DinoRage is an all-new virtual reality survival game that puts the player in control of dinosaurs. But when the players find the game world being controlled by a malevolent force, they'll have to learn how to master their dino-forms...fast! This virtual reality dream has just become a real life nightmare!
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There are rules to DinoRage. Make sure to obey them or prepare to be kicked out of the RP. You have been warned. I will add other rules as I see fit to add them. Tell me if you think I forgot anything that should be added to this rule list.

1. Play only as your character(s). No controlling anybody else's unless you have expressed permission and can prove you have such permission.

2. Every player starts out at Level 1. No being super powerfully right away, even if you are a T-rex or Spino or whatever. Everyone starts out the same! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

3. You can only kill another player if that player allows it. No unexpected kills or uncalled for ones unless they are NPCs. No one-hit kills unless you're a Level 50 killing a Level 3.

4. Be nice to each other in OOC. No insults or flame wars or fights! I won't tolerate it!

5. If you want to be a Mod or Admin in the RP, ask. I'll have you send me a copy of your Admin/Mod submission. If I accept it, you can post it in Character Creation and I'll put you on the Admin and Mod List thread.

6. If you are an Admin or Mod, do not abuse the fact that you can revive a character from death. You can only do that ONCE! No exceptions!

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In-Battle Stats

When a player is in battle, they have various stats that can affect them. These stats can both help and hurt you depending on how you use them. Your stats will rise as you level up in the game.

Attack affects how much damage you can cause when you attack opponents. High Attack means you cause more damage per attack.

Defense affects how much damage you take when you are attacked. High Defense means you take less damage.

Speed affects how fast you can move, attack, or dodge. High Speed means you can do more quickly.

Hit Points, also called HP, shows how healthy you are. If this number hits 0, you are dead. High HP means you can take more damage, but it also means you have more eating to do in order to heal.

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