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Shout 'Cause They're Staring

Alright, I just scrolled through this forum, and it's annoying to click on each individual link.

So this thread is for all Young Adult Fiction Stories.

If you have a young adult fiction story, ask for reviews HERE!

I currently have only one story up, called Ten Steps to Moving On.

Nice to meet you, by the way. :)

9/17/2008 #1
Jordan Williams

i'll reply to have a young adult fiction story and would like some offs are fine as =D


9/17/2008 #2

Awesome, thanks for making this topic (:

If someone will constructively review my story, then I will review one of theirs just the same (: I prefer reviews that explain what the reader disliked & liked, if anything. Thanks a lot !(:

9/23/2008 #3
True Slacker

OK Could please read mine i'll read yours and stuff...

9/24/2008 #4
Idiot Savante

I would love it if someone would review my story Courted by Death.

Much obliged.

9/25/2008 #5

I have a story too.

I decided to snoop around for some reviews. Please and thank you!

9/25/2008 #6

Cool beans! I just posted a topic, but I'm sure no one will click it as there are so many others. But yeah. The young adult story I have up is called Mongrel, and I'd be really appreciative if anyone would be willing to review it for me. I have been having a terrible time finding someone to look it over.

9/26/2008 #7

okay, i hate begging for reveiws, but i have none so far and Id enjoy one or two. if you like football and a bit of humor, check mine out. I only have one story up n goin. thanks.

9/27/2008 #8

heyyy i just put up my first story everr and i really want some input on it.

ya no, just to make sure it doesnt suck. haha

please review. U review mine i review urz.

i think thats fair. =]]

please and thank u


9/27/2008 #9

I however have no problem begging for reviews. Bring it on.

9/29/2008 #10
Shout 'Cause They're Staring



I wasn't really expecting anyone to respond to this.

Alright, I've currently read and reviewed: Boondockschic, Electrisk, True Slacker, and PastTheirPrime.

I will read/review everybody else by Wednesday afternoon, so I hope you all can wait that long. :)

Oh, and my second chapter's up, so if anyone will look it over for me, that'd be great. Thanks!

10/21/2008 . Edited 10/21/2008 #11
True Slacker

Sorry but i'm going to be off of fictionpress for real real real real real real real real really really long long long time (not including)

Like most of everybody else I have school, friends, work, ect to keep up with and stuff...

don't worry I'll try Review your story when I get the chance...

10/21/2008 #12

I am a new writer, and obviously, I either must suck at writing or something. Though I only have one and a half chapters up of "Aine" I would really appreciate a review from anyone, to see if it is worth posting more. Now off to read yours. :3

10/22/2008 #13
Shout 'Cause They're Staring

The problem on FP is that everyone wants you to read their story. They basically say, Go screw every other story, because you should just read mine. :(

I'll review your story when I get home from school, but I have a question for you.

How can you have half of a chapter up?

10/22/2008 . Edited 10/22/2008 #14

k someone please help me. idk how to post chapter up so i have writen the next chapter but idk how to post it! AAHH i no im retarded. ha help me plesae=]]


10/22/2008 #15
Shout 'Cause They're Staring

Alright, you load your document the same way you did for your first chapter.

Then you click the Story link.

Click on edit your story

Then you click on Content/Chapters.

Then go from there, it's pretty easy.

Good luck.

10/22/2008 #16

Well, half of it was done, but now I have the full chapter up. I was just trying to put more up in hopes it would catch someones attention.

10/23/2008 #17
Jillian Smoke

I will read and review someone's story if they would read and review mine!

It's called Ellanna Lee!

Thanks in advance I look forward to seeing yours!

10/23/2008 #18
K. Molle

hey i'm looking for some comments on my new story. Plus i love to read other storys and review. Come check out 'Girls Can Take A Hit Too'

10/23/2008 #19

pleasee review my story. i would really appriciate it. i will review urz if u review mine. sounds fair? stories called I Know What You're Doing. please and thank u


10/26/2008 #20
Hey, I'd appreciate any reviews on my story Escaping Reality. =]
10/27/2008 #21
Shout 'Cause They're Staring

Hey everyone, so cool of you to drop by. :)

However, I'd like to add a new rule that you announce that you've reviewed a story already on the forum before asking for your own review. Some people have been waiting for over a month now.

So, for example, review boonsdockchic and say, "I reviewed boonsdockchic so can someone review my story."

10/28/2008 #22

Hello my story is Missed my Day about a teenager in the midst of war all by herelf. It is only at Chapter 1 so if you are looking for a book that you can follow this is a good one!

please tell friends about it!


11/2/2008 #23

Holler at your girl if you want a little chuckle and you want a review. Yeah? Yeah? Okay. Sweet.

11/9/2008 #24
Aero's Twin

I have a new story called Fateful Fall. I'd really appreciate anyone who would review it, and I'll be glad to review your stuff in return!


11/21/2008 #25

Ok, so I just posted a one-shot the other day and I was really excited for it, cause I thought it was really good. But now, it has no reviews and I'm a tad bit upset about that. Haha, could anyone please review it, I'll do my very best to return the favor! By the way, it's called First Grade. And yes, it is a bad title. :)

11/24/2008 #26
Angela Annette

I have a YA novel and can def. use some feedback.... Check it out.

I love it! I just hope everyone else does...

I've reviewed "Even Flowers Lie" By makesarahsmile...

"Coat closet confessions" by shout cause they're staring

11/26/2008 . Edited 11/26/2008 #27


This is my first time posting a story online.

My story is called Healing In Time and I would really love some feedback.

I am still testing the waters with it and that is why I posted it here.

Could someone please read what I have up so far? It isn't much, but I am still working on a second part to this chapter.

I just wanted to get something up to see how the reception would be.


11/26/2008 #28

I plan on reviewing: AngelaMichelle's and opheliagrace's stories tonight. If you review my story, I'll return the favor.

I just started a new story called Suburban Urgency. Here's the synopsis:

Ainsley Hunter McDaniels is dissatisfied with her life. Of course she'd never reverse her decision to get back what she's sacrificed. With no parents or any other family in the picture she was forced to take custody of her younger brothers after her grandmother's death. Now she should be at Cornell, majoring in Child Psychology, but instead she's stuck in a small town taking care of a pair of seven year olds and working at the local bookstore. Just across the street is where she met him, buying a tub of Ben & Jerry's. The first night she spent with Logan Connors, thought he was clinically insane. She cringed at his outright reckless behavior. Ainsley thought her life would be much simpler without his involvement. And it could have been, if he hadn't started showing everywhere she went and even winning over the two people she cares about most in the world. Oh, and she was hopelessly wrong when she thought sleeping with the boy would get him to leave her alone.

Protagonist: Ainsley Hunter McDaniels Love-interest: Logan Connors

11/26/2008 #29

Hey hun thanks for reading and reviewing my horrid chapter LOL.

I will be reading yours and hopefully reviewing before work today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/27/2008 #30
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