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I realize this is a fiction website but I figure at least one of you has to be a decent artist. I would really like to write a comic book but I'm no illustrator. I have some ideas for it but I didn't want to write anything in stone until I actually found someone willing to collaborate. Not getting my hopes up and all that. But, it's something I've been wanting to do for a while. Anyone interested should know that this is for fun only, merely a project I want to do but need some help with. You won't be paid unfortunately. So, let me know if you want in. Send me a sample of your art, I'd appreciate the help.
12/6/2007 #1
Desperado Fox

Depends on what kind of art you are trying to go for, are you looking for more of a manga look, or a loose cartoony look? Something with guns, or something with swords? Something with blood and bits, or no violence at all? Humans, or animals? Or maybe Anthropomorphic animals (This is my favorite style!)? Try to be a little specific and i will try to help you out. I have a friend who is incredibly good at drawing manga art and violence involving swords, but he can't draw guns or animals. He has also done comics before and some of them (nay, all of them) are really good. But as I said before, it all depends on what type of art you are going for.

6/9/2008 #2

Wow, thanks. I think probably I'd want like a mix between manga and something similar to DC or Marvel style. Hard to explain. There wouldn't be anything much involving weapons but a fair amount of blood and there would be lots of dramatic elements. It's all humans, mostly, and kind of loosely a super hero comic, without focusing on superheroes at all.

6/10/2008 #3
Desperado Fox

Hmm, that narrows it down a bit, but i still need to know more, what kind of superhero is it? Is it more like batman or spiderman and needs a costume? or is it a little more CAGE or The Darkness? What powers do you plan for your superhero to use? What is the setting? Is it more futuristic, modern day, or many years ago (feudal Japan for example)? What do you plan for your superhero to do? If its modern day, chances are he is going to be stopping criminals and gangs, which would most likely involve guns. If set in, say, feudal Japan, and has the superhero fighting against other clans, that would be easier since swords are not as hard as guns (for the Manga Guy I told you about). If you give me a scenario, along with the above information, I can ask around the people who I think will be able to draw what you intend, scan their pictures and send them to you via e-mail.

6/11/2008 #4

OK well basically it would be a two-part comic about a group of (for lack of a better word) mutants who get targeted by vampires. There's only one scene involving costumes and it would be really low-key. It's set in modern day and, like I haid, has lots of drama and action. Each character has a different power including manipulation of flame, telekineses, and shapeshifting. It's pretty involved...

6/11/2008 #5
Desperado Fox

hmm, well, i don't think I can help you, the whole superhero and vampire thing doesn't fit my bill, but as I said I will ask around and see if someone is interested, I know a few people who might like doing this. The Manga Guy I told you about, MIGHT be interested (his flames are pretty good), but one thing he might have a problem with is the shapeshifting, is it more like, human appearance change or is it lycanthropic? Cause like I said, he can't draw animals. Also, (Its your comic do what you want with it, don't let me barge in and ruin it) but doesn't the plot seem a bit, you know, stock? All the powers (Flame, Telekinesis, and Humanoid Shapeshifting) kinda have been done to death, and vampires have been a little overused as of late. But like I said, don't let me rain on your parade if thats what you want to do.

6/12/2008 #6

I know, it sounds really campy and overused. I guess it kind of is, but it's a storyline that my friend and I have been messing around with for a long time, and for whatever reason have never actually done anything with. Making a comic would mostly be a favor to my own obsessions, but I really appreciate any help you can offer. Like I said, I'm no real illustrator. I just really want to be my ideas in something tangible.

6/13/2008 #7

Sorry to join in, but Fox, are you still around to introduce us to your friends?

7/18/2008 #8
Ashelin Efflorescence

Sounds interesting. I would be interested if I wasn't currently in dire need of a scanner. T_T

7/21/2008 #9
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