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I love reading others stories! If you give me one of your stories you would want me to check out and review paste the link as a html. And return the favor for me. Also, if you have a story that you've been keeping up with, also let me know so I can check it out!

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Hiya! I'm going to post first. I recently wrote "The Past Is Dead But Still" Alive

It's about a guy named Troy and his ex girlfriend Aria. Although Troy has moved on physically with the popular school girl, Katie, Aria hasn't moved on emotionally. Katie believes her and Troy are meant to be together. What will happen when Aria and Troy have classes with one another? Aria Just wishes her and Troy would be together, and the Past doesn't just disappear. But he clearly is with Katie for some reason, right? Is it love?

I also wrote Just Switch

This is my favorite:

Annabel has a few secrets, confessions, and a love story no one ever knew about.During high school, Annabel thinks she found the guy of her dreams. Nathan. He was everything cute, funny, smart,and Annabel used him. Now she copes with her problems her way.

I have poems as well but those are 2 stories. But like I said before, I love checking out new stories! Review for Review.

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hi there! nice to meet you I'm TTRL91, a newbie here in PressFiction. i have one story called This Thing Called Life. please, please do check it out and let me know what you think! XD


When someone dies, one would mourn and cry for their death. It's normal; nothing strange about it. But for little Anya Romans, she did not even shed a tear when she stood in front of the black coffin during the funeral...

5/21/2011 #3


I've just started to upload my story I've been working on for a while:

I look forward to reading yours (:

5/22/2011 #4

Hey! it's TTRL91 again! just wanted to tell you that i have posed a new story called To The Red Line. hope you enjoy reading them! please reviews. I'll accept any criticisms however harsh they may be. =)

'If you could change the world into a better place... will you do it? Even if it means of sacrificing your own life? Will you still do it?

This is a story of four different individuals brought together by fate. A story of true friendship and sacrifice, overcoming obstacles, between honour and loyalty and accepting one's true self.

See the world through one extraordinary girl's eyes as a new world awakes before its saviour.

Are you ready?

Floura is a planet that consists of two worlds; Fulaina, the Human World and another world is called as the Spirit World. Fulaina is also a home for million species including the humans, and is the currently the only astronomical body where peaceful life is known to exist. The Spirit World only consist of three major ethic groups; the Spirits, the Dragons, and the Witches. The Spirits being the largest ethnic race, the Dragons is the second largest ethnic and the Witches are the smallest of the main three ethnic race.

The Spirits is a fearsome bloodthirsty species that is also known for having an external appearance that is very closely resembles that of the human race. The only differences between them are that the Spirit race possesses an excellent motor reflexes, and the Spirits easily surpass a man in every aspect of physical capability. Because of their great abilities and high status, the world is ruled by the Spirit's Royal Family, with their belief that the females who are born Royalty are said to bring great prosperities and fortunes to the Spirit's World...

To The Red Line tells a story of 17 years old female Spirit named Mika who was was adopted by a human Lord and became a Knight of Luyas (Fulaina's Defence Military Army Nation). With no memories of her past or her identity, Mika is left with only her status as a Spirit and her name. Despites the harsh treatments she gets from most of the people due from the Great War, Mika leads a happy life with her childhood friends and adopted siblings, Guy and Luna. Mika's happy life is shattered when her team is attacked by a group of blood-thirsty Spirits who have returned to Fulaina for vengeance against mankind. Torn to choose between mankind and her own race, Mika embarks on a journey to the end of Fulaina known as The Red Line with allies that she'd made to stop history from repeating itself again. Along the way, rediscover her lost past, identity, and what old secrets that lied beneath the Great War that happened years ago…

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I wouldn't mind having this looked at/reviewed. 3 I'm hoping to get some proper critiques, though I'm not dead-set on it, since it's just practice.

Not quite sure where the storyline is going to go. Basically, two women working in a hotel, yadda yadda, who find this girl who's supposedly connected to several unusual reports by guests. Or something along those lines. The second chapter is being worked on.

6/1/2011 #6
Stella Nurse

There is my story about 3 crazy teenagers. It only has two chapters. Hope you like it!

Ill give everyone a review. :)

6/2/2011 #7
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