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I am a budding writer, and would really love some feedback on my story so far. Here is a brief summary: Abia has reached her Age of Acceptance. No longer considered a child in her Village of Pax, she is required to work in the Birthing Hall. However, after failing her test and miscarrying, she becomes an outsider and is faced with much more than grief. Rated M for later (Just in case). Here is the link: Just post a brief summary of your story and a link and I will gladly review and give helpful suggestions. :)
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Have reviewed your story, have enjoyed it so far!

Mine is



The World as people knew it ended sixty years ago. In an effort to preserve the human race, Compounds were created, where the people inside could live in relative safety. All students reaching Graduation age must sacrifice themselves for their compound, by leaving the safe walls behind to protect their families, and all that they hold dear to themselves. How many will return? And what horrors await them beyond the Fence?

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I am new to this site...please review my first chapter of Life Blood and I will return the favor. :) I love my fans! :)
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Kayleigh Diane
So hey, I'm Kitty. Could you please review my stories "Dead Memories" and "Temperamental", though preferably Temperamental, as this is the story that I'm focussing on. Thank you! Kitty
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