Here is a place that is Unknown. You have been sent here for the Unknown. What you did, you guessed it. Unknown. I'm sure your different like us...People like us...they make sure we stay Unknown. Will you fight with us? Will you become Known? *More Detail Inside*
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Rinny Tin

Soberano Vanguard or"The Master" as they called him, sat in his 'throne room' staring at the new recruits. Before him sat Clarissa, Christian, Valea, and Gage. At his side was one of his older assistants: Alexander.

"Welcome to your new home. Please. Show me your powers." He said in a raspy voice, with a slick smile on his face.

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Gage was standing with his arms folded in front of him and a blank expression on his face. His headphones were turned up loudly to the point they were vibrating.

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Rinny Tin

Blaire and Blaine who were sitting in the rafters laughed. He obviously wasn't listening. "Let's mess with him shall we?" They snickered. Blaine held out his hands, then flicked his wrist. Gage's headphones stopped playing music, then exploded. The twins laughed their asses off.

'Master' rubbed his temples. "Idiots." He mumbled.

Alexander's face remained blank.

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"Damn..." Gage mumbled and looked at his headphones. "Just bought those too..." he laughed and scratched the back of his head.

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Rinny Tin

Blaire snickers, her head looking at him from the rafters. Clarissa rolled her eyes. "Show you stuff idiot."

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"Oh! right" Gage said. He held out his right hand for a minute until longsword came out of the ground into his hand. Gage looked surprised when he held it up, 'Why didn't it work when I actually needed it?' he frowned and shook his head. Getting distracted by painful memories that soon bitch slapped him back to reality, an electric surge broke the sword he was holding, Gage grinned 'My specialty'.

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Rinny Tin

Clarissa nodded a bit impressed. 'My Turn.' She smiled. She stood out in front and held out her hands, a cold burst of air flew in and surrounded her, then a circle of ice formed around her, before spiraling up in the air surrounding her like a giant curl of ice, looking a lot like a curled ribbon. She jumped up, flipped, and landed right next to it, and then roundhouse kicked the whole thing down.

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Gage stood in amazement and kind of felt like he couldn't top that. He sat down on the ground and looked at the little pieces of headphone that were scattered. Gage gathered the pieces and held them in his hands then he cuffed his hands together for second then opened them revealing a two ear buds. "Ha ha" He shouted sticking them into his ears.

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Rinny Tin

Clarissa glared. "Ah ah ah. No music until after the Master instructs us on whats next." She said grabbing them, and freezing them with a cold smile.

Master smiled. "I like these kids...." He thought.

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"Fine" He said roughly and crossed his arms.

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Rinny Tin

Clarissa grinned evilly. And patted his head, leaving his hair frosty.

3/3/2013 #11

Gage looked up at the ceiling and saw two figures. "They must be the ones who broke my headphones." he thought aloud.

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Rinny Tin

The twins shut up and looked down, before waving. "Oh...hey there...." The smiled.

3/3/2013 #13

He gave cold smile and then glared.

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Rinny Tin

Gilbie-chaan! I gtg in a bit

Blaire jumped down and smiled. Currently, her task was to be an assasin if nessasary, and she was dressed in her assasin clothes. Her her long hair was braided back, and her bangs covering her forehead. She had her whole torso, arms and hands wrapped up, and she wore a tight black sleeveless shirt over it. She was wearing black fingerless gloves and had a the lower half of her face wrapped up also. She wore tight black pants, with her calves wrapped up as well. She wore small flats on her feet and had a small (non permanent) tattoo under her eyes. She bowed respectfully. "Hello. Please to meet you." She said her brightly colored eyes shining.

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Ok see ya tomorrow possibly

'Wow' Gage thought. "Um.....nice to meet you too." he said holding out his hand.

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Rinny Tin

She smiled, and then shook his hand. Grinning evilly, she set him on fire. She back flipped backwards and watched him head cocked to the side. She sad on the arm rest of the masters throne, he turned to her and nodded in approval.

"Nice work Blaire. You caught him completely off guard as asked. You have done well." Master smiled. Blaire beamed. "Thank you sir. Now can you heal him? I don't ever like burning people. It's no fun." She said in a childish tone. With a small nod he turned to Alexander, who was already gone.

Alexander held his hands out over Gage, and Blaire snapped her fingers flames extinguished. Alexander ran his hands over him swiftly, and just like that Gage was completely healed. Alexander turned to the Master with a blank expression. "His reaction time is 2.5 sir." He said quietly.

Byyyyye Gilbie :3

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Christian was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, watching them. Valea stood beside him, her expression blank. Christian watched Clarissa, his face completely blank as well.

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Rinny Tin

Blaine jumped down from the rafters and walked over to his sister's side. "You and that fire of yours." He poked her. She smiled and held her hands together, a small fire in them, that soon turned into a a bigger fire, until is was a huge fire that took the form of a bird. She smile wide looking up at it.

Master turned to her, and with a wave of his hand the flame disappeared. "Stop playing and pay attention." He hissed at them.

3/4/2013 #20

Gage watched the giant bird Blaire created lessen into a small flicker and disappear. It reminded him of something but he couldn't put his finger on it.

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Rinny Tin

Blaire pointed to Gage. "Are you hurt?" She asked.

Alexander glared. "I am the best Healer Type there is here, you asking him if he is hurt, is a serious insult you know." He said in a quiet, yet frightening growl.

Master shook his head. "Shut up." He yelled annoyed.

3/4/2013 #22

"I'm fine its just that the bird you made was..." He blushed. "beautiful." he mumbled the last word.

3/4/2013 #23
Rinny Tin

Blaire blushed also, removing her lower face mask to reveal a small smile. "Thank you..." She said quietly.

3/4/2013 #24

"Welcome." Gage scratched the back of his head 'Are we have a moment?' he thought

3/4/2013 #25
Rinny Tin

"Your swords were just, amazing!" She leaned back, looking up, and spreading her arms, fire flowing from her hands.

3/4/2013 #26

Gage laughed "Not necessarily." He paused, "I thought I would mess up since its only the second time I've successfully made a weapon."

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Christian and Valea exchanged a look at their exchange, Christian raising an eyebrow when he looked away from his sister.

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Rinny Tin

Blaire jumped up, and within half a second was in front of Christian and Valea. "HEEEY YOU GUYS, YOUR TURN." She yelled waving her arms.

Blaine turned to Gage. "I noticed you have a way with electricity?" He said with a bit of a devilish grin.

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"Yes I do." He grinned along with Blaine.

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