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The Story: 150 things I'm not allowed to do In High School Students: 5 (or 6?) students make a list in which they lay pranks around school, flirt, fight, fall in love, and so on so on and so on. Location: Melbourne, Florida Characters: Liz: A student struggling with A.D.D., along with being a Actor, painter, and singer. Emma: Quiet redhead, in AP art class, obessed with reading. The rest of the group is try to get her to open up some more. Stiles: Potential Love interest of Liz. A guy who plays class clown. Also an artist, and a lacrosse player because football is just to cliche. Stiles is more of a placeholder name. Anymore suggestions. Lucas: Fair, true-to-himself, tries to care for those around him, and is extremely smart. ???: This name-less girl, seems to always be and a bad-mood, always bringing others down. But in the end proves her self to be much more than that. And I want to add one more character, perhaps a complete girly girl type. Or another guy, but I can't think of a personality he'd have. Maybe the handsome one who's completely full of himself? All your inputs are highly appreiated.

7/12/2011 #1

have another guy since it evens out to 3 each. For me I always have a character is as if he has a spilt personality or a secret quirk. Some examples would be the guy is a straight As student, but he really wants to be a stripper when he grows up. Or the school's bad boy with a notorious reputation, but he secretly loves to garden or maybe he is deathly afraid to dogs. Something like that, it knocks the reader out of place like in your face! For the name-less girl. How about a name that doesn't reflect the personality of your girl. It throws away the typical stereotype. Maybe sunshine...

7/14/2011 #2
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