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Keelin N

Hey I’ve been on here for a few months and really like reading/ reviewing supernatural stories. I’m in the middle of writing two myself and would love feedback. In exchange I would review yours. Or if you simply have a supernatural story you would like me to read, post below and I’ll definitely try getting to it.

There is something about reading stories on this site that is much more satisfying than reading an actual printed novel. I think it’s the anticipation and uncertainty while waiting for someone to update. Well anyway… I hope there are writers out there willing to do some review swapping!

1/19/2009 #1

omg, this is my calling, lol. i was, no lies, in the process of opening my word document thinking "hmm, i feel like writing more of my story..." when i get this email notification. is this fate, or is this just a coincidence? anyways, i just got into the whole "supernatural" genre, and started writing a story called "A Dying Breed", and since you really like reading this genre, hehe, -hint hint, nudge nudge- i was wondering if you could read it. and, in return, i'll read a story of yours if you like!

thnks, and hope you read my story ^.^

1/19/2009 #2
Keelin N

Yea! I’m on a reviewing roll tonight. I’ll definitely read your story. Going to do that right now…

1/19/2009 #3
Crystal Heart of Sapphire Love

Hi, well I have a supernatural story. I mean, its not all bloody and horror but I'd love it if you could review it for me! I'll review yours too!!

1/25/2009 #4
Keelin N

Hehe. I don’t think mine is too bloody either and I’m pretty terrible at writing straight up horror…

Anyway thank you for your review and I already sent you a reply but I’ll just state here that I’m going to go read/ review your story right now…

1/25/2009 #5
Keelin N

Anyone up for a supernatural review exchange?

2/5/2009 . Edited 10/23/2009 #6
Keelin N

I'm still up for a supernatural review exchange. Anyone?

10/23/2009 #7

Don't know if you guys are still looking for an exchange, but I've got a story!

I'd love to R&R some supernatural stories if you guys do the same for me!

2/11/2010 #8
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