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So I basically have a bit of time off from school because I'm done with my finals and I'd love to read some of you guys' work. If you would like me to review your story, just reply and I will. You don't have to read my stuff since it's kind of old, but if you want to, then it will be highly appreciated. :)

1/21/2009 . Edited 1/21/2009 #1

You're so lucky you're done with your exams start tomorrow, and I haven't even finished my final project, and our exam is pretty much our project. oh well, that's the life of a procrastinator. anyways, i don't know what kind of genre you like reading, but if you're interested..

....i haven't had much feedback on my story so i was kinda getting worried... so whenever you have the time, could you please give it a try? i've had a lot of reviews from my previous story, but not for this one - even though i absolutely love my current one - so yeah, i realize i'm babbling right now and you're probably wondering what kind of moron is posting on your forum, but meh, that's me for ya!

here's the link:

1/21/2009 #2
Trina Park

I would love it if you could read and review my work, since I'm new here:

3/29/2009 #3

I'm a little review starved for my newer writings.. so I'd love it if you could review either Concealed or Hazardous Waste (or both, but I won't push it). Just click upon my profile. :) I'll try to read your stuff when I can, but unlike you, finals are just around the corner.. heh.

* Just noticed this was posted in January, but I'll still take reviews if you have time. Haha.

4/2/2009 . Edited 4/2/2009 #4

Congrats on final completion! :3

Do you think you could possibly review one of my stories? Either one is great. Thanks!

4/10/2009 #5

Thank you so much for your generosity! I would love for you to read my story because I am new here:

Thanks again!

~Corky XOXO

4/11/2009 #6
Emma Cullen

Can you review please? would be a great help if you had constructive critisism or feedback?


4/12/2009 #7

Hi, can you review "The Way Home" and "Man of Mystery" on my profile?

4/12/2009 #8

Hello. If you don't mind reading my stories, that would be nice. Read My Name Is Henry especially. IDK if that's a good story or not.

4/14/2009 #9
you're sick

That would be very much appreciated. (: (Any of the stories you choose is fine. )

Your story sounds interesting, too. I'm going to go read it now.

Thank you!

8/14/2009 #10

Hello, everyone. My old account was luverly.lufy and I decided to needed to start new since it's been such a while since I've been on here.

Which, I am sorry about. I'll get to all your stories soon. In the mean while if you guys can return a favour and review my story Paperhearts, it would be awesome. See if you like it, give it a chance. And if you don't tell me, and why, there's always room to improve. Thank you.

8/27/2009 #11
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