DinoRage is an all-new virtual reality survival game that puts the player in control of dinosaurs. But when the players find the game world being controlled by a malevolent force, they'll have to learn how to master their dino-forms...fast! This virtual reality dream has just become a real life nightmare!
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Here's where you can ubmit your Game Mod or Game Admin characters. In-game, all Mods and Admins wear an ID card around their neck to identify them. No exceptions.

Name: (what is your character's name?)

Avatar Name: (what is your character called in-game?)

Age: (how old is your character?)

Gender: (boy or girl?)

Appearance: (what does your character look like?)

Personality: (how does your character act?)

History: (what has happened to your character in the past?)

Mod or Admin: (is your character a Mod or an Admin?)

Dino Forms: (pick one for land, sea, and sky)

Pictures: (you MUST include pictures of your dino forms so others know what they're dealing with they encounter you in-game!)

Other: (anything else interesting about your character?)

10/9/2012 #1

Here's our first in-game Admin!

Name: Leonard Petrucci

Avatar Name: Slayer X

Age: 32 years old

Gender: Boy

Appearance: Tall man with short black hair and green eyes, tends to wear business-style clothes

Personality: He's kind and respectable, doing his best to please others. He knows when to draw the line, however. He's a bit of a weakling when it comes to confrontations, prefering to avoid conflict if at all possible. He views DinoRage as a way to get more confident and brave, prompting him to pick a more-menacing dinosaur appearance-wise for his Land form. He thinks having a French accent makes him sound more daring, so he tends to speak like he thinks a Frenchman would.

History: He grew p around video games and technology. When he was in college, he was offered an internship at JurassicCorp, where he eventually landed a job. He climbed the ranks with ease and became an Admin, wanting to help others with their gameplay experiences. adly, his first real assignment got him stuck in DinoRage due to DinoKing000's interference with the system. He now goes around, trying to protect other players from DinoKing000.

Mod or Admin: Admin

Dino Forms: Therizinosaurus (Land, large bipedal herbivore with scythe-like claws), Dakosaurus (Sea, carnivorous marine reptile), Pterodactylus (Sky, large pterosaur with crest on the back of its head)

Pictures: Therizinosaurus



Other: Like any Admin or Mod, Leonard can revive a player if they "die" in-game with his key card.

3/5/2013 #2
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