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Okay, I have a story idea, and I'm not sure where to go with it. The way I started to brainstorm for it was kind of weird, but try to follow me. I was watching the episode of Supernatural where Dean makes a deal with the crossroads demon to bring Sam back and in exchange come back in a year for Dean, and I started thinking about which of my characters (since I tend to keep them in my head for roleplaying or if the book fails) would have done it. I landed on one that isn't particularly close to her siblings, but has a little daughter, about two, that she would do ANYTHING for. I decided she would probably ask one of her friends to take care of her and make him swear never to tell how it happened, because she wouldn't want her to have that on her conscience. Then I started thinking about how it would be interesting to write a story where something like that had happened, and the daughter grew up thinking she was just adopted, and starts becoming curious about her birth mother, only to find that her dad actually knew her. So she demands the story, and after a LOT of prodding, gets it. That way, there could be two stories, one with the main girl and her questions and reasons for the sudden interest, and one with the flashback story.

Still following? Hey, I warned you, the places my mind goes.

ANYWAY, so obviously for whatever reason, the birth mother, Hazel is her name, died sometime between Jorden(the daughter)'s birth and her third birthday;she made Ryan, the friend, guardian. And for whatever reason, she made him promise not to tell Jorden how it happened. I thought about her having been pregnant from a previous relationship, and having a heart condition that made pregnancy VERY high risk, which she knew beforehand, and her heart did in fact give out in child birth. I can't really think of any other way it could work in a true-to-life kind of story, but if you have any ideas, PLEASE feel free to share. But if it ISN'T a true to life story, that opens up a whole buttload of options. The problem with making it kind of fantasy/sci-fi is I don't want it to be too cliche and trendy, like there's some prophecy about her or she's singled out or something, or at least I want something to make it different. And then there's the option that seems like a mix of sci-fi/fantasy or true-to-life, like a more believable fantasy or a slightly bizarre COULD-happen. Both of those tend to be a little less cliche, though if I could come up with something good, I would go for fantasy.

I'm not asking you to give me your ideas for me to steal, you see what I do with a base idea. I just want to bounce things around with people, and if nothing else, I can go with the original idea.

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Is she a ghost? I'm really confused. I need a little more explanation to help but I will help if you need me to
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