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Hello everyone!

So... I'm in a bit of trouble, trying to pick names for my characters. I need names for 17/18-year-old twin boys. I already actually have a really long list of the names I like but I can't seem to decide on just two names that go together for twins. For these two, I'd like it very uch if they had names that sounded like surnames.

So far, I have: Lincoln, Holden, Devlin and Grayson

I'm leaning toward Lincoln and Grayson. Please help me pick? Other name suggestions would be nice too though. =)


4/5/2013 #1

What country are they from? What ethnicity are they? What time period are living in? The past, the future, the present? That too could help with picking out names.

4/5/2013 #2


I totally forgot about the details. They're American, old money. With possible French, Anglo-Saxon and/or Greek heritage. Present day. The story has a supernatural element, but the boys are humans. I hope that helps a bit...

4/5/2013 #3

Well Emile is a male French name but I don't think it rhymes with anything but you could use the surname Cohl for last names. Grayson and Lincoln seem like okay first names. They are American so their culture wouldn't really need to effect their given first names. I just feel that their names give off a detective work characteristic but it's just names. Parents don't know how their child is going to turn out when they are babies.

4/5/2013 #4

I love French names. I'll have to use them some time. They don't need to rhyme. Although I belatedly realized that these names do! =) And I like Cohl. I was thinking of using Valmont though.

Detectives, really? That's interesting. I still have to flesh out their personalities..

4/5/2013 #5
Name's don't have to match their personality but I like making some of my charecters names have a meaning. In one of my books one of the charecters name is Gracilyn or "Grace" and that implies someone elegant and outgoing and she is a really quiet, unconfident person(based off of me a bit.) anyway, I think Angelo and Chol would be good names.
5/27/2013 #6
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