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Ein Kampf kann eine Lebenszeit

Any and all reviews are welcome. If anyone else reviews my story I'll review their's.

4/25/2010 #61
Open your eyes Chopstick

woah, this is really late, so if you're still up for reviewing.... can you please review my stories/poems? Thanks a bunch! Any one of them (or all) is fine. Up to you. Or anyone, actually. Just clicky my name. :)

6/8/2010 #62

Hey. I was just wondering if you could review my story, its called No More Room To Breathe, I haven't really gotten that far, I've only got the prologue and the first chapter up. I've got a couple reviews, which is alright for the early stages. I just feel that my story is a bit... dreary or something. Like I don't know if I should be adding more humour to it to lighten the mood, but then I feel that if i do, it'll just ruin it. Confusingly wierd? Yeah I know. But yeah, anyway, thanks if you do review.

6/10/2010 #63

Hi there. I've uploaded a romance one-shot called Herring, and if you could give me some of your thoughts on it, that'd be great. :)

Summary: I should've known that my name would bring me trouble. I mean, what do you expect when your last name is an Atlantic fish that tastes, well, strange. Curse you, Casey Brown. Curse you and all your undeniable sexiness. Not that I like him, or anything.

Rated: T


Thanks alot. :D

6/18/2010 #64

Hey that sounds great :) I have a new story and I would like for some advice

6/18/2010 #65
cheveux roux

I would love it if you would review Theives Among Us for me!

6/18/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #66
Dahlia Wolffe


Umm... I really appreciate forums like these. You may say you don't want anything back, but I think it's only fair to anyone who does review me. Currently, I have three stories that I'd like reviews on because I've kinda stopped on my other projects at the moment. Either The Grey Witches, The Walking Dead, or The House of Blood. Very much appreciate, and I will try my best to pay you back in a timely manner. :)

6/27/2010 #67
Esmee Lock

Hey can you read and review my recent story "Against the World" :) ?

Full Summary: Real problems with everyday teens but with a touch of fantasy and fiction. Cain and Esmee can see the dead. Cain being the Supernatural Offical have to made his rounds at night in his town to protect everyone from demons and other creatures, until oneday when the tagteam of demons Trace and Kaden wanted to kidnap Esmee, in hopes to find her demon mother to rule the world. Can Cain save Esmee? Can Cain and Esmee do the right thing and protect the world?

7/10/2010 #68

I would love a review on my story. it's the only one on my profile. Thanks! :)

7/25/2010 #69
Adelaide Engel

Hiya, I'm Adelaide and I would love a review of my new story.

My story is about a girl from New York who gifts relocated to Hollywood California where her hard edge clashes with the prep school crowd. The easily annoyed, blunt, inpatient Adelaide is not your typical high school girl. Her New York demeanor pushes people away but in comes a new transfer student Aubrey who challenges Adelaide and teaches her the real meaning of annoyance.

8/1/2010 #70

i'd love if you reviewed my story "looking forward"! :)

8/2/2010 #71

I'd really appreciate it if you reviewed any of my stories, thanks :].

8/4/2010 #72

Mine is titled "Through Transparency", I'm still writing it.

8/5/2010 #73

Hello, I would be absolutely grateful if any of you would take some time to review my two short stories.

Autumn is Young Adult, while The Ocean is Sci-fi.


10/18/2010 #74

I would love a review for either of my two stories :)

10/18/2010 #75

Could you review my prologue of "Secrets", or my short story "Anna"?

10/21/2010 #76

It would be super great (yes, not only great but super great) if you could review my stories. They're not really anything too long because I plan on publishing at some point in my lifetime, they're just one shots. If you could be as nitty-gritty with them it would be great. I appreciate this alot because I want to write to the best of my ability. Thank you so much. :]

10/22/2010 #77
Hey if anyone wants ro review mine thats cool. Also, check out the forum called story ideas if you want someone to write your ideas or you need an idea or you need encouragement or reviews or anything like that. K. Cool. Byez
11/8/2010 #78
Gregory E. Lacy

Nice to meet you.

Would you care to review this story for me? The chapter has yet to be finished, but it would motivate me greatly to know that at least some people are reading it.

1/14/2011 #79

Can anyone review my one shot An act of Kindness? I haven't had any reviews on it yet.

1/15/2011 #80
Anonymous Heart

Review my story please :)

7/12/2011 #81

Hey I was hoping that you could review my piece of writing :) here is the link!

hope you enjoy and please i only like when people are brutally honest

7/25/2011 #82

Hey, sorry if i completely mess up the order of your posts, i didn't really know how to post that i would really like it if you could read my story. When you see it, its going to have a few reviews and everything but they are from the same three or four people, and its not that i don't appericate them i just need a new fresher out look, plus you said your honest.

Heres my link, and i would really like it if you read the one title Guardian. I know it's the longest one, but it is the one i am working on at the moment. thanks

7/26/2011 #83

Hey, I'd like you to check out my story for the Young Adult Genre; Look Around You.

Summary: Jay looked out the rooftop, feet dangling from her seat at the edge. "What are your thoughts on Suicide?" An inspiring story for those that seem like the world has nothing to offer them.

8/8/2011 #84
peppermint latte

Pretty please?


8/15/2011 #85

Hello! Please read my story and let me know what you think. I have a number of problems, the foremost of which is that all of my friends point out the same flaw when they read the story. I've fixed that flaw since, but they never really comment on what really matters to an author; they just say, "Oh, it's good :) " and leave it at that...

The first chapter does have a little bit more of the setting's language than a lot of people are used to, but I will assure you right here that it is not necessary to understand the various snatches of Korean in order to follow the track of the story itself. And for those who DO want to know exactly what they're saying, I open up with a short glossary on the phrases and what they mean, as well as a pronunciation guide for the names. Because my friends complained, I dropped a lot of the lingo, only adding in the occasional "hyung" or "ah", which are honorary suffixes meaning "older person" or "younger person".

But they still won't say anything. I'm so desperate that I posted a small questionaire after the third chapter. But nobody's talking, and I'm starting to get nervous.

Here is the link: Please read it and be honest with me - Is it worth reading? What's bad about it? What's good about it? Please tell me!


8/16/2011 #86

It would mean a lot to me if you could review what I have so far of my story; "The Phantoms of the Wastes". Thanks a heap! :3

8/29/2011 #87
Story: Closed Doors Wanting to Be Opened Author: Boreeeed Summary: Sometimes you can't stand yourself, others you wish you could have done more. You put a smile on your face, masking the torment your feeling. Pain, sorrow, you sometimes forget other emotion than of that. Memories you beg to forget but hold on to dearly. That is the life you live... But, there is always light on the darkest of places. Happiness... Something taken lightly but treasured so greatly. You fight until you can't anymore. Lies, secrets are kept. But there's one thing keeping you going... Friends. Even when they know your hiding something they support you. That makes you want to tell them even more. Sometimes you want to let lose. Wanting the closed doors to be opened. And thank you so much!
10/25/2011 #88

11/4/2011 #89

Hey hi hello, I'd love if you could look at my story, thanks :3 It's called "People Don't Like People Like Me".

11/8/2011 #90
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