The Epic Anime RP
If your an rp otaku come here create an oc and get to rping.
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Kaida Hara
  1. No foul language.
  2. No echii (please no in depth sex seens)
  3. Time Skips must be approved by monitor or all people currently rp
  4. To be currently rping you must have posted withing 24 hours
  5. Try to keep chatting to min on rp if you must use ()
  6. No youi or yuri
  7. Do not kill other characters or make big changes to them without owner's consent
  8. Use your brain and have fun...

How it will work:

I've rp a lot in the past. I personaly love small rp groups of 2 or 3. For this reason there will be diffrent groups. Like in the world millions of people are living at once so is the rp. I encorage things to mainly happen in Japan. Basicly a group can be 2-5 members (unless approved to be larger). All members must obay the above rules and each group will be a diffrent topic. If you seriously want to change groups contact me with your reasoning. To creat a new group just fill out a group form... to join an existing group first make your OC (with group requesting in the post) you will then wait for the new that you are excepted befor rping. If you have any questons feel free to ask below.

9/30/2012 #1
Tomboy Jace Forever
I think this is a very interesting forum and I love Role Playing. If this is still continuing, I'd like to join, please. And I've got a question: What sort of RP is this? Is it gonna be a High School RP or something? I know the setting will be in Japan but can you be more specific, please? Thanks!
1/12/2013 #2
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