Here is a place that is Unknown. You have been sent here for the Unknown. What you did, you guessed it. Unknown. I'm sure your different like us...People like us...they make sure we stay Unknown. Will you fight with us? Will you become Known? *More Detail Inside*
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Rinny Tin

Fire Type Unknown: Fire Type Unknown are people who have fire based abilities, these unknown like to keep things hot :D

Wind Type Unknown: They are there to cool things down after the Fire Types came around. They have wind based abilities.

Earth Type Unknown: They keep things solid and are very stubborn. They are also rude. Have earth based powers.

Water Type Unknown: They have water based powers.

Electric Type Unknown: Electricity based powers, they are very dangerous and destructive.

Darkness Type Unknown: Their powers are based upon darkness, night time is when they come out. Nocturnal.

Lightness Type Unknown: Their powers are based upon the light, they are very powerful, they make things bright....

Emotion Type Unknown: They can twist around peoples emotions. They get in your head!!!! Very Dangerous.

Weapon Type Unknown: They have powers based upon weapons which they make from anything. Very creative, dangerous with a sword.

Animal Type Unknown: They have Animal based powers and can do just about anything with them, ranging from turning into animals or talking to them.

Healer Type Unknown: They have healing based powers. They can heal the mind, the body and the soul. Very powerful, and quite useful.

Ice Type Unknown: They have Ice based powers, in most cases they are either really attached to a Water Type or are family bloodlines, Ice Types do not occur unless directly related to a Water Type. They are Rare and very cold people.

Future Type Unknown: They can see into the future, and see what will happen to them.

Sound Type Unknown: Their powers are sound based and extremely loud at times.

Magic Type Unknown: They have Magic based powers (of course) and depending on how their physical traits are, the more powerful.

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