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Welcome to the world of Latin D&D! Where literally anything can happen! Be what you want, when you want, and where you want. In this fantasy/action RPG you can travel the land of Syrue with Dawn and me, Potato Mage (Nightassassin480, Founder). INVITE ONLY! If you would like to join, please click and go to the 'How to Join' section. Can YOU handle the awesomeness?
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Since Dawn and myself are 'Co-Founders' for the game, we are in a mutual agreement that we have to agree on who joins and whatnot, but here are somethings that can help us decide if you are up for the awesomeness.

  1. Be invited (duh
  2. If you are not invited then we need to get to know you personally, so be prepared to have to answer questions (WARNING: questions we ask can be as personal or impersonal as we choose. It could range from 'what's your favorite color?' to 'what's your favorite food?' to 'do you rape babies at night?'. But no one is forcing you to answer these)
  3. Seem somewhat eager/willing to join

Note: This list my change sometime in the future. *This has not started yet. Me and Co-Founder Dawn are still ironing out a few kinks, be we will notify you when it is ready. Also, any personal friends or family of Dawn and mine are allowed to bypass this. So don't get all persnickety and be like 'OMG, they didn't have to do this so why should I!?!?!?!?'. If you see this it is because it is more than likely someone we know. *

9/28/2012 . Edited 10/12/2012 #1
Unhappy Feet

Hello there. :) I'm interested in joining and willing to answer any questions you can throw at me.

10/12/2012 #2

Alright, sounds good! The game itself probably won't be ready for another month or so, but we will notify you when it is up. Until then, if you really want to join, I'd start thinking up character ideas if I were you. You can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it's fantasy related and not some super-powered dragon god or something.

For starters, why don't you just tell us about yourself; favorite color, past times, hobbies, the whatnot.

10/12/2012 #3
Unhappy Feet

I'm happy to wait patiently. :)

You say I should think up a few characters - I'll do that. Making new characters is kind of one of my hobbies.

Hmm ... About myself. Well, I'm 16. Living with my cousin at the moment while I study to become a chef. I also work as an apprentice baker. Unfortunately I'm sitting with a broken wrist, so that's kind of on hold at the moment.

My hobbies include cooking, gardening and writing. I'm very active on the forums these days. (It's a bit of an obsession.)

My favourite colour: Green.

How's that? ;)

10/13/2012 #4

That's fine. So why do you want to join?

10/13/2012 #5
Unhappy Feet

I was randomly looking through the forums, saw yours, and thought to myself, "hey, this seems like they're actually going to put some thought into it." I love rp's like that.

10/13/2012 #6

Well, we're trying lol.

10/13/2012 #7
Unhappy Feet


Good luck.

10/13/2012 #8


10/13/2012 #9

Another question. What do you like to watch on tv?

11/10/2012 #10
Unhappy Feet

I don't watch much tv lately. But when I do, it'll be something with comedy, like 30 Rock, Modern Family, or even the Mentalist. Occasionally, I'll also watch the anime Bleach and even more occasionally, Samurai 7.

If there's a good documentary on, I'll be there too. But like I said, that's very rare these days.

11/16/2012 #11

Ok cool. Now out of the following answer as to which you prefer over the other:

Coke/ Pepsi

Blue/ Red

Apple/ Anything else

Healthy food/ Junk food

Freddy/ Jason

Math/ History

1,000,000 dollars upfront/ a penny that doubles every day for a month

Star Wars/ Star Trek

Harry Potter/ Twilight

Action-Adventure/ Romance

Facebook/ Twitter


11/16/2012 #12
Unhappy Feet

Coke/ Pepsi = Coke

Blue/ Red = Red

Apple/ Anything else = Apple

Healthy food/ Junk food = Healthy food

Freddy/ Jason = Freddy

Math/ History = History

1,000,000 dollars upfront/ a penny that doubles every day for a month = a penny that doubles every day for a month.

Star Wars/ Star Trek = Star Trek

Harry Potter/ Twilight = Harry Potter

Action-Adventure/ Romance = Action-Adventure

Facebook/ Twitter = Twitter

11/19/2012 #13


We're still figuring everything out, but we're moving along though. I think we'd like to wait for one more person, but if it takes too long and we're ready, we'll go ahead and start.

11/19/2012 #14
Unhappy Feet

That's good then.

I should warn you, though, that I'm not on very often any more. Perhaps once every few days. I'd still like to join, though. It's just a warning.

Good luck with the preparations. ;)

11/23/2012 #15

Ok, that should be fine.


11/23/2012 #16
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