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I'm having story problems with two of my stories. If you guys could help, I'd be really grateful!

This first one is probably the most urgent one, because I can't really go on with my story if I can't get over this. I am writing a story about five suicidal teenagers. One of them lost his boyfriend in a gang fight, which is what made him suicidal. I wrote a chapter in his POV when his boyfriend died, and I'm writing a portion of the next chapter in his POV as well. In this chapter, it's been about four to five days since his boyfriend died, so I need to know-- would it be okay for me to have this portion of the next chapter all about his boyfriend/his feelings and actions towards his boyfriend's death? Would it seem too mopey, too "woe is me" to be taken seriously?

The next problem I have is concerning a title for my NaNoWriMo story this year. It's basically just a mature, "human" version of the movie "Lady and the T***" with some added ideas to make it my own. This isn't really something I have to worry about until November, so it's not necessarily a huge problem right now.

If you need any more information on either of these things, just tell me and I'll be happy to supply it!

8/6/2011 #1

Well, seeing as the next section you're working on takes place not even a week after his boyfriend's death, I'd say it's not too mopey at all. Someone that close to you, people generally are in mourning for a long time, fraught with dark, reflective moods. There are bound to be some moments of pure horror there and a few instances of happiness when the character is lost in a good memory, as people are wont to do after a death. Keeping the memory as alive as possible, as it were.

10/5/2012 #2
If something if that nature happens you tend to be sad for a while. When I was nine my pet bird(also my best friend at the time.) was killed getting her wings clipped by a vet. I was upset for two years and I didn't release my grudge against vets until I was fourteen.
12/21/2012 #3
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