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Chronic Delirium

So, hi there people of FictionPress. I've been a member for awhile and had a few stories up but they were removed as I'm currently rewriting them. I recently published a new story and I feel I need a little improvement since I'm not what you call an "awesome writer". Some reviews would truly help and would be really appreciated. Here it is:

Obsessions, Compulsions and Something Called Love

I would, in return, read and review your stories too. Thanks!

8/7/2009 #1

Hey, I commented. :)

I really rather liked it as well. You asked for an honest review so i was all prepared to say "OMG you're terrible" and have to feel guilty, but I didn't need to!

I've only got one story up, but I'd be grateful if you could return the favour.

Thanks. :)

Oh, and i subscribed to it. ;)

8/9/2009 #2

Hi this is my story I just started and I would love it if you wanted to give me an honest review of my story! Ill review yours back!! Thank you so much!

8/11/2009 #3
Chu-Chi Bear

Sure, i'll review for you ;)

9/2/2009 #4

I'll review you, if you'll do the same for me? yeah? :)



P.S here's the link to it if you want

thanks :)

10/5/2009 #5
Chu-Chi Bear

Okk, so i'm asking for some reviews on my story 'The Royal Legend" .... i've decided to get it up and running again and i wanted some feedback ... I'd be happy to return the favor if that's what you want, just drop me a line! :) It would be greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance!

~Chu-Chi Bear

10/10/2009 #6
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