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fade it out

I would love to provide anyone seeking reviews/feedback, as long as you're willing to do the same for me :) I'm just getting back into the swing of things at fp and feel really out of the loop!

12/5/2010 #1
KayCee R

yes please check out my book Twisted

12/6/2010 #2
Queen WolfFire

Yeah, I'd like a bit of recogniton too...jk! I'm still too new to have any feedback, so just ignore me. But if you want to check out my story on here or my fanfiction on, look me under Queen WolfFire.

12/14/2010 #3
River Trust

i like to have one review

12/27/2010 #4
Jake Steel
Check out EN7 Liam by Jake Steel, hope you like and feedback would be appreciated. :)
12/29/2010 #5

11/4/2011 #6
hi requesting reviews for my lastest story. "Lonely Men Series" in my profile check it out. I will review back.
12/15/2011 #7

I have just started my first story! But I am unsure about a title.

I would love any reviews and ideas for titles and suggestions!

4/24/2012 #8

Hi, could you please review Feelings and Thoughts from Seven Teenage Psychos on my page, thank you so much- I'll return the favor

5/18/2012 #9

I'm just getting into writing original fiction and would love some feedback on what I've written! I'm willing to R&R. :)

5/20/2012 #10

I would love for someone to review my newest series, Drexel Heights! :)

5/28/2012 #11
April Saunders

I''d love some feedback on all of my stuff, any of it! I'd be ever so willing to review anyone's stories. Just to warn you, I write all sorts!

6/3/2012 #12
Lydia M Black

i'd love it if you could review anything of mine- preferably Obsolescence or Zero as they are the only stories that i'm currently working on. :)

6/10/2012 #13

Hello? I don't know if this forum is still running but I was wondering if anyone could read my story (it's the only one that I have posted) and give me some feed back? Please? If so then thanks and I'd be willing to do the same for anybody else.

6/15/2012 #14

I'll definitely check out yours if you look at mine :) it's about a dancer. I'm especially looking for constructive criticism.

6/17/2012 #15

Sweet, I'll definately read your story then. Although I'm no expert on dancing nut I'll try my best!

6/17/2012 #16

This is a good idea.

6/20/2012 . Edited 6/21/2012 #17
C.S. Blue

Hey! I'm dying for some feedback on a Chapter I've just published... It's the first piece I've let anyone read, not my best work, but the only one reading for reading. Please check it out (constructive criticism- no sugar coating). I'll review yours now.


6/22/2012 #18

I'm up for it! Read and Review mine and I'll do the same to yours tonight!(:

6/22/2012 #19

i'd like that! i'm looking at Sisters as we speak :) hope you can review my work as well!

6/25/2012 #20

Hey can anyone give my story "Stamped' a read? I would be oh so grateful if you could review it. It is the first chapter of the first story I've posted on FP and it's not amazing. But I hope you can give me a few pointers.

6/25/2012 #21

I will! I'd like it if you read some of my stuff, too. :)

6/25/2012 #22

I would love for anyone to read and review my stories! I'll return the favor of course. They're all just on my profile, I'm sort of insecure because I'm new to writing and would appreciate the feedback a lot

9/1/2012 . Edited 9/2/2012 #23
I will definitely do the same!
9/11/2012 #24

feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

9/27/2012 #25
I'm not sure if this is even active anymore but it's worth a try. I would highly appreciate reviews on either of my stories that I have posted. At the moment, I have received no reviews and it is rather disheartening. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. I will return the favour.
10/19/2012 #26

I'll review if you will. My story is called Imperfections. I wrote it for my English class, but have no reviews. My best friend loved it, but I would still like some other people review it.

1/4/2013 #27

I wrote this kind of intro to a based on a true event story I'd really like some reviews to see weather or not the idea is good! I don't want to spend my time writing it to find that no one is reading it!

P.S I will review back :)

2/15/2013 #28

I read what you have so far and I'd be willing to continue reading whatever you have. Looks like you have a cute idea mixed with some more serious issues. Hope you post more.

2/15/2013 #29

I have a story that I would love some reviews on. I am getting a lot of hits but no reviews. It's discouraging as heck. It's called Collide and you can get from my page. If you review I'll return the favor. In fact, I've already started reviewing some people from this forum just to get a head start ;)

2/15/2013 #30
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