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I like the idea of this post! Thank you to anyone who reviews my YA stories "Least Favorite Place" and "Elemental Sacrifices: The Gathering". I'll review in return!

3/27/2010 #91
Emily Marie

Hey forum, I will go through and review some stories posted. Could someone check out my story and tell me if it's understandable and interesting? Any other critiques are welcome as well. :) Thanks!

3/31/2010 #92

Hi! I have a new story up called All That Glitters.

Here's the summary: She's an orphan, an expert pickpocket, just trying to get by. He's a politician's son; wealthy and arrogant. What happens when a glitzy ball, a golden watch, and the need for cash are thrown into the mix? Violet's in for a night she'll never forget.

I'd really appreciate some reviews! I'll review anyone back!

3/31/2010 #93

Hullo all.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could review my story Shadows.

I intend of writing several reviews tomorrow - including All That Glitters - but as for right now I must go to sleep.

Many thanks,


4/8/2010 #94

hi :)

I have poem named "I set him off to sea" and a story entitled Clownfish....They both relate to each other. I'm down for constructive criticism ;). Feel free to review.

4/10/2010 #95

First and foremost, apologies to firefly114. I'm currently reading and reviewing so many poems and stories I seemed to have overlooked my promise to review yours. My Internet is on the fritz and so forgive me if I take another couple of days to review it (I'm currently in the library with only 35 minutes left!) but I promise to read All That Glitters, not only because it I said I would, but also because it sounds really good. ^__^


4/11/2010 #96
L. W. Perry

I have a few young adult stories up with no reviews. :)

Would somebody be lovely and review them?

4/14/2010 #97

Thanks! That's alright.

And to everyone else, chapter 2 of All That Glitters is up. If anyone wants to swap reads, let me know!

4/14/2010 #98
Ein Kampf kann eine Lebenszeit

Reviews would be much much much appreciated!

4/25/2010 #99
Gregory E. Lacy

Nice to meet you, as well.

Would you care to review this story for me? The chapter has yet to be finished, but it would motivate me greatly to know that at least some people are reading it.

1/14/2011 #100
Aurora's Rainbow

I will, but could you do the same for me? My story is Scarlet Drops by Fuschiabookworm.

I'm a new writer and any feedback is appreciated.


1/17/2011 #101
Aurora's Rainbow

Awesome story TheSinner17. Update soon

1/17/2011 . Edited 1/17/2011 #102

I posted my story a while ago, but around that time I stopped updating it. I'm now 'back in action' writing and it hasn't gotten much reviews since. I'd like for some opinions (good or bad) on what you think. I always return the favor. (:

1/31/2011 #103

i'm new to fiction press and just started my first fiction story. i will gladly review your story as well.

2/1/2011 #104
KayCee R

2/9/2011 #105
Gregory E. Lacy

Another chapter posted.

3/8/2011 #106

Hey look! A forum that might actually help me get reviews! YAY! Thanks for making it. So yeah..... obviously I'm hoping for some reviews, so please review my two stories (you don't have to do both) and I'll will do my best to do the same. Thanks!

The Forbidden

To Spying and Back

Those are my two stories. Sorry if the titles are lame. :/ I'm not the best at titles.

3/18/2011 #107
Cedi Jabson

Hey guys :) I'm new to this and I just posted the first part of my so called story! CLICK :)

It's about an actor meeting a girl whom he mistakes for a dude, because of her looks :)

I would love for you guys to review it and well, I'd do the same to your stories if you want me to. :)


3/26/2011 #108
Who Is This Girl Anyway
Hi. I'm currently writing a young adult story at the moment and would really appreciate some constructive criticism if someone could read it, please. Thanks, Katie.
4/7/2011 #109
Hello everyone, can anyone review my latest story under the YOUNG ADULT section? :D thank you in advance! it's called, "Mischief: After Summer"
4/9/2011 #110

hey there! nice to meet you. i'm a newbie here and was wondering if you could help reviewing my story? it's called THIS THING CALLED LIFE.

Usually when someone dies, you would mourn and cry over them. But for ten years old Anya Roman, she did not cry when her father was killed in a car accident. Staying strong for her mother, Anya manages an open and optimistic attitude throughout high school. Now at the age of eighteen, she studies at Daminion's Academy of Art and Design in order to achieve her dreams of become an artist.

One morning, her mother called her to inform that she is to stay with a family acquaintance (the Symonnes's) as a house guest. Anya accepted the offer with a humble heart as the powerful and millionaire Symonnes is a dear friend to her mother. But when she actually got there, she faces the family's devilish heir, Lucas Symonnes, a spoiled, arrogant, manipulative genius who is a senior high school student, who's not too keen of her moving in. He will do anything to get rid of her. What will become our dear heroine now?

i know it sounded like a typical high school romance thingy, but trust me, it's not. this one is more to young adult situation.

thanks. =))

5/16/2011 #111

I have a story called Wasted Youth. It's about a girl who leaves her home city because of certain events and moves in with her brother in a county. She makes a good life there but drama follows people anywhere they go.

What I'm using to make my story different is I'm trying to "capture" this generation. Things that happen in this story are things that happen to me or others around me. The things my characters do, listen to, or how they dress is what I'm growing up with.

Please review and tell me your thoughts and opinions :) I'll do the same 3

6/11/2011 #112

I would appreciate any reviews on my story The Least Disagreeable. I'll return detailed reviews, if there is a specific story you want me to review in return tell me in your review. :)

Thanks, McSpiffers

6/27/2011 #113

a teen drama that follows a group of individuals at university.

7/3/2011 #114
Goddess of Swagg

I would love any input on Damaged Goods; it's my first attempt at writing YA and I'm winging it as I go, so I'm in desperate need of constructive criticism. Although you may also feel free to shower me with compliments ;)

Willing to return the favor, of course; I love reading good YA!

7/4/2011 #115

Hey please check out my story, it's unfinnished but I'm still working on it...

it's quiet long so... :)

7/5/2011 #116

I've already finished "Twenty seasons" and I'd appreciate an honest opinion. Thank you for your time.

7/10/2011 #117

Hello! I wrote a story called "Trapped", and here is the summary:

"A Korean boy band, Jewel, is tricked and abducted by a confused and aggressive stranger, who is holding them hostage for a reason unknown to them.Can they figure out the reason and escape before their captor loses patience?"

It is categorized as "Suspense/Friendship". Please R&R for me! Thank you so much!


8/16/2011 #118

I'm fairly new to the site and I would really appreciate some advice on my story, Merely Series Book 1, Cowslip and Oramanda. It is only a few chapters but that will just make it quicker to read!

I am willing to review your story in return if you would like me to.

Thanks, Jillyice :)


8/19/2011 . Edited 8/23/2011 #119
A Fire Rose

Thanks so much for this thread :-)

I have one called "Ethan and Abby Arrive" about two children who are sent from their mother in America to their father in Ireland when their mother is dying, and "Red Sky in the Morning," which is where Ethan is invited to the lighthouse home of a classmate after he rescues him from the school bully and they get caught in a storm.

8/25/2011 #120
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