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Please read my story, Wasted Youth and review with what you think, like, dislike, etc.

I would do the same to you :)

6/11/2011 #1

Hello there! I'll gladly review your story.

It would be muchly appreciated if you took a look at mine, too ((although I only have the first three chapters up))

7/11/2011 #2

HEY there! i am now adding a list of songs with the lyrics to my story. please check it our in the chapter 9 of To The Red Line. =)

oh, if anyone has songs that you think fits with my story, please let me know. you can give me the name of the song and the artist and i will upload it later. okay? enjoy!! ^^ R and R please! I'll do the same for you too.

7/12/2011 #3

Hey, same goes for me. I only have one chaper of my book up so it wont be hard. Its called The Innocence of the Guilty. and i'll check your's out this weekend.

7/13/2011 #4

I'll review yours if you review mine too! :D Mine is called What Lies Beneath.

7/22/2011 #5

I would love to read your story! =D I am going to do as soon as i finish this post. When you can, could you read mine. Heres the link and the title of the story is Guardian. Thanks

7/26/2011 #6
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