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Okay, first let me start off saying that I feel like I dont get enough reads or reviews for the stories I write. They're pretty good quality, in my opinion, and it saddens me that they aren't appreciated. Also let me say that I realize it's a big site and there are alot of stories to read so many stories get overlooked. I get it. In fact, the best way not to be overlooked as a writer is just to write as many stories as possible. Now being that I have a problem with both writer's block and plot block, this is my solution.

I, CeruleanSparrow, challenge you, anyone who reads this, to come up with a story you'd like me to write. It can be about anything. It doesnt have to be a well thought out plot. It can just be something silly or maybe just a sex story. Whatever the case, give me ideas. The Catch? Check every now and then to see if I've dont your story and if you see it, review. Simple right?

P.S. I prefer short stories and I reserve the right to make any alterations to your plot I feel like.

Let the games begin ~CeruleanSparrow

11/15/2009 #1

k i got an idea, how about you write a story about Canada and America going to war, and America is the bad guy?

i wanna see how that works out....

11/20/2009 #2

Working on it as we speak. Check back soon. :)

11/21/2009 #3

How about this: A little girl and her mother are held hostages during a bank robbery. The mother tries to be heroic and fight the man who is holding them captive, but ends up getting shot. The little girl, with tears in her eyes, somehow manages to kill the bank robber in a blind fury.

How about that? :)

1/9/2010 #4

Love it. Check back soon.

1/16/2010 #5
Okay, so I have an idea. A boy gets beaten up by the same few people. Just over and over again, every day. Finally, a teenage 'superhero' saves him. The bullies get upset, and set out to kill the 'superhero.'
4/6/2012 #6
Laitie Montai

A young woman works in the home of a wealthy family; cleaning/washing/etc. She has magical abilities, but she struggled to keep them secret as having magic condemns one to a life of misery and emotional torture (like bullying). What happens when one of the children see her losing control of her magic? (:

7/17/2012 #7
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