DinoRage is an all-new virtual reality survival game that puts the player in control of dinosaurs. But when the players find the game world being controlled by a malevolent force, they'll have to learn how to master their dino-forms...fast! This virtual reality dream has just become a real life nightmare!
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DinoRage is a new virtual reality game created by JurassicCorp, a video game company that focuses on dinosaur-related themes. DinoRage uses new virtual reality technology to literally put the players in control of their selected dinosaurs. DinoRage is meant to emulate life in the dinosaur age, including how certain dinosaurs survived...

On opening night, where hundreds of players will test out the full DinoRage game (players had to have played the demo version first, however), a malevolent force tore the controls of DinoRage out of the hands of its creators and took full command of the system. Trapped in the game, the players will have to work together to hunt down their foe, a Carcharodontosaurus called DinoKing000. Defeating him should release the kids from the system's hold.

Of course, that is if you choose to pursue DinoKing000. Some players might just continue with the main point of the game--survival. Carnivore players can hunt and kill herbivore players. Herbivore players can defend themselves and try to survive peacefully. Scavengers can scavenge as much as they please if they can find enough abandoned carcasses. Sea-dwellers and fliers can do their thing, too. It all depends on what the player chooses to do about the situation.

Upon entering the game, the player can choose three dinosaurs forms. One for land, one for sea, and one for sky. In-game, the player can alternate between these forms as they will it. It is advised to take full advantage of one's surroundings using these forms. They can be the difference between survival or death.

There can be multiple players for the same dinosaur type. Take for example, the T-rex. There can be multiple T-rex players in the game. Though the game emphasized on variety, the player ultimately has the last say in what they want to play as. Certain species can form groups, so cooperative playing can be used if you select the right species, such as a raptor breed. Just beware as cooperative playing can give way to betrayal by members at critical points in-game.

Instinct will play a role in DinoRage as well. Carnivores will instinctively want to hunt and kill herbivores. Certain species will instinctively rival with or hate another species. Players can reign in their Instinct but only for so long. It is advised to follow the player's Instinct but if you choose to pursue DinoKing000, reigning in Instinct if it flares up is advised.

When the game's system was torn from JurassicCorp's control, a handful of moderators and game admins were trapped in the game as well. Finding these important people may prove useful later on for both players pursuing DinoKing000 or players just intent on playing the game. Moderators and Game Admins can be recognized by usually playing in smaller creature forms, such as tiny scavengers or small fliers. There are exceptions, however. A player will know if a Mod or Admin is near by their surroundings warping oddly, such as the ground being grassy when it was formerly dirt or trees changing from prehistoric kinds to modern kinds. Mods and Admins will be wearing an ID card around their necks and be far harder to kill than a normal specimen of their selected dinosaur.

Like in any game, there are NPCs (Non Playable Characters) in DinoRage. These usually take the forms of other dinosaurs, mostly herbivore kinds. NPC dinos are easier to kill than players are unless you come across a rare NPC, which will be a form of large carnivore or herbivore (such as Giganotosaurus or Supersaurus). Rare NPCs will be easily recognized by their earth-shaking footsteps and loud roars, which will register as a threat to the player's Instinct.

There is a level system in DinoRage, though it only matters if you're pursuing DinoKing000 or are fighting stronger players. All players start at Level 1 and can reach a maximum of Level 100. Players can learn new skills or fighting techniques at certain levels. Players of small creatures will learn new techniques faster than players of large creatures will. Moves are categorized into Land, Sea, or Sky and are further categorized into Physical, Special, or Status. Physical moves are techniques that rely on having physical contact with your opponent. Special moves are techniques that rely on anything BUT physical contact with your opponent. Status moves are techniques than increase or decrease the in-battle stats of you or your opponent. All dinosaurs have at least one of each of those three move types that it can learn. Land types will typically have more Physical type moves. Sea and Sky types will typically have more Special type moves. All three types have a handful of Status type moves that they can learn.

Since DinoRage was stolen by DinoKing000, the damage system was changed dramatically. Before, damage could be healed by eating the player's species' food (carnivores eat meat, herbivores eat plants, omnivores eat anything). Now, damage is minorly transferred to the player's human body (large slashes to dino will be turned into large scratches to human). While eating heals the player's dino-body, their human body cannot be healed by such methods. Death to the dino-body will result in varying comatose states for the human body, which may eventually lead to death. The only ones that can revive a dead player is a Mod or Admin, though this can only be used once per Admin and Mod.

The fate of DinoRage and the lives of the players might depend on your choices. Choose wisely and try not to get killed. Good luck!

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