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just thought i'd throw that question out there. i mean, i've read some crap stories on here, and some amazing ones. i read a lot of books, as well, my house is practically a library, and yet there are some books that sneak into the system that shouldn't be referred to as novels. and what's up with all of the spelling/grammatical mistakes? so..

i have a load of poetry and random nonsense on my page, which is nice and all, but i really want to get back into writing chapters, and novels, and boooooks. so, i started this new one, my love child project, which is partially autobiographical, and partially, well, not.. and FORTY freakin' people have looked at it. and ZERO have reviewed it. and i am soooo sick of it.

so, am i really that bad at writing?

let's do what all these other people are doing; i'll read and review yours if you read and review mine! i don't care if your story is about your cat or your thirteen-year-old romance. yeah, i am THAT desperate for reviews.. sigh.

so, how about it? mine is called Four Leaf Clovers, there's four chapters so far, and it's about a girl named Willow who had a regular life until problem after problem decided to arise. it's got love, oil spills, too many different languages, travel, quitting highschool, best friends, video games, and complications :) woohoo.

merci beaucoup,

9/14/2008 #1

I haven't read it yet, but, just to put it out there, I think you should know that, most likely you are NOT "that bad at writing." In the past few years, as fictionpress grew in popularity, it also became harder to get acknowledgement. My friend's on here, too, and SHE won't even review my stuff. She'll read it, yeah. But she never reviews- for me, nor for anyone else. Even if she's insanely in love with the story or poem or whatever it is. People are just like that. I hate it.

And, like most authors on here, I completely empathize with your 40 views and 0 REviews. Same thing happens to me. I'm like, "Honestly, you'll take the time to read it, or read some of it, but not even review?" I'd probably rather people tell me it's crap, or not their thing, or they couldn't get passed the first line or something than not say ANYTHING. That KILLS me.

So, because of that, I'll read your story. I've got it opened in a different window and I might not have time to read it today, but I'll read and review for it soon.

And, I would be EVER-grateful towards you if you'd review some of my poems/prose and/or the prologue I have up for a story. It's only a start, and I'm not sure if or when I'll continue it, but I want to see if people actually like it first, you know? The poem/prose set is called "She Was a Young Lady of Loose Moral Fibre". :D I love interesting names, lol. And the story is "Boys, Bus Rides, and All That Falls Between" - its name is subject to change, idk. It might actually be a good title for it, but we'll see. So...yeah.

I'll review yours probably tonight, but please review mine too. Either one. Or both. idk. I'd appreciate it. And constructive critiscm would be so helpful, as well. Mkay. Well...kind of talk to you later? I guess? Review-ishly.

9/14/2008 #2

lol don't worry, i will definitely read and review both :)

and i'm glad i'm not the only one going through this terrible write my heart out and nobody cares thing!

9/15/2008 #3

We iz in de same boat (haha my cajan typing, don't shoot me if you are cajan, i just like how it sounds) any way, we both want reviews so i shall read your story. yours sounds pretty cool, am not going to lie. So here is my link (because i like making stuff easy for people, mainly because i hate to work myself) and if you could read the story titled Guardian, that would be much help. feel free to read the poems too but i am just going to tell you know, your in for a major upset. =D happy writting, and i shall go read your story now.

7/26/2011 #4
BlackRose7132 it wasn't just me? I thought my work just sucked, even though when I had the courage to give it to my friend, she was all like, "Oh yeah, this is awesome, I love so-and-so..." but when I post it? Yeah, 0 reviews! And it's just the worst when you check hourly (as I am a total pyschopath) and it's still ZERO. I'm like: seriously? Nobody? We need a good ol' network of honest friends on this site and we review and correct each other's work...seriously

7/29/2011 #5
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