DinoRage is an all-new virtual reality survival game that puts the player in control of dinosaurs. But when the players find the game world being controlled by a malevolent force, they'll have to learn how to master their dino-forms...fast! This virtual reality dream has just become a real life nightmare!
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You start out at the opening ceremony for the testing of DinoRage's full game. The players are being called up on stage and led to the testing chamber, where players put on vertual reality gear to control their dino forms' movements in-game. Once you put the gear on, await for the game creator's call to send you into DinoRage.

You'll first show up in your Land form. Your first task is to locate an NPC and defeat it in battle. Afterward, do what you please until further instructions are issued.

10/5/2012 #1

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! The test run of the DinoRage game!"

The crowd cheered madly as the gates leading to the stage's back room opened, allowing the participants in. The back room was full of tall transparent tubes. Men in white were on stand-by, handing out gloves and boots and helmets. Gamers swarmed all over, chattering with friends and generally going nuts over the idea of testing out the full version of DinoRage.

Kyle ignored the chattering, heading toward the nearest tube. A man in white handed him the virtual reality equipment, which he pulled on without trouble. He was reluctant to part with his headphones, but he inevitably did so. After putting on the helmet, he stepped into the tube and watched the curved door slide closed behind him.

This has got to suck for anyone with claustrophobia, the sandy blonde thought, frowning.

10/9/2012 #2

Drew approached the tube, as did a man handing him his equipment. He strapped it on, and entered the tube excited.

OK, I've used the controls, I'll do a lot better this time.Drew said, after the tube door closed.

10/9/2012 #3

"Systems prep in three...two...one. No problems so far," a man by the control panel muttered. "Player launch ready in three...two...one... Launch initiated!"

Kyle winced when he felt a sharp pain in his head. It was only brief but the moment it ended, the world seemed to spin away from him. It wasn't long before all he could see was darkness.

Now what? the sandy blonde wondered.

10/9/2012 #4

I think I'm gonna be sick.Drew thought to himself as the world went black.

10/10/2012 #5

Welcome to DinoRage. My name is Alice and I will guide you through the basics of this game.

So they even have an AI guide, Kyle thought. I'm impressed...

Please state you name, chosen online name, and selected game forms. Please pick only one form each for land, sea, and sky.

"Kyle Hewitt. CosmoLordDX. Utahraptor, Hainosaurus, and Rhamphorhynchus." Kyle replied.

Answers have been verified and accepted. Welcome to DinoRage, CosmoLordDX.

About time, Kyle thought, smirking.

10/10/2012 #6

Welcome to DinoRage. My name is Alice and I will guide you through the basics of this game.

Aw! oh. Hello computer lady

Please state you name, chosen online name, and selected game forms. Please pick only one form each for land, sea, and sky.

My name is Drew. My online name is the AnDragonist. My chosen forms are the Velociraptor, Clidastes, and the Andr...art...arc

Do you mean Archaeopteryx? (I hope it's OK I added this)

Ya, that one.

Answers have been verified and accepted. Welcome to DinoRage, AnDragonist

Thank You. Man I love that name.

10/11/2012 #7

In a few moments, you will be brought to a random location on DinoRage Island. You will participate in your first battle there.

Whatever, Kyle thought.


"Sir, I think you should look at this," the man at the control board said.

"What is it?" an older man, the head of JurassicCorp, asked, coming over. "...What the hell is that?"

"The system's glitching in places. I don't know why. The system was fine before the player launch."

"Could it be a hacker?" the JurassicCorp head asked, worried.

"If so, they know this system well. I doubt it, though," the control board man replied nonchallantly. "The game's probably glitching due to how many people are entering it at once. We've never had this many players launched before..."

10/11/2012 #8

In a few moments, you will be brought to a random location on DinoRage Island. You will participate in your first battle there.

Sounds good to me Computer lady. Drew spoke, as he still floated in the darkness.

10/15/2012 #9

The black void around Kyle suddenly disappeared, leaving a leafy-green jungle around him. He could feel sand beneath his feet and hear the waves crashing nearby. He had to be somewhere near the shoreline.

A low growl escaped as Kyle opened his mouth. Looking down, he saw his thick scaly legs and the hooked killing claw on his innermost toe. A long tail swung stiffly behind him. Clawed hands twitched, ready to grab and tear. Throwing back his head, a reptilian half-bark half-screech escaped him into the open air around him. He was a Utahraptor now.

Welcome to DinoRage Island, CosmoLordDX. Your first objective is to find a suitable target to battle. If you get lost, follow your Instinct. It will lead you to where you should go.

"Got it," Kyle growled, lowering his head.

Without a moments hesitation, he lunged forward with his arms raised and his mouth open. He took off into the surrounding forest like a shot, the heavy smell of jungle hitting him like a brick wall. Now to find something to fight...

10/15/2012 #10

the darkness disappeared, and Drew opened his eyes to a forest. As Drew tried to move, he fell face first into the grass. Ow! Drew remarked.

Welcome to DinoRage Island, AnDragonist. Your first objective is to find a suitable target to battle. If you get lost, follow your Instinct. It will lead you to where you should go.

Sounds good, but I'll need a couple minutes to get my balance, it has been a while.

Drew took about 10 minutes to get a handle on his new body, and started running through the forest to find a suitable opponent.

This is so awesome!

10/28/2012 #11

Kyle ran around at a quick pace, dodging around areas where his Instinct warned of larger predators and heading toward a break in the forest. It was a large grassy plain filled with herbivore dinosaur species. Brachiosaur and Diplodocus wandered in their massive herds. There were a few smaller groups of stegosaurs and ceratopsians. All were too big or heavily defended for a lone Utahraptor to attack.

Kyle returned to the safety of the forest, searching for any stragglers or lone herbivores. After what seemed like an eternity of hunting, he fell back on his Instinct.

Find me prey, Kyle thought.

It was almost like falling into autopilot. The Utahraptor moved on its own with Kyle's commands, racing deeper still into the forest. Then it began to slow, baring sharp teeth threateningly at a few Compsognathus that got in his way. The tiny carnivores scattered, leaving the way clear to its target--a lone Edmontosaurus, a duck-billed species of herbivore.

Kyle took back control, supressing his Instinct. About time, he thought with a smirk.

CosmoLordDX, as a species of raptor, you have the option of summoning a pack to assist you.

A pack? Like a raptor pack? And I'd be leader? Kyle questioned.

Only if your pack contains no other DinoRage players. If it does, then a leadership battle will occur after your first battle. To summon a pack, you must use Call. To use Call, think of summoning packmates and call out with your desired message. Packmates, both NPC and player, will arrive shortly.

Kyle nodded, understanding. Tossing back his head, he opened his jaws and let out a loud screech. "I am a Utahraptor in search of members to form a pack with! Anyone interested in forming a pack, follow my call!"

The dino-speak cry echoed throughout the forest, stretching across DinoRage Island...


"Sir, something's going wrong with the damage system," a man at the control panel reported. "It almost looks like it's...rewriting itself!"

"I thought you said the game was just glitching!" the game creator hissed.

"I thought it was!" the man hissed back, typing away at his laptop. "...I can't get in! The access code won't work!"

"What the hell's going on?!" the man growled, frustrated. "Get this system under control! This is our big night, understand? I don't want anyone screwing it up!"

10/29/2012 . Edited 10/29/2012 #12

"Well, here we go." Drew started running off in a random direction looking for what he needed to find.

"Hey computer lady, is there a map feature?"

In DinoRage, we strive to give the most realistic dinosaur experience...

"So, no Map then?"

You have the ability to think like a dinosaur, so there is no need for a map system.

"Cool, I'll give it a shot." Drew closed his eyes, and tried to find his inner Velocoraptor. Drew felt his body move without his consent.

"HOLY CRAP!" Drew's body was like the energizer bunny, It just kept going and going.


11/1/2012 #13

It wasn't long before answering cries reached Kyle's ears. The foliage rustled before parting to reveal a large brown Utahraptor covered in thick black stripes. Kyle watched him warily, wondering which one it was--a player or an NPC.

Fellow players will have their names displayed above their heads upon encountering them.

Thanks for the info, Kyle thought.

He approached the NPC Utahraptor, only to jump back in surprise when a larger Utahraptor arrived on the scene. It was reddish-brown in color and easily towered over Kyle and the other Utahraptor. It snarled at the other NPC, barring her teeth angrily. Kyle, not wanting either to run out on him, was quick to intervene.

"Knock it off! I'm the one who called for members to form a pack! I take it you're both interested?"

"Yes," the smaller NPC, a young male, nodded.

"If it makes for easier hunting, then I am in," the larger NPC, a female, agreed. She then turned to glare at the male. "I doubt HE will be any help."


"Enough!" Kyle snarled. "I am the leader here! I decide who joins this pack! Got it?!"

11/2/2012 #14

Drew was enjoying not having to use his body, when he stumbled upon some small herbivorous in the forest.

Drew: Hey body, it's my turn.

Drews instinct faded away. He felt his legs keep going, and he saw a tree come into view too fast.

Drew: CrapCrapCrapCraPOW!!!!!!! Drew ran head first into a thick tree trunk. Drew: Ow, that hurt.

Drew got back onto his feet, and went to the herbivores. Drew: OK, I'll lure one away, and take it alone.

Drew bent down to grab a rock to throw, and that's when he realized that his arms are too short. Drew: wow, I'm an idiot. I'm a F***ing Dinosaur.

Drew charged head first into the small pack of Herbivores, grabbing one by the neck, and running off.

11/7/2012 #15

It wasn't long before two more Utahraptor arrived. Both were tan in color and had feathers along their head, back, and tail. One had green feathers while the other had reddish-pink feathers. Upon seeing eacher other, the pair squawked happily. The big female hissed, snapping her teeth angrily at the green-feathered one. The red-feathered one hissed at her, driving her back briefly.

"I take it you came to join the pack?" Kyle asked.

"Yes, please! I'll be a good packmate, I swear!" the green-feathered raptor, a male, said pleadingly.

"I was just seeing who was making all this racket, but if my brother joins you then so will I," the red-feathered raptor, a female, replied.

That makes four, Kyle thought. "First, we'll hunt. There's an Edmontosaurus just over th--"

"Need an extra set of claws, young'un?"

Out of the jungle came another raptor, older and leaner than the four currently surrounding Kyle. Like the previous two, it had feathers of a dark blue color coating its body. The oddest feature was that it only had one eye. That wasn't the most shocking thing, though.

Kyle recognized this raptor! It was One-Eye, a famous NPC from the DinoRage demo. One-Eye had recieved his name from his unique appearance and became a favorite of the mid-bosses throughout the demo. Kyle had heard rumors that One-Eye had been transferred to the final version of DinoRage...

"You really want to join my pack?" Kyle asked, amazed.

"If you think I'll be useful, then yes. If not, I'll find a pack elsewhere," One-Eye offered.

"No! It's okay! You can join!" Kyle yelped, leaping at the chance to recruit a famous NPC into his pack. "We're going to hunt an Edmontosaurus nearby. Everyone ready?"

Do you wish to assign your packmates names?

I can do that? Kyle wondered.

The first four that arrived can be named. The fifth, One-Eye, cannot be assigned an alternate name. Do you wish to name your packmates?

Yeah, Kyle nodded. The first one, the male with the stripes, will be Stripe. The big female will be Scythe. The green-feather male will be Fisher and the red-feathered female will be Slash.

Packmate names have been accepted. Carry on with your first in-game battle, CosmoLordDX.

Will do, Kyle smirked as he led his new pack toward the Edmontosaurus.


"Um, sir? You better see this," the control board manager called.

"What now?" the game creator hissed.

The manager indicated his computer screen. In front of an open window showing a scene in DinoRage, a smaller pop-up window had appeared. On it was countdown timer. It currently said 10:00. It was counting down from ten minutes.

"What the hell?" the game creator muttered, confused.


System cut-off in 10 minutes...

11/8/2012 #16

Drew looked behind him, and noticed he escaped the pack of herbivores.

Drew: (muffled) OK, all good.

Drew bit down hard, and killed the small herbivore.

He skit out his fresh kill, and started to feed.

11/24/2012 #17

The Edmontosaurus never knew what hit it. Kyle, Stripe, and One-Eye struck so fast that the massive herbivore collapsed long before it realized who its assailants were. By that time, it was far too late for it to fight back or flee. Kyle dealt the killing blow, tearing into its throat with an Instinct-powered bite.

Kyle withdrew, allowing Fisher and Slash in on the kill. Scythe circled before approaching. The big female hadn't participated in the attack, despite the awesome amount of power she no doubt had. Though confused, Kyle didn't question it.

Now what? Kyle wondered.

Your first battle and kill against a NPC is complete. You can either find other opponents or explore DinoRage Island. If injured in battle, you can regain health by feeding.

Does fighting against another player differ from fighting a NPC? Kyle asked.

Unlike NPCs, other players can strategize and counter your moves. They may be higher level, and thus stronger, than you are.

...Find me a player to fight, Kyle ordered.

Any preference in opponent?

Anyone nearby, Kyle replied.

Nearest opponent is 2 kilometers east of your position. Follow the arrow on the edges of your vision to locate your opponent. Any requested data on opponent?

Nah. Let's leave it a surprise. Kyle turned and called his pack in. "We're heading 2 kilometers east of here. There's someone there I want to fight."

"Lead the way," Stripe bobbed his head, spines lowering in submission.

"I'll take on anything that gets in my way!" Slash hissed.

"Me too!" Fisher squawked.

"This better be good. I hate fighting on a full stomach," Scythe growled.

"I'll follow you wherever you take me," One-Eye said.

"Good. Now follow me!" Kyle barked.

The Utahraptor pack headed east at a quick clip, staying within calling distance of one another. They headed deeper into the jungle, closer toward the central volcano.


"You haven't found the problem yet?" the game creator hissed, on edge.

"Not yet. The whole system seems to be locked. I can't get into anything, sir!" the control board worker replied quickly, desperately typing on his keyboard. "That countdown clock isn't helping either!"

"If this keeps up, we'll have to jack the kids out of the system. We'll be ruined!" the game creator whined, yanking his hair in frustration.

"Sir, at this point, I don't think we can even do that!"



System cut-off in 7 minutes...

11/26/2012 #18

Drew finished his meal, and sat down to let his stomach digest. Drew: That was surprisingly good. Hey Alice, where is there a safe place to hang and hunt on your lonesome?

A good place to "hang" as you put it, would be in a tree, Velocoraptors are good at climbing. Your Dinosaur type is also best suited to wooded areas, like Jungles, and Forests.

Drew: OK then, I'll just climb up a tree for a while, since this is a good place for me to be at the moment. Drew got up, and searched for a stable tree to climb, and after 2 minutes, he found a low enough branch. Drew jumped, and climbed the branch, and laid down in the tree to look for other pray, and to rest.

12/8/2012 #19

Kyle slowed to a stop upon reaching his destination. He could see three players up ahead, their names hovering over their heads to indicate their status as players. One was a Styracosaurus, a triceratops species with long spikes on its frill, named WonderWomanOnABoat64. Nearby was a Stegosaurus named CutiePieLuvr62. Beside the Stegosaurus was a Pachycephalosaurus, a hard-headed dino that tended to ram heads with others of its kind, named RageMaster666.

What's with all the 6's? Kyle wondered.

Upon squinting, he spotted a fourth player resting behind the nose horn of the Styracosaurus. It was a Troodon, a small omnivore dino, named Suicidal Ghost Girl. It was hardly moving, yet it was still alive. It didn't look injured, though.

"Who do we aim for?" Stripe asked, standing alongside his leader.

"Go for a dome-head. He looks strong. You guys hang back if he starts to attack," Kyle ordered.

"The stego looks like an easier kill," Scythe argued.

"Especially with that yummy Troodon on its nose!" Slash added, licking her lips hungrily.

"Aim for the dome-head! No exceptions! Got it?" Kyle hissed, rounding on Slash and Scythe threateningly.

Scythe hissed back, unafraid of Kyle. Slash, on the other hand, withdrew. Fisher scampered forward to defend his sister. Stripe and One-Eye backed off, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire.

After a moment, Scythe backed down. "...The dome-head, right?" she questioned.

"Right," Kyle nodded.

Spreading out, the six Utahraptors began to advance on the herbivore players. Kyle kept the dome-head, RageMaster66, in his direct line of sight. He was ready to fight against a worthy opponent.


"What do you MEAN you can't jack the kids from the system?!" the creator hissed.

"I can't access any of the controls! The system's locked up tight! I can't even get our guys out!" the control board worker replied in defense. "Whoever's doing this knows exactly what their doing. But why? hy us? Why now?"

"No doubt trying to get us shut down," the creator growled. "Keep trying! I've worked too hard for this to fail!"

"Uh, sir? Look at this," another nearby worker called. "I can't believe this... Is this even possible?"

The two men headed over. The creator froze before looking at the control board worker.

"How is that possible?" he asked.

"He's rewriting the system codes," the control board worker whispered. "He's not just shutting us out. He's taking the whole system. And the timer..."

"Who in God's name is doing this?!" the creator demanded, slamming a fist onto the desk.


System cut-off in 4 minutes...

12/10/2012 #20

Drew finished resting, and decided to do some branch hopping, just for some laughs, and after a while, he saw out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shimmer. He turned his head, and started hopping towards it.

Drew: Nice, I was getting thirsty.

Drew stumbled upon a river, in which he proceeded to take a drink, when he saw something swim past his muzzle.

Drew: Sweet, a snack as well.

1/5/2013 #21

Beyond the foliage across the river where Drew was drinking, a large predator stood in wait. It was a massive bipedal predator with banana-sized teeth and tiny two-fingered arms. A Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not an NPC, but a player called Tyrant00X.

He eyed Drew, seeing the player name floating over his head. So far, all he had come across were NPCs. He'd had yet to battle another player...

He pulled back briefly before charging, mouth open in a loud roar as he broke cover. His feet plunged into the raging river, kicking up gravel and water with reckless abandon. His intent was clear--to hunt and kill the smaller dinosaur before him.


"...I can't get it back."

"Get WHAT back?!"

"The system, the controls... Anything! I'm completely locked out, sir."

"Damn it! We're out of time! Do something! What do I pay you for?!"


1 minute until system cut-off...

1/21/2013 #22

Drew jumped at the startling sound as he turned around to see a T-Rex charging at him from the ther side of the lake.

Drew: Um...not good. Drew ran towards some trees as cover. He could hear the giant footsteps behind him. He jumped up into the branches, jumping from one to the other, making a mad dash for survival. The footsteps were following, but Drew had enough cover to look around.

Drew: OK. Where to now?

3/5/2013 #23

Tyrant00X slowed to a stop, slowly circling the area. The tyrannosaur sniffed, struggling to locate the tiny raptor. He stomped around, snarling.

"Come out, coward! Fight me!" he roared.

Heavy tremors suddenly shook the ground, causing Tyrant00X to freeze in place to avoid being knocked off his feet. The tremor only lasted a moment but it left everything shaking. The T-rex turned toward the volcano, confused.

"The fuck...?" he growled, baffled.


Close to the volcano's base, the forest began to fragment into bits of data. That data was suddenly pulled inward, swirling around wildly as a large entity was born...

3/5/2013 #24

Kyle gave a screech, charging out of hiding. Stripe quickly followed him, snapping his teeth at the Styracosaurus threateningly. RageMaster666 lowered his head, lunging forward with enough to strength to throw Fisher back a few dozen feet. Slash screamed, pouncing on his back and tearing into his shoulders with razor-sharp claws.

Scythe gave a warning cry as the stego approached, spiked tail swinging. One-Eye was quick to flee, keeping his distance. Stripe hissed, snapping his teeth again.

"You wanna fight, boyo? Bring it on!" RageMaster666 declared, head lowered for another terrible headbutt.

Kyle jumped away, dodging the strike. "I'll have fun taking you down, dome-head," he replied.

"Hey, girls! Stay back! This fight's all MINE!" RageMaster666 cried, stomping the ground joyfully.

Just as the six raptors began to circle the Pachycephalosaurus, the ground gave a mighty heave. The girls screamed, pulling back in terror. RageMaster666 yelped, crashing flat on his face. Most of Kyle's pack did the same, hitting the ground hard. The tremor ended within moments, but it's effects were visible. Everything was still shaking slightly.

"The heck was that, dude?" RageMaster666 demanded, staggering to his feet.

"Is that supposed to happen?" WonderWomanOnABoat64 asked, looking at her stego companion fearfully.

Alice, what's going on? Kyle thought.

Uncertain. System protocol is not responding. Earthquakes are not to occur unless preset by the moderator and admins in-game.

What the heck's going on? Kyle wondered, staring up at the sky.

3/5/2013 #25

The tremors shook the entirety of Dinorage Island. Everything was left shaken in the aftermath, player and NPC alike. The digital environment had also suffered, glitching heavily in places. The sky was even flickering, looking more like a static-covered TV than a blue sky full of clouds.

Isaac looked up from his perch on the carcass of a young Brontosaurus. He'd managed to get lucky enough to scavenge off a kill from another player, since the deaths of the annoying Compsognathus' left little to feast upon. The Velociraptor looked up at the fuzzy sky.

"Something must be wrong with the system. Didn't they get all the bugs out before releasing it here? Morons..." he hissed, biting into the juicy flesh of the herbivore carcass.


Eric whimpered, slowly dragging his Baryonyx body upright. The tremors had been strong enough to bowl him over fully, sending him crashing face-first into the river that he'd been attempting--and failing miserably--to fish in.

"What's going on?" he asked fearfully, looking up to the sky for answers.

3/5/2013 #26

Drew was ducking behind the branch, peering out from the tree.

"Come out, coward! Fight me!"

Drew: Wow, he is one pissed Dino. All of a sudden, the tree started shaking heavily.

Drew: Whoa! the tremors got stronger, and Drew lost his balance.

Drew: Oh CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! He hit the ground with a thud, and looked up towards the volcano as he got up, and saw what looked like the game glitching.

Drew: That cannot be good.

3/5/2013 #27

"No duh, it ain't good. Something's wrong with the system," Tyrant00X replied, turning to look at Drew. "I'm gonna see if Alice can jack me out of the system. You try too."

Alice, get me out of the system. Game shut down, Tyrant00X thought.

Unable to properly perform your request. Please try again after a few minutes.

"Damn it! Alice isn't letting me out!" the T-rex snarled.


"Sir, it's done!"

"What is? The clock?!"

"Yeah... I'm losing it. The whole system's being ripped away. DinoRage Island is getting hit with tremors. The data's getting warped and corrupted. And the volcano..."

"What about it?"

"Something's forming there. Something big..."


System cut-off is now occuring...

3/5/2013 #28

Drew looked over to see the T-Rex. Drew: Oh, I didn't think you were that close, I sure suck at stealth. I'll try logging off though. Hey Alice, can you log me out?

Unable to properly perform your request. Please try again after a few minutes.

Drew: I can't get off either. I wonder what's happening.

3/5/2013 #29

Another tremor suddenly hit, this one worse than the last. Tyrant00X had enough sense to hunker down to avoid falling over. Loud cries, screeches, and roars came from all over the island, player and NPC alike. Everyone was distressed by the earthquakes hitting the island.

"Screw this! I'm finding an Admin...or a Mod. They'll know what to d--"

The T-rex was cut off by a loud roar that emerged from the volcano. Everything got quiet suddenly as the noise echoed across the island. When it was over, Tyrant00X took a step back.

"The fuck was that?" he growled.


"I'm losing it!"

"Then get it back! Don't you DARE lose our system!"

"I'm trying!"

"Then try harder!"


"What NOW?!"

"Look at this..."

"Hmmm?" There was a moment of stunned silence. "Who the hell is that? e have no player registered under that name!"

"It's not a player, sir. At least, it's not controlled by one."

"Then what is it?!"

"I'm not sure. But I think it's involved in whatever's happening to our system."

3/5/2013 #30
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