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Hey all! Or, anyone reading this. ^^

Anyway, a while ago I started a story on here, but I found myself a little on the busy side, and was unable to continue. At this time, I'm free again! And I'd really like to continue. I've almost finished the next chapter, but for now I'd like it if a person or two (or more!) would review with comments and constructive criticism. I'd be more than willing to review stories by those who have reviewed for mine! Just post here, please, or I might forget.

Link to my story:

The next chapter is almost done. So ... if you like the story, be on the lookout for that!


8/27/2009 #1

Sure, why not.

If you can review Paperhearts, that'd be awesome.

8/28/2009 #2


I reviewed the first chapter (loved it so far!) but I can't do any others right now. I'm going away for the weekend (I'll have my laptop so I'll review if I get the chance) so I've gotta finish up some stuff as well as pack.

Hope you don't mind!


8/28/2009 #3
Chu-Chi Bear

:) I'd be happy to review for ya

8/31/2009 #4
I'll review yours if you review my new story. "To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve"
9/3/2009 #5

i reviewed your story! i like it, its very good so far! cant wait to read more!!

9/13/2009 #6
Mia Zaman

I'd love to review you....if you review me lol. The link is below and i only have one story. Its called Collide. Its pretty long, so its ok if you just read and review on the first few pages.


xoxo Mia

9/17/2009 #7

I'd be happy to review you, if you'll do the same for me of course? :)

Here's the link to my story If you'd toss me a review that'd be uber-cool :)

I'll get right on to yours :)



10/4/2009 #8

sure thing. I'm always looking for new things to read =D

10/5/2009 #9

I will review you guys too if you review me? I only have a few reviews on my story so far. I love feedback. thanks!!!

10/5/2009 #10
Chu-Chi Bear

Okk, so i'm asking for some reviews on my story 'The Royal Legend" .... i've decided to get it up and running again and i wanted some feedback ... I'd be happy to return the favor if that's what you want, just drop me a line! :) It would be greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance!

~Chu-Chi Bear

10/10/2009 #11

Fine by me! :]

10/26/2009 #12

hey just shot you a review, could you do the same for me? I don't care which one you review, all of my stories have a grand total of....0!! lol :)

11/9/2009 #13
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