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Hi! I write young adult stories, so if you are interested in that please read my 2 stories I have up and review. I will do my best to review yours as well. My friends have read them and tell me it's great, but they never give me constructive critisism. I am hoping they aren't just beign nice, and if you do read and review do not be shy about anything. I don't even care if you thought the story was pointless, just please help me make it better in the progress. Thanks!

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/13/2011 #1
7th Sword

Same here, i have a new story. and no reviews, if will review yours if you review mine!

Deal? Lets start reviewing!

3/29/2011 #2
7th Sword

And the story is called: Fair's Beginning

3/29/2011 #3

Same! I have a few reviews on my story, but not many constructive ones. And I feel like I can't show my writing to anyone I know in real life, because it's too personal and probably too bad! Please, if you have time, could you read it and give me a review?

3/29/2011 #4

I know exactly how you feel. I will definatly do that for you if you can review my story Twisted Love! :)

6/2/2011 #5
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