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hiya :) i've had this one up for a bit, there's seven chapters so far, and i have ten reviews, from about three people.. i need feedback and critique and people who like my writing to tell me so, so i can keep going! it's a great story called A Forward Motion, and it's partially autobiographical. please review, i'll do the same! and feel free to message me your stories to check out, since i'm always looking for new stuff :)

11/29/2008 #31

You're lucky, I've got a grand total of 1 review. And it one those oh yea, "it's good" kinda reviews which isn't much help much. I did add another story though. I think it's funnier than the first. Fingers crossed, 2 reviews. I'll look into yours later this week.

11/30/2008 #32
Sarah MacVance

I have two chapters up for my story, Fancy That. You don't have to reveiw of you don't want to , but please read.

World War III is shaking the lives of everyone. Finally, the human race has joined together for a cause, but can they fight against evil without punishing those wanting to help? Rated M for language, etc. Also fits romance, tragedy, and angst genres. Young Adult - Fiction Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 2

12/1/2008 #33
Alaska Strange

I would love it if you would read and review my Adult Fiction story, "Never Surrender, My Love".

Its only the first chapter, but I am working on the second!

Thanks so much!

12/3/2008 #34
Mira Tsukiyoen

Thank you, Shout 'Cause They're Staring. I've been around for 3 days, and I've written my first POSTED story.

Its name is "Hearing a Voice, and Missing a Call". It's about my Roleplay character (Who happens to be from a non-RP Game)

And don't worry, I know how annoying Roleplay can get. It's only her backstory, it has a bit of everything, and it's mostly for young adults.

12/9/2008 #35
Angela Annette

Serenity Jacobs, doesn't know it yet, but her life's destiny lies in two things:

1. A box given to her as a gift from her now deceased grandmother...What will happen when she unlocks the box?

2. The mysterious exchange student Khon who attends her school-also her obsessive love interest...How does Khon play a part in this?

Just here for some reviews--I re-posted my first chapter (took it down to do some editing.) So it's back up again, waiting for reviews...

Anyhow, I've left reviews for a few peeps. One of my Favorites is Amandaj2531-she is an awesome writer, I HIGHLY recommed reading her work. I'm a fan. Haha...

12/15/2008 #36

Can some one read my stories and tell me what you think?

The Lucky Girls:Kylie and Bowling? Sure what could go wrong.

12/21/2008 #37

hey... ill review someone if they review mines

12/30/2008 #38

Could you review 'If I fell in love with books I would have told you.' ? Thanks =]

2/15/2009 #39
James Hill

Alright - I just posted up my story and reviews would be great.

I'm sorting out the issue with chapters - I apologize and with the grammer I believe my job now is to write - not to make sure all of my sentences are formed perfectly. But thank you for anyone who reviews :)

2/18/2009 #40

I've posted two stories recently and have recieved no reviews. I would simply ADORE some honest feedback. My stories are Wolf, and GUARD. thanks :)

2/18/2009 #41

I'll review yours if you review mine--actually, I'll get to it now either way! I have one story posted called Wanted

Anyone who reviews will be happily rewarded with a review from me! Thank you!

2/18/2009 #42

If anyone is interested in reading a whole slew of one shots, I have them. =] I tend to write One Shots better than I do novels/longer stories, so most of what I have are short stories and a bunch of poetry. All kind of delve into the realm of romance, that is, looking at love from all angles, be it just friends or break ups or falling in love, etc. And, to make choosing easier (unless you want to read them all, which I would love :D, little summaries! Hah.

Forever We Will Be, You and Me It's a terrible thing to know what you want and not be able to have it. One shot/Complete

Skeptics and True Believers They are polar opposites held together by bonds and years and crazy monkey glue. And here they sit, years from the start, as if they're back at the beginning. Confused and dazed and lost amongst each other, one is jaded the other ditzy. Oh, the years. One shot/Complete

There Was Snow It was the kind of magical snow that I always imagined but only saw on television. It gave false hope to a magical night, especially because you were there. It couldn't be magic; you still made me ache with hollow nostalgia and reminded me how I needed you. One shot/Complete

It Began With We Need to Talk Nothing good ever follows those ominous words, “we need to talk”, which made them such valuable assets to this very important conversation. And even though he knew this well, he found himself riveted to that spot, compelled to hear out her every last, intimidating word. One shot/Complete

It Was Always My Hand You Wanted to Hold He was never supposed to fall for her. They were an accident. She was just a silly girl who didn't believe in love where he was the boy who ran every time it got too deep. Yet, they were always on each other's minds. And when time moves on, they find themselves falling further from each other, until they’re left gasping and grasping for one and other. One shot/Complete

Let’s Play This Game She didn’t want commitment and he would take her in whatever form he could. But time progressed and she didn’t and he realized he’d be pulled away. She’s not ready to realize it, though. One shot/Complete

I will gladly sit down and start reading some of your guys' stuff sometime (when I get the time... :3)

3/1/2009 #43

First time multi-chapter story poster! I usually just lurk but realize that I should post some of my stuff.

My story is called Unbittersweet Revenge - How long can you deny it? How far will you go to get what you want? How blind can you be or are we just that good at hiding it? Ellie apparently had no moral dilemma with her actions. Trevor saw her first. And Dan, he just needs to be less trust-worthy.

3/8/2009 #44
Bam-There You Go

Reviewed Unbittersweet Revenge! It was really good, can't wait to read more!

Can you review That Which id Death, firstly, or, if that deosn't float your boat, you can choose between No Father of Mine or Blinded By Life. Thanks bunches!

3/12/2009 #45

I have gotten a review for my stories, but I seem to only get them from one person so I'll post some links to try and get more. I'm in the middle of a three part story that I've been working on. There is part 1, which is complete, and part 2, which I'm working on:

3/16/2009 #46

I have two stories that need more reviews:

they're only short stories. please read and review them. thanx ^^

3/16/2009 #47

Haha, time for some shameless self-advertising. ;3

I currently have a one-shot up, and an actual work-in-progress is also avaliable. My one-shot is called Shattered Glass, and my WIP is titled Into The Inferno. XP Review please? ^^


3/16/2009 #48

Heyyyy. As much as I truly hate being a review w***... I guess I am one. Or I'm a completely normal person who likes to hear back from those who reads her stories. Hmm...

Anyway - I've read & reviewed Starlight777's Nightmare and MissMarc's Wanted. (Both of which weren't wastes of time. In fact I recommend reading 'em. Each his own though.)

Soooooooooo, if anyone would like to be a pal (or a decent person) and review one of my stories and/or poems and would smile for all eternity and try to my fullest extent to review something of yours.

- And

3/17/2009 #49
Kalista Jia

I reviewed Heart Beat from AEJ325, it is a very nice poem.

I would like a review for Little Lily of the Valley. Thank you very much.

3/22/2009 #50

I do have a young adult story called "The Misfits"! I would love for someone to reveiw it! I will definitly reveiw some of yours!


3/23/2009 #51

Hello, I've recently come back from a long hiatus, and I brought my nanowrimo novel, Winslow, back with me. I'm currently editing it and posting it up. I assure you that all the chapters will come fast. I will try to get two or more chapters up per week. Of course, I'm here to do my share of the shameless plugging and try to get an audience back. I would appreciated if you would drop by and give a review, and I will definitely do the same. (also feel free to browse my profile for other writing)

Please and Thank you :)

3/23/2009 #52

Hi there,

I wrote this one story and I post it here in the YA section and I believe it's under the New Chapters section. My story is called LYKA. I hope people can read my story and tell me what they think about it? For some reason, I'm stuck in a sense that I don't know whether to continue the story or not, so I need people's opinion about my story!

Here's the link: Just click it! :]

Thanks everyone! :]

7/6/2009 #53
Leana C

I just wrote this one-shot titled Back To You. I think it's good, but I'd like some honest, but constructive, feedback anyway. If there are things I need to improve, then I will most certainly mend it.

Here's the link:

Thank you!

7/7/2009 #54
this wild abyss

I'm currently writing a young adult novel. If you would plese check it out, that'd be great. I'll be sure to reciprocate.

It updates on Fridays, in case anyone was wondering.

7/8/2009 #55

i have a new young adult story please check it out =]] its called Just LIke that.

p.s reviews make me smile. =]

7/8/2009 #56

My first story and I know it won't be the best. Genre: Young adult Themes: Romance/Friendship I would like some reviews, to motivate me or just for improvement. Good and bad reviews, I don't care. Just a preview ( I don't know if I'm allowed to do this) :

A newly bought, freshly sharpened pencil was carefully taken out of the pencil case and placed neatly in line with the black pen and rubber, both of which were also new. The pencil, pen and eraser fit in perfectly with the whole arrangement that was on display on the table. The books needed for the day were in line with the top and right edges of the table. A pencil case lay obediently at the spot that it was designated, which was the top left corner and parallel to her books. Not surprisingly, the writing materials also followed in that immaculate fashion. Fiona Tan smiled to herself. She was ready. She was ready to have that “fresh start” that she needed. It was a new school and a new neighborhood, so why not be a new person and use the opportunity of a fresh start to its fullest?

here's the link:

7/16/2009 #57

actually i'm basically replying to everyone and everything. please check out "Lollipops and Guitar Picks" i really could use some feed back


7/17/2009 #58

Okay, two things:

1) I have a rather technical question and I don't know where else to ask, so I'm going to ask here. Say, hypothetically, that a young, new author on Fictionpress rather foolishly uploaded a Chapter 1 and published it without revising it carefully. And let's say, still hypothetically, that she has now revised it and wishes to upload the newer, better Chapter 1 in place of the old, worse Chapter 1. Should she just exchange them or does that mean that she will lose her (single) review for Chapter 1? Hopefully my question makes sense :)

2) Like everybody else here, I get a certain thrill out of receiving a review. So please check out my story: and review the heck out of it! Or just a little constructive criticism would be great.

Thanks for a response to either (1) or (2) or both!

7/17/2009 #59

I've reviewed martinismygoldfish's "The flirt and the nerd" and sparklykittykat's "the misfits". If someone could review mine that would be nice. Go to my profile for the story (its the only story there)


7/18/2009 #60
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