

10/31/2012 #1

Rowan sighed as she went to school. She hated her life and only put a barrier because she had to

10/31/2012 #2

Lady Selestyna watched her quietly. She sighed and leaned in to whisper to a star. It nodded. Then it left to gather up a few more...

11/3/2012 #3

If only her life was exciting. Maybe then she could actually not listen to the voices of the people calling her fat. She would only glare at them but they knew it got under her skin.

11/5/2012 #4

A bright light lit up the sky. The stars fell quickly as the "fireworks" ended.

11/5/2012 #5
"Wow thats beautiful!" she exclaimed to herself as she saw the fireworks.
11/5/2012 #6

(Did you forget about this or something?)

2/25/2013 #7

(She's probably busy. I PMed her that you were waiting, so just be patient.)

2/27/2013 #8

[Gah, people are still here? Dang, well alright then.]

Lady Selestyna smiled at the girl's response, pleased.

3/1/2013 . Edited 3/1/2013 #9

"Well I guess it's over." She said with a sigh as she walked again.

5/13/2013 #10
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