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Jeremiah Cecil

Hey, I'm a bit torn here on a shot story I put up here on FP.com. When I submitted it, I put it under "General Fiction", but only because I couldn't justify it being in any other category:

-It isn't unrealistic enough to be "Fantasy"

-It isn't historical in setting, but possibly could be if one found the right part of the modern era.

-It isn't spiritual, even though one of the underlying plot points is religious persecution.

-It isn't a thriller or full of angst, even though all the main characters are under stress and quickly then under the gun.

So... what the heck did I write??


10/18/2012 #1
Good question. I have no idea. It could have several sub genres. It takes place in the future with an almost dystopian setting and over ment which can classify it as sci-fi it could be angst because if the gun and music being illegal. So I' suggest put those as your categories. By the way I reviewed it. Great job!
12/21/2012 #2
Jeremiah Cecil

Okay, angst I can kind of see. Though I might note that guns aren't illegal in the story, just music. The singer gets shot because he's singing.

...implying that they all got killed or dragged off to be tried and thrown in prison for life. Gee. I'm just full of happiness, ain't I? _

12/21/2012 #3

Hahaha, yes, you are full of happiness. Angst could be a topic, but like the other person said, it could fit in many categories. To do with this question, what am I writing? Haha thanks.


12/23/2012 #4
I meant having him being shot is angst-filled. If you're going to be an author make sure you use proper grammar even when just messaging in a forum. That last sentence should have been, "Implying they were all either shot or dragged off to prison. I'm just full of happiness, aren't I?"
3/30/2013 #5
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