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With the seventy-bajillion genres FictionPress has to offer, what seperates the horror from the thriller and suspense and the action from the adventure and supernatural?

Sure, some are self-explanitory like western, sci-fi, and romance, but is supernatural limited to only ghosts and, ugh, vampires. Is fantasy only swords, fairies, dragons, and castles?

And what the heck is general?

7/28/2010 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

I'll give a run down on what i think each section on fp means. Of course, feel free to disagree. Again, these are just my thoughts: for those who dont have a clean cut idea what they want for their genres. or, that's how i assume it. Since EVERY story should fit into a genres. General Section is just the meltingpot i guess.

Manga...are for those who are usually here from ff, the sister site. It contains stories that have an anime/manga/light novel feel. The characters are strange looking with gravity resistant hairs and overly large eyes. Mostly the earlier. lol. Contains things mostly in japan or has the asian-ess. action. It's when the stories are mostly about beating up the other dude. It may branch out into other genres, but it's mostly about beating other people/things up

Biography, essay, and fable...i wont explain. you should know

Fantasy...consists of worlds where strange things are pretty much the norm. Seeing a dragon? phsh, i have one for a pet. Things in their world are KNOWN. There are other subcategories within fantasy, but this is pretty much the broad idea

horror...when things are mostly scary. throughout. leaves you tingling with sweat and tear of anguish

humor...funny stuff

mystery...think sherlock holms.

er. i could say more...but im getting kicked off the computer. if you want more, feel free to coment

2/22/2011 #2

Sometimes, I'm stuck deciding between the Manga and Young Adult sections, since I design my characters with an anime aesthetic, but my stories are usually standard Young Adult fare (coming-of-age tale, teen romance, etc.) I sometimes put my stories in the Manga category if there's a lot of action in them, since I usually write my fighting scenes in a Shonen Jump, stylized kind of way.

6/22/2011 #3
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