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Existential Therapy

Hey everyone! I'm not really new on I mean I've been writing on here for a while, but for some reason, my stories NEVER get many reviews. They're all one-shots, and not terribly long. If they're bad, I'd like some constructive critisim. I will review your stories in return. I have nine pieces so far; 5/9 are young adult. I'm not going to say that I'm desparate, but I kind of am lol. xDD

Please and thank you?

7/23/2009 #61
Existential Therapy

So this request isn't for me, but for a friend of mine who writes some really amazing stuff, but never gets any reviews.

This is one of the greatest stories I've read in a long time.

7/26/2009 #62

i currently have one story that is a work in progress, and has no reviews. i'd greatly appreciate some reviews, and i'll surely return the favor! [=

7/28/2009 #63

I revied racethedreamx's story :)

If someone could, would they please review my story BreadLa? Its a young-adult story, and I really want some feedback. :D I will return the review, thankyou.

7/30/2009 . Edited 7/30/2009 #64

Hello everyone.

I'll be grateful to you if you read my story. If you like stories about friendship, then you should read it. As a matter of fact, it's got 13 reviews so far but they're all from one member - except for only one remark - therefore I want so many others to read it and tell me your says. It's a long story and it hasn't been finished yet, but it's worth reading and I advise you to read it step by step and keep waiting for my newest.

And here's my profile as well. there're some more stories which deserve to be read, so don't let me down, I'm now going to read and review all your stories because they all sound nice due to their attractive titles ;)

8/11/2009 #65

Hello to all in this forum!!

I'm Momo/cCc/Q3c Moderator of the Roadhouse Forum in FP and I'm looking to find more members to come on over to the bar. Yes, we serve drinks and reviews there. I have 213 reviews to show proof that it works. Now the secret you say to so many reviews is simple. Our policy is simply to give a review if you have been given a review. We normally don't like the oneliners either since as authors it does not give enough feedback normally. Well I hope to see all of you come on over and join us. We have a very active place and just go to the Pleasantries to introduce yourself.

Now to make sure I do contribute here I will ask for a review for Arise From Thou Slumber. The next to the last chapter has Yaoi just to let you know, but hopefully someone will respond and you guys can come over and join us! Hope to see you there....Toodles!!

(To the moderator of this forum if you are not happy with the advertising then I can delete this post and just leave my review request.)

8/11/2009 #66
Chanda Bynum


Umm, i have no problem with you reviewing my story and in turn I'll do the same. I'm just wondering WHY???? I can't upload the fifth chapter of my story. I've REMOVED it several times and re-uploaded it and I've saved it after uploading it again and again. Is there some step I've missed??????

Please help this writer,


11/17/2009 #67

Hi! If someone could check out the prologue to "Dare You To Love Me" it'd be really great. I'm just wondering if I should continue with it or not. thanx!

11/17/2009 #68

Yeah, here's another request: "A Vampire's Sain: Forgive Me". I'll admit that the more interesting parts are past the prologue!

11/17/2009 #69
Kashii Ai

YAY!! Finally, the grace period for waiting on forum posts is over. :3

Hello!! You can call me Kashii (Japanese name), or Cassie (English, actual name), whichever you prefer. Anyway~ I just joined FictionPress last night at about . . . 12:30 at night. XD So, thus far, I have no stories to flaunt yet, because my grace period for posting stories has not yet expired, but I will, and I'll be sure to post them in here.

If you want to see what my writing is like, here is my work from I write for the anime Soul Eater. If you don't have an account on there, I have anonymous reviews enabled, just leave your FictionPress penname in the review as you name, and I'll send you my review reply by PM. ^_^

Moments - A oneshot/miniarc series of SoulxMaka and KidxMaka-centric concepts. Snapshots of each couple's relationship, from one little moment to the next, and everything in between; sometimes the best moments are the little ones. SoulxMaka/KidxMaka. Rating: M URL:

The Undead Young - Alternate Universe. Inspired by Hollywood Undead's song "Young," as the title implies. The Children of Death are one of the most merciful and feared gangs on the streets of Death City. They are ruled under the caring hand of Death the Kid, the lost son of Shinigami. MakaxKid Rating: M URL:

Since these are technically not work for this site, I am not obligating you to leave a review or look. This is just really for you guys to see what my writing is like. So, yeah. Don't have to look if you don't wanna.

I'm also looking just simply to make friends, so come by my profile, and drop a PM, if you want. :3

I am happy to be here!! ^_^

11/19/2009 #70
Samantha Leigh Grace

I'd love if someone would review my story-in-progress: Forever, Violette. It has 12 chapters so far. Thank you muchly!

11/22/2009 #71
Kashii Ai


Here you guys go, if you read, please review, and I'll come review yours!! ^_^

Footprints - The footprints left behind by the broken, the pure; those who save you may not be able to save themselves. The Angel of Death, whom God has condemned to suffer forever, watches over six young people, finding both solace and cruelty in their lives. Rated: T // Young Adult // Spiritual/Angsts // Chapters: 1 URL:

Dragontear - The year is 2014, and the USA and Britain have been warring for two years, now. The alien race of Zephyrinians have created political upheaval around the world, and new fights are brewing. When Nadia meets Seth, she is thrown headfirst into this danger. Rated: T // Fantasy // Romance/Action/Adventure // Chapters: 2 URL:

Angel Rising - When Angel Hanrahan comes home for the summer from finishing school for her best friend's wedding, she is happy to return to her family's native world of the Draíocht Realms. However, dark forces and romance upset her stable family, and rifts are forged. Rated: T // Fantasy // Romance/Supernatural // Chapters: 1 URL:

My Church - Zayon is cursed with the Dark Sickness, and the royal family is confined to the castle. Young Jabri Orkin will not stand for this, and finds solace in a romance with her best friend Harrin. Together, they decide to help the sick, and find solace there. Short story. Rated: K+ // Fantasy // Romance/Spiritual // Chapters: 1 URL:

If you check it out, please review!! I would very much appreciate it!!

11/22/2009 . Edited 11/22/2009 #72

I have a YA fiction story that I'd like reviewed. I'd be happy to do the same for other stories :].

11/22/2009 #73

I've just read and reviewed justicelikelightning's story. (I recommend you read it too, total tear jerker!) Anyways, I would appreciate it if I could have some new readers review my story Breaking Free. I always return the favor. (:

12/1/2009 #74

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story. It means so much to me. I'll be sure to read and review yours too :].

12/1/2009 #75
and the echoes

I'd love for someone to review my story, "Strung Along." (I'll review you if you review me.)

12/5/2009 #76
Corrupted Lungs

I reviewed Courted By Death by Idiot Savante and I liked it a lot! It's a shame this story doesn't have more reviews because I really like the dialogue between the two leads and the MC in general. Great story, can't wait for more!

My story is "This Is Our Town", a story about the summer before high school for 5 best friends. It's the first in a series of eleven. I would really appreciate it if someone would review it. I'm aiming to get it published sometime in the near future and reviews that are concrit/likes/dislikes, etc, the usual, would be very VERY helpful.

1/1/2010 #77

I have one that's done, but I haven't posted all the chapters: Bite, it's a werewolf novel I wrote for November National Novel Writing Month.

The second one I've just started, Coal. It's about dragon shape shifters.

1/2/2010 #78

Reviewed Coal, from the author above. Must mention though, I made a typo in my review, but you don't have pms turned on so... I'll put it here I guess D:

A drop of blood trailed down one knuckle, but Rick paid little heed. His hazel eyes flicked over at the teen staring at him from the doorway. [-- period. not a comma. lol.] “He’s not going to be happy.”


The Spring Demon [fantasy adventure of the teen breed ;D]

"The barbaric Ilkorians have invaded peaceful Kirone for reasons known only by elusive mages that dwell within it. A soon-betrothed girl is swept into the heart of a war born of intrigue, restrained love, discovery, and magic. Of the fiery kind."

I'm willing to review prose in return! Drop me a pm if you read it and link me anything of yours. I warn you, my reviews tend to be long ;DDDD

1/2/2010 . Edited 1/2/2010 #79

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for someone to read/review a story of mine and perhaps offer some feedback as to the general feel. I'm not finished writing and I'd also like to consult with someone about the ending. If you read mine, I'll DEFINITELY read yours too!

I have two stories up. They are both teen/young adult stories.

The first one, Hate Is A Strong Word is about a 16-year old girl, Clara, who goes to stay with her dad in Vermont for the summer. When she gets there, she meets her dad's old friend and his kids. There's something strange happening and the boy seems to hate her, but Clara quickly makes friends with the girl. I'm kind of stuck, it's sort of on hiatus--I have 7 chapters--and I need some help with the ending. Anyone interested in helping? I'll give credit!

The second story, Secrets of Andover, is about 17 year old Holly who is going off to boarding school for the first time. She has the normal issues with friends, enemies, love, but also gets pulled into a new world of danger and intrigue. (It's got some supernatural stuff.) I pretty much know where I'm going wtih this one, but I'd still like to consult with someone about the ending. This one is my current project.

If you're interested in helping, either drop me some reviews or Message me! And I'll be sure to return the favor.

1/9/2010 #80

I have a story I have written and its called The Changes in Life.

Check it out if you are up to reading a little bit of a love story of a teenage girl who is having problems in her life and works her way through to do whats right.

reviews are appreciated.

Thanks :)

2/10/2010 #81

Hello there! I am new here in FP. I've been a reader for quite a long time and it's my first time to write a story here. Anyway, my story is entitled Find My Way Back. It's a story about a rebellious girl who has turned her heart into stone because of her past experience with her family; and then she meets the guy who is bound to change her life. I'd really appreciate your reviews and I'd definitely review other stories here as well. Thanks!

2/11/2010 #82

new story called Just Wait, it's be nice for a few reviews? ill review urs if u do mine =]

2/12/2010 #83
mrs. hull

Hi xogymnast21, I reviewed Just wait, and I tried to go into detail with the things that were wrong. And I gave you some positives too. It's a pretty good story, just keep working at it =)

Can you review Forever February for me, please?

2/13/2010 #84
I replied to Electric Electric's Story. It was awesome. I loved it. I hope who ever reads it, thinks the same too.
2/14/2010 #85
mrs. hull

thanks God's Pen; i love your pen name btw

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The second chapter may take awhile, but thanks for adding it to your alerts

2/15/2010 #86

Shout 'Cause They're Staring, i just reviewed your story! I love it. Great job :D

If anyone would review my story The Road to Hell (make sure it's by Aries93!) it would be thoroughly appreciated. It's possible i might review yours as well; i love reading a well-written story!

2/16/2010 #87
mrs. hull

Hi Aries93;

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to review your story as soon as I have time. I read a little bit of it, and it's great!

2/16/2010 #88
Anna Cate
Please read and review my story, "Tea Boy." It's the product of many different sources, including many YA novels I've read and loved over the years. Here's a link:
3/13/2010 #89

Doh! Just saw this after I posted. I have a YA novel that I would absolutely love some feedback on - whether it be good or bad. I'm not that picky. It has romance, supernatural, thriller, etc. Anyway, I would love any support anyone can give me. =)


Demon in the Knight

3/21/2010 #90
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